Flycatcher Family Adopts (ThunderClan HPR) [CLOSED]

Hey everyone and welcome to a super duper casual family adopt for three nieces/nephews of my character Flycatcher a lead warrior in ThunderClan. Please read the rules and details below before applying!


  • This won't be FCFS, I'm quite picky when it comes to adopting out family of certain characters of mine and Fly is no exception. Even though I will be fairly lax about what you do with these characters, I want to ensure they will be active.
  • No set form so feel free to apply with what you want - just make sure to include all the basic details!
  • Once yours they will be free to do with whatever you wish! Literally. Kill them, have them vanish mysteriously, keep them in ThunderClan, join another clan, or have them return to their kittypet roots. The possibilities are endless! My only requirements are that you keep them in ThunderClan for at least one month....after that go crazy!
  • This will close in two weeks on the 26th October, interest dependent.


  • These cats will be the nieces and/or nephews of Flycatcher (tags here)
  • They will begin a five moons old
  • Will have simple one-word names, whether they are related to their future clan names or not is up to you!
  • They were born kittypets, children of Flycather's only surviving elder sister, Moth. They had two older NPC siblings, a sister named Rose who will stay with Moth, and a brother named Reed who will have sadly died recently, spurring Moth to do better by her younger children. By chance, she will meet Flycatcher again (in a oneshot thread to be played out separately) and seeing that he's healthy and well will send them to join him in ThunderClan much to his surprise
  • As mentioned above, they must stay in ThunderClan for one month but after that they are free to go to another clan, stay, or return to being a kittypet. I really don't mind if these casual characters or not I just wanted some interesting dynamics for Fly and thought it would be good to tie in his family since they were still around


SIRE: SH lilac point (carries longhair)
DAM: LH blue mackerel tabby (carries chocolate, point, solid)

kits can be blue, blue tabby, lilac, lilac tabby, blue point, blue lynx point, lilac point, or lilac lynx point
- kits can be shorthaired or longhaired
- kits will have no white
- kits can have any realistic eye color barring blue; point kits will have blue eyes
- tabby kits will display a mackerel pattern
- tabby kits will carry solid; shorthair kits will carry longhair; black-based kits will carry chocolate; non-point kits will carry point
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Stormy --> Stormypaw --> Stormywing
5 moons, aging realistically on ?
bisexual, female, she/her
niece of Flycatcher
littermate of ? and ?

A small blue tabby bicolor with hazel eyes.
Stormy is a small she-cat with short, springy fur and an athletic build. She is gray with white covering her face, throat, stomach, legs, and undertail. Gray breaks the white on her chest, separating the white patches on her throat and stomach. Darker braided tabby stripes cross her back and mark her face. She has round, hazel eyes and a thick tail.
wears a teal collar at first which is later removed upon joining the clan
as an adult, she will become littered in scars from various skirmishes reference

( + ) loyal, charismatic, protective
( / ) easily bored, competitive, energetic
( - ) self-conscious, rude, blunt, impulsive
Stormy is energetic and tomboyish, always ready to get into scuffles and never afraid to dirty herself. Although brash and spunky, she is skittish and carries a lot of insecurity over her kittypet roots, and covers it up by acting like a jerk. As a result, she gets in a lot of fights with other cats, both peers as well as rival clan cats. Competitive and athletic, she excels at climbing. She is very impatient, yet incredibly loyal to her clan. She will grow up to be an over-confident, brash, and mischievous warrior who will always have her clanmates' backs. She will be quite self-assured and cocky, and will boldly leap into any situation without thinking about it. Obsessed with her image, she wants to be seen as the most talented, coolest warrior there is. She will enjoy mentoring as a warrior, as it gives her a chance to be a young cat's "idol." Charismatic and fun, she has a bold presence that can be felt from a mile off.

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cloudy . cloudypaw . cloudypool

↳ chose her new name to match with her new home
— apprentice of thunderclan; former kittypet
— transfemale, she/her (used he/him as kittypet); lesbian
NPC x NPC, niece to flycatcher, sibling to ???

