FLAMES DANCE ON CRASHING WAVES — sky clan border patrol

The walk here is strange, cathartic. It’s almost like he is facing an unspoken fear of his. Some fear he dares not name has kept him from this border, drawn him like a magnet to the relative safety of Thunder Clans scent marker. But he supposed that you must overcomes such things. He can almost hear Rains voice in his head, telling him to forgive and forget. But he sees teeth and blood flash behind his eyes with every step that he draws nearer to the border and on several occasions he almost stops and asks if they can turn around, like a child who’s afraid of crossing a thunder path for the first time. He holds his tongue. He would get through this.

Nausea rises up inside him like a bike as it appears, almost out of nowhere and he has to fight the urge to wretch. He takes a deep breath, steadying himself before turning to his patrol mates, eyes glancing past Blazestar and landing on the two apprentices. He manages to smile, for their sakes. It would not do to show he is afraid, especially with Butterflypaw. Poor thing was already scared of even her shadow it would not do for her to pick up on his own worries as well. “Here we are” he says with a small laugh. Forced and awkward. “River Clans border. What can you guys smell?” He scoots away from the river ever so slightly so that the chances of him slipping on the slick mud are lowered, though his eyes don’t leave the reeds on the other side, watching for River Clanners.

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( ) slinking along the riverside, the shadow of a goddess feels more alive than they have in days. truly, the chaos of the past moon has left permanent emotional scars on every-cat's psyche, but things are beginning to clear up. days after the attack and banishment of the river's cruelest inhabitant, the day glows cool and bright, river rushing merrily along. nature progresses in spite of all things living. it's something the lead warrior is grateful for. slender paws prowl along the pebble strewn shores, muzzle held high as they scent the air. across the rippling water, the undergrowth rustles, revealing a small patrol of felines, carefully making their way down to the water. willowroot's gaze snaps to them, head tipping as they concentrate, identifying each.

with a flick of their tail,m they summon the rest of their patrol, padding close to the water and offering a nod of respect across the water. "greetings, skyclan!" they call, tone cheerful but not overly invested. "how are things across the river?" awaiting an answer, they'll turn to their two apprentices, gesturing towards the pines. "ashpaw, steeppaw, can you identify any of the skyclanners?"

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Blazestar feels strange, following Redstorm along the riverbank. Still, he finds he does not mind letting the lead warrior take charge while he can hang back with Butterflypaw and survey the territory from a warrior's perspective. Their leaves won't change in SkyClan, but the trees across the river are getting the slightest golden tinge, and he is stunned by the beauty of their land, the way the sunlight glimmers on the water's surface.

Redstorm asks the apprentices what they can scent, but he forces it, which sounds strange to Blazestar. The flame point sounds nervous. "Yes, tell Redstorm what you're scenting. It'll be good practice for when we come back here later." He directs his comment mostly to Butterflypaw, but he also glances at Quillpaw.

The smoke-pelted feline he remembers from the Gathering greets them first, flanked by two small apprentices. One of Cicadastar's lead warriors, he remembers. "SkyClan is well! How's the fishing?" He flicks a feathery pale tail tip against Butterflypaw's shoulder. "I meant to say it at the Gathering, but SkyClan sends its thanks for helping ThunderClan. Emberstar is a friend." He dips his head to Willowroot, but does not elaborate. They will find out eventually about his kits' births, but for now he will leave it at that.


Trailing behind Willowroot and their pair of apprentices, the earthy tabby perks up at the lead warrior’s greeting to the SkyClanners at their border. He pads to the side of the black smoke, leaving space between them for one of the apprentices, and pokes his head through the reeds blocking his line of sight. On the other side of the river stands a group of somewhat familiar cats. A warm smile settles upon his white muzzle, happy to see friendly faces rather than—well, WindClanners. He tries not to hold grudges, but the sight of a bloodied Cicadastar still occasionally worms its way into his head. He would be happy if he never saw another WindClanner in his life.

"Fishing’s always good," he responds with a respectful dip of his head. It’s the first time he’s seen Blazestar since he left Rain’s group—now SkyClan—to join RiverClan. He doesn’t hold any of the apparent resentment that some others seem to have for kittypets, either current or former, but it’s still surprising to him after all these moons that Blazestar was chosen as their leader. He’s kind and capable, though, so Clayfur doesn’t, like, have any objections. He’s not even in that clan, anyway.

The pointed leader gives his thanks for their aid to ThunderClan, and Clay’s tail flicks eagerly. "Of course," he says, not quite dismissively, but he’s trying to be modest. "It kinda sucked, to be honest, but anything to help those guys out." He supposes that’s a way of putting it lightly—marching right into the wreckage that had been the forest clan’s camp is another nightmare that he’s sure will stick with him for a while. He’d managed to escape mostly unscathed, but not everyone had been so lucky as him, and Emberstar has the scars to prove it.
As she always does on every patrol, Butterflypaw sticks close to Blazestar. Selfishly, she's happy he's not leading this one. That meant he could be at the back of the patrol with her, where she could press against his flank without having the eyes of the patrol on her. Being the leader's apprentice certainly had its downfalls in that regard; everyone had their attention on her (in her eyes).

She comes to a stop at the river, peering at Redstorm then to the flame point at her side as they asked what she could smell. Hesitantly, she parts her jaws, letting the various scents wash over her. "Um....water," She answers dumbly, her voice soft and unsure. She blinks towards Quillpaw, hoping he has a better answer. "And moss."

As soon as the sound of voices carries across the river, the tortoiseshell fluffs out, crouching so that she is now hiding behind Blazestar's massive frame. Ah, now there's a perk of being their leader's apprentice. Built-in shield. She listens to them converse, lacking any desire to join in. Butterflypaw doesn't like strangers.

Behind Willowroot, Clayfur, and their smaller ones in tow- Dogteeth travels slowly and the patrols of opposite sides of the river are already talking. Clayfur and Willowroot two strong forces of diplomacy- keeping the peace and offering light and friendly words like prayer.

He’s quiet- wearing a gentle smile and observing the others with respectful fascination. One of the littles on the Skyclan side looks just like a milkweed butterfly- she fluffs out and ducks behind the Pine forest leader.

" I love your collar!- the yellow is really pretty…" perhaps it was never common to compliment the twoleg sigils, but Dogteeth wore one himself with powerful meaning behind it. So- one can imagine she keeps hers for the same reasons. If not? what’s the harm in a compliment.

Dogteeth chirps up, craning his neck and rocking back on hocks to peer over the frame of the Skyclan leader from afar. She had hid behind the flame point with obvious evasion but- Dogteeth felt his heart pang faintly. Being the dad he was- he’d call out to her, words short and hopefully enough to give her a confidence boost.

" bless her little heart " he mutters around a small smile as he glances toward Willowroot. Deja Vu hits him- this wasn’t the first time he’s been just in time to compliment a stranger’s collar at the border. Dogteeth hums to himself before trudging through the shallow current for a fishing spot.

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