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Jun 6, 2022


Flop's Profile Setup Services are BACK bby! This is mainly to help out people who don't have a lot of time for it rn, since I know TT has started up at an inconvenient time for many!

Please reply with the character's name and where to contact you :)

  • THE PROCESS I can either . . .
    ─ Work on Tags within a testing thread and then send you the code
    ─ Create the entire subaccount and transfer it to you once done / you create the subaccount and transfer it to me, i transfer it back when done (preferred)
    ─ Any information you have for the character (info not provided will be left blank
    ─ What template would you like me to use ( My F2U CodesPins F2U codes ) I am okay with altering a preexisting format
    ─ Desired vibes / Aesthetics
    ─ Or if you'd like me to surprise you (disregarding info ofc) thats cool too >:)
    ─ Would you just like tags or a whole subaccount
    ─ One player can only request one character at a time, you can come back again to request another after the first is complete
    ─ I am doing this on my own time for free, please do not rush me. If you would like it urgently, tell me and I can move it to the top of my priority list but I still can't guarantee you any set time frame

I will be taking three at a time for now, I will accept waitlist reqs though time between my next batch of bios may vary :)

RUBBLE [rev] ✓ FROGGY [nico] ✓ SALAMANDER [juniper] x
waitlist: blitz chars
HI FLOPPA go absolutely feral with this okay? He's a fodder character, his name is Rubble and he's abt ten years old? I do want a whole subaccount but tags do not have to be anything extensive. You can pick whatever code you want! His aesthetic should match his art since I'd like to use a cropped version of that as his icon? Feel free to dm me wherever ofc, probs discord would be fastest.

the old man himself
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I could honestly use your help setting up any of my subaccounts if you want to!! I am very behind with everything and overwhelmed LOL you can contact me on discord and let me know ANYTHING you need and which sub you would like to set up!! Thanks SO much for this wonderful service
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