So he had an apprentice. Wasn't that just peachy? Someone to pass his knowledge onto, the knowledge he had been accruing for moons! Jaypaw had been a kittypet before, and was still learning the ropes, whereas Mallowlark had lived upon these moors all his life and knew it back-to-front, yet it still felt strange to the large white tom that he was going to train someone older than him. Still, he had to learn somehow... and he was sure he'd get the hang of it!

The sun showed a youthful face, the morning light pale- and, owl-wide as ever, Mallowlark's eyes sought out his student. A student! Oh, he couldn't get over it- they were gonna have so much fun! After what felt like a terrible age of searching- that was really only a few moments- his vision finally befell Jaypaw, and his smile brightened in intention and spirit as inky paws carried over a bounding from. "Wakey wakey!" he chimed, the worlds' worst rooster. "Howd'ya feel about some training, huh?"

It did not occur to him that it was his job to tell, not to ask.