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Jun 7, 2022

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✧ bartholomew / nicknames: bart / cisgender male [ he/him ]
— warrior name will be buzzardcall
✧ 30 months old physically/mentally / dec 16 / ages real time
✧ kittypet / former show cat / will be joining the pine group
✧ mentoring: n/a , mentored by no one
✧ created 06.08.2022

✧ siamese / smells like oleander / health: 100% / reference
✧ bartholomew is a dashing siamese cat with bright, cerulean-blue eyes. graceful and poised in his steps, the slender tom cat holds himself with an air of command and self-importance. the young feline reeks of confidence and his distinctive look makes him instantly recognizable. he has a lean, lengthy frame accompanied with a bit of muscle. despite being a kittypet, bartholomew does his best to keep his body in shape due to the shows that he has to attend. his light-colored fur is well taken care of, as he grooms it whenever he gets the chance to and has a silver sheen to it beneath the sunlight. complimenting his cream coat are his black mask, ears, paws, and tail. his almond shaped eyes, often half-lidded, look as though they're smiling and give little away. a businessman smile is usually paired alongside it.
injuries: n/a

wolf in sheeps clothing / the chessmaster / family values villain
— a soft-spoken gentleman with a calm disposition, bartholomew puts on a front that he is someone that you can open your heart to. he will put on an act of being an active member of the clan and do small favors for his clanmates in need. he deems giving acts of service as a way to earn his clanmates trust and will try to get close to certain individuals for the sake of getting dirt on them. more often than not, he is seen fashioning a business smile when he’s conversing with the other skyclanners. he gives off the impression of being a good-natured and courteous comrade. in reality, he is an opportunist that has malicious intentions and will not hesitate to double cross a “friend”. the only thing he cares about is his status and his reputation in the pine group. (wip)
exterior traits: charismatic , courteous , hardworking , patient , sociable
interior traits: arrogant , conceited , deceitful , insensitive , snobbish
✧ voice ref: henry cavill

✧ heterosexual heteromantic / monogamous
— is romantic and committed in a relationship
✧ single / no current [maybe] crushes / ½ of barlet
✧ npc x npc / no siblings / no adopted siblings
✧ children: n/a
✧ friends: tbd
✧ enemies: tbd

✧ physically easy / mentally difficult / attack in #FFFFFF
✧ will fight if necessary / will run away / will not finish battles
✧ will avoid fighting as he is an inexperienced fighter
✧ will try to resolve conflict via conversation

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