A large, long haired she-cat with solid blue fur and hazel eyes. Cloudy has the plump build of a well fed kittypet, who has been pampered her entire life. This combined with her long fur gives an appearance fluffy appearance that she thinks makes her name very fitting. Her fur is a solid blue, all the way from the tip of her fluffy tail to her head. Her eyes are hazel.
↳ carrying point


( + ) understanding, loyal, kind ( / ) stubborn, cautious, polite ( - ) anxious, insecure, pessimistic Cloudy is a very kind and understanding molly, who can generally get along with anyone so long as they are reasonable. She is also, however, a mess of anxieties and insecurities, so much so that its readily apparent just from speaking to her. She seems to expect the worst outcome every time and most of her humor is at her own expense. For these reasons, she's very cautious, which can often be to her benefit but also it's difficult for her to make decisions without questioning herself. Once she has made a decision, however, she sticks to it to a fault. She will never abandon something she has decided to do or someone she has decided to stick by.
mannerisms: shifts her weight from paw to paw a lot, tends to keep a lot of space between her and other cats, avoids eye contact, generally clumsy, and laughs when nervous
— will not start fights | will not end fights | will flee | will show mercy
— will excel at stamina


— really wants to find her place in thunderclan, but has a hard time adapting to clan life. not good at or used to hunting or fighting.
— cloudy spars a much more talented thunderclan apprentice, but even though she keeps getting knocked down, she insists on going again over and over. thinking that its a good way to improve. this goes perhaps a bit too far.
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I stopped eating, what a bummer, can't have carbs in a hot girl summer

downpour | hailpaw | hailstorm
reasoning: named downpour for their pale blue fur, grizzled with silver when they were born; 'hail' in reference to their loner name and pelt color; 'storm' for their protectiveness
also responds to 'downy'

05 months old
birthdate: 00/00

trans fem demi-girl [amab]
uses gender-neutral pronouns (they/them) and feminine terms (girl, woman, she-cat, molly, miss, effeminate, etc.)

demiromantic | demisexual | ambiamorous
struggles to identify and separate platonic feelings from romantic ones; often mistakes love for friendship

kittypet; thunderclan | kit(?) apprentice(?)

shorthaired blue solid with pale yellow eyes and fever coat; carries longhair + point
a rather chubby feline, downpour is small and round in stature from their days as a kittypet. their short, soft fur is glossy with care, kept neat and pristine, not a tuft out of place. an unusually pale shade of blue, they have a slightly lighter front half and slightly darker back half, with faint ghost tabby markings along their tail. pale yellow eyes are large and round and expressive, their every thought and emotion clear to read on their face. they have a dark grey nose and pawpads, and a faint speckling of silver still remains from their fever coat as a young kitten. they have more than a bit of kitten fat left upon their figure.
small scar on muzzle from accident as a kit
smells like twolegs and damp earth

design by artist | visual reference
accessories: n/a

adaptable | honorable | protective | vain
positive: charismatic, empathetic, intelligent, intuitive, romantic
neutral: ambitious, contradictory, intense, outspoken, unreligious
negative: anxious, compulsive, demanding, insecure, obsessive

a bit of a strong personality, downpour rarely hides their thoughts or feelings. outspoken and charismatic, they easily make friends, though they can come across as a bit intense and overwhelming in their attentions. protective to a fault, they have no qualms fighting for the ones they love and those who cannot fend for themselves, sometimes when unnecessary. they strongly believe in honor in battle - be it words or claws used, they take joy in the thrill of the fight. empathetic and intuitive, they easily pick up on others emotional cues, and do their best to give support and understanding. the way they view and interact with others is one thing, however - their own opinion on themselves however is something else entirely. obsessive and demanding, they set rather high and often unrealistic expectations for themselves - they want to be great, to fit in, to be an exemplary member of thunderclan, and they often feel they fall short of their goals and ambitions. they have a preoccupation with their physical appearance and fitness stemming from a skewed view of their clanmates and their own body, and most of their insecurities and anxieties focus on their self-perception.
doesn't believe in starclan

mentally fragile | unspecified feeding and eating disorder (UFED); generalized anxiety disorder (GAD);
UFED symptoms include obsession with their body's appearance, health, and fitness; refusing to eat; binge eating; unhealthy weight loss; skewed perception of self;
GAD symptoms include restlessness; trouble concentrating; constant feeling of unease or worry; headaches; stomachaches; panic attacks;

moth x name | gen 01
? littermates (name, name)
2 other siblings (Rose, Reed)
other relations: Flycatcher (uncle)

easy to form platonic relationships with
hard to form romantic relationships with
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