flax used [BALL OF MOSS]. it's super effective!

Aug 1, 2022

little brown mackerel tabby with a white chest
3 moons old. lost her parents in the Great Battle

Flaxenkit pads through camp, little paws in the dirt, nose twitching. As she walks she bats a little ball of moss around, dribbling it between two front legs. She's peeking around at all the activity, warriors dropping fresh-kill on the pile and queens with their kits. She feels a pang of loss at the sight of the latter, remembering warm fur, the scent of milk, nights spent safe and protected with a rough tongue scratching over her head.

Those days are over now. It's okay. Flax is strong. She's getting bigger every day-- she isn't a baby, that's for sure. She shakes her head as though to clear the memories.

She needs something to do.

Spotting another cat nearby, an idea sparks in Flax's mind. A mischievous grin flits over her face, and the kitten crouches, eyes trained on the other cat. Ready... aim...!

"Hya!" Flaxenkit yelps, batting the moss-ball right at the other WindClanner. "Take that!"

It hits them square on the forehead, and Flaxenkit bursts out giggling. "Throw it back, throw it back!" she insists. "Come on, let's play!"

Dapple shakes the moss from her head, smoothing her fur with a paw. She looks towards the kit begging her to play. She's the very same kit Dapple met on her first day in the clan. The golden eyed mischief maker. Dapple feels a light purr rise in her chest as she stands with a stretch, deciding to indulge the kit. She hooks the moss-ball with her claws and bats it back at her. "Game on." She says playfully.

Nearby, the domino tom groomed night-painted fur on the back of his paw, the metallic taste of prey-blood staining his tongue. That rib had barely been worth it- it was fragile, and had none of the spinning potential that Mallow had hoped. Some things sailed through the air with ease, but that bone had been so flimsy the wind had defeated it! Ever-optimistic, the tom had vowed to try again another time, perhaps with something with bigger bones... though said morbid promise was broken not by his actions but by the sound of a battle-cry.

His ivory head snapped up in a blink-quick movement. Mallow's owlish gaze followed the moss-ball as it whooshed through the air and struck Dapple straight in the forehead- an abrupt laugh tore from his throat at the sight, his distinctive howl that lit his chest ablaze with aches. Still, it was funny- and what was even funnier was what came out of his mouth, breaking through the giggle.

"If that had been a rock it would've gone straight through her brain!" Oh, he couldn't think of anything more hilarious- she'd flung that moss with so much force it hardly needed to be a rock!

"I reckon it's a good thing it weren't no rock then..." Dandelionpaw's cheerful voice rang out behind Mallow at the morbid remark, but if he had anything else to say on the matter he didn't. Instead, the point tom shuffled over to sit nearby the white and black-pawed other feline to watch the mossball game be played between kit and warrior; it was absolutely silly and the sort of thing he'd engage in without hesitation, but he held back just so Flaxenkit wasn't overwhelmed by so many cats present-if the kitten encouraged more he'd joyfully add his own batting paws into the mix but for now he was content to watch and possibly keep an eye on the laughing fellow nearby. What was usually a sound you associated with happiness had been warped to something just a touch sinister on the tom. "Don't b'lieve we met proper like? Ah'm Dandelion, but Dandy's jus' as good."


If there was anyone in the clan who creept him out it was Mallow. The chesire cat who looked insane enough to actually kill all of them in thier sleep. Yet, another cat he didn't understand why Sootstar had let into thier clan. It couldn't possibly be safe to have this tom around anyone of them, especially not kits. Up until now Leech had not adressed the white tom with the black paws, ignoring them instead while shivering whenever they opend thier mouth to say something disturbing. But this time...Mallow had gone to far for even Leech to keep his mouth shut. " What is wrong with you!." There was a snarl that left along with this words clearly displeased. Leech did not stood far away, tail lashing back and forth as he narrowed his orbs into a glare directed straight towards the owl-eyed 'warrior'. It was not stated as a question to answer too, just bitterly stating the truth. He shook his head at them before his gaze settled down on the kit. " Flaxenkit, promise me you wont ever go anywhere alone with that...cat." Freak, would have been a better word to describe Mallow like. Cats like them couldn't be trusted, and since Flax come from the marsh group like he did and he felt for them in thier situation since he could relate. Only difference was that his mother had abandoned him and not died in the great battle.

The game itself was boring to him. There was no way he was gonna join in, but after what he just had said they might not even want him to play with them anyway. Not like he cared. Mallow was an outsider, and with his creepy behavior there was no way he would view them as anything else but a potential danger.

Dapple grew slightly nervous at the forming audience to her and the kit's game. She tried not to listen to their commentary too much. She and Flaxenkit batted the fraying ball between the two of them, just having fun. Her purr deepened as she saw the joy on the kit's face. When was the last time Dapple got to just enjoy playing with someone? It had been awhile. She never used to have any time for such things, and after her siblings, she hadn't known any other cats. Dapple's ears pricked, picking up a tense conversation. She trapped the ball under her paw and rolled it slowly back to Flaxenkit when an angry sounding cat interrupted them. Unconsciously, she stepped closer to the kit, prepared to protect her if things went awry.