oneshot Flower picking || Yewberry

Sep 15, 2022


Yewberry had overheard the medicine den was low on the pretty golden flowers. He wanted to help. He knew more about herbs than the average warrior, and was determined to help with this knowledge.

He couldn't fight those hawks. But he could hunt, and he could gather. That's what he set out to do on this clear starry night.

While everyone slept, Yewberry took to the tunnels to find marigolds. He had an idea of where some were, he had passed them before. He zipped through the tunnels, through each twist and turn to the right hole to pop out of.

Those horrible birds were asleep, he was safe for now. He left his hole and trotted a short distance to a small patch of marigolds, gently swaying in the night breeze. He took a moment to admire them. Flowers always brought a smile to his face. Delicate and beautiful, always coming back in the spring.

But cats don't. Which was why he was here. Honeytwist and Dandelionpaw needed marigolds, and they were going to get them.

He started picking the flowers. He didn't stop until he had a small bouquet of them. If you didn't know what he was up to, you'd think he had a sweetheart.

Back down the tunnels he went, zipping away like a little rabbit.

In the morning, the medicine cats would find the flowers Infront of their den. Yewberry would be in the warriors den, asleep.
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