Jun 17, 2022

She had no idea for how long she had been sitting here staring down at the bodies in front of her, neither did she really care. It felt to unreal to be true. Just this morning they had all been fine, alive and breathing but now she was staring down at thier dead bodies. Her mother, her father, and even her twin sister who always had been like a mirror of herself in apperance. Dead and gone just like that. The shook was still far to overwhelming and tears had stopt long ago after having used all of them up leaving no traces of thier existence beside her red swollen eyes. Now and then, cats had come to seat by her side to console and tell her how sorry they were. All while calling her the same name over and over again. Cherry, Cherry, Cherry.

She had barely acknowledge any of them or what they had said but she was quite sure they had told her over and over how sorry they were and that her family was living in the stars now. The cats in the stars who had fallen down from the sky in the middle of the battle to interupt them all from tearing each other apart. All of thier fallen comrates in that battle had been there, all beside her own family. That was all she could think about in all of that chaos, all her head could comprehand to understand anything of this. Why hadn't they been there?. Many had got a chance to say thier final farewell to thier closed ones everyone but her. It was almost like they didn't wanted to see her even after death.

It had been a long day and too much had happend. All she felt underneath the grief and sorrow was emptiness. She felt so very tired of just thinking anymore to make sense of anything that had happend today because none of it did. She just wanted it to end to close her eyes and for the world to just stop moving, to exist. She wanted out of this nightmare.
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*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ He has heard the same thing Cherry has. He's with the star cats now, at least. He's watching you from there. All of us. Haze knows it's true, saw his father's spirit rise and begin to speak with a wisdom earned only in death.

This is not a comfort to him. He cannot touch Rain's ghost in the stars. He cannot go to his den and complain about his day, or beg him for his share of freshkill, or make jokes. Haze will not see Rain again until he is dead himself, and each moment that passes by makes this seem more impossible to handle.

He sees a younger cat, a she-cat with that dull, blank expression of grief so many are wearing. She lost her entire family, more even than he had, and his heart stings for her. It's not fair, he thinks. It's not fair that the young have lost so much.

He cannot offer her any condolences that will make sense to her, for he knows nothing will make sense anymore. He only goes to her side and presses his flank against her's in a gesture of camaraderie. It's all he can do. It's all anyone can do. They're in this together--they have to be.
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    ── ( ᴀʙᴏᴜᴛ. )  He hadn't expected it to turn out like this. That sounded so– so hollow even as he thinks it. An empty placation that means absolutely nothing, could never mean anything. He hadn't been there for them when the battle came to its head. That's what happened, when he spent so much time trying to keep himself separate from them. How many lives would have been saved if he just tried? Just– been there? He'll never know, but that's not as comforting as someone might hope. The past crushes down on him as it does for these cats, must be worse for them. And the worst part is that he knows just what they're feeling. What he wouldn't have given to keep anyone from feeling like this, ever again.

    Everything in him yearns to fix it, even though it'll never happen. It's been a year now, and his own wounds still haven't healed. He can't ask anyone else to feel better so soon. He exhales shakily at the sight of the two, words crawling up his throat but when he lets them slip out, he can only taste blood and ash. He wraps himself around him both as best as he can, fluffy tail wrapped around Haze and his muzzle closest to Cherry, standing as if in promise to watch their backs. Like that means anything– he's already failed twice. They just have to keep going, don't they?

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  • ──── karth. cis male, he/him pronouns. wanderer, hangs by the pine group.
    ──── adult, probs around four or five years old, but he doesn't talk about it.
    ──── bisexual,  currently grieving his former mate  who has recently passed.
    ──── a strong-shouldered  brown tabby with  medium fur and  amber eyes.
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