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Sep 19, 2022
TW mention of death, and blood/injuries please wait for @cinderfrost ))

Squeak Squeak

Moth had not meant to witness the crimes that the black slender tom had committed or the fact that he had kidnapped four defenseless kits. No, Moth had just been looking for her friend, wanting to show the other the nice things she had found but...she stumbled upon her being attacked and had hidden in some reeds, but the tom had found her and relentlessly hurt her, striking her down with swift harsh swipes as she was forced into keeping quiet, and so she did. Moth was a good cat, she did not even know what she had witnessed but last image of her own friend was her laying in the grass, limp and unmoving.

The girl had fled, she was not even supposed to be there anyways due to the cats who lived there and she wondered if her own friend had made it out, unaware that her friend was never coming back and those defenseless kits would grow up to be warriors. Exhausted the small molly found herself at Thunderclan's border before collapsing onto the ground, one paw reaching foward in a pleading matter, she was almost safe! Her thought was if she ran far as she could the tom who had attacked her won't come for her, and so...she had ran and ran, her body stinging from where the tom had struck her. As the sound of rustling the girl struggled to stand onto her paws once more but fell back down wincing slightly, fur stained with blood "" she would meekly cry out, soft voice unable to carry far as she felt herself begin to drift, oh how tired she was.
"Someone get Emberstar or Howling Wind. Now." the medicine cat commandeered the previously peaceful patrol. "Alert them to a possible threat in the area. A rogue, perhaps."

Who or what didn't matter to the molly right now. Oh, how the she-cat would love to punish whoever (or whatever) had brutalized child the below her. But that wasn't a task for a medicine cat. And.. she glanced down at her shaking paws.

"You'll be okay, little one. You're safe now. Stay with us, okay?" she urged the battered stranger. As she encouraged the youth, NPCfur returned with the bundle she'd asked to be collected. The other medicine cats had taught her how to make little emergency, travel wraps. The technical term currently escaped her mind.

"This'll sting." she warned before nudging poppy seeds towards her newly acquired patient. "Eat these if you can."

From the leaf wrap, she gathered the ingredients necessary to formulate a poultice for the wounds. Silently, she cursed her paws as they trembled while attempting to apply the crushed marigold paste. Damaged nerves caused previously precise paws to now move in a more sloppy manner. She'd have to get better at navigating them.

If the poultice had been properly applied, she would quietly get to work on carefully pressing cobwebs against the wounds- her eyes glaring holes into her injured paws the entire time.

As soon as a clanmate had come barreling into camp to report what the patrol had found, Howling Wind was quick to give Emberstar a startled look before chasing her clanmate to the border. Upon arriving, she is stunned to find the bloodied child, limp upon their scent line with Cinderfrost already at work. "Who is this? Where did she come from?" The deputy asks, bewildered. she hurriedly pads forward, maternal instincts taking over as she looms protectively over the youth, muscles taut with adrenaline. "Was it a predator?" Wide eyes lift to look around the area, pelt bristling in alarm. She makes a mental note to assign extra patrols to this area.
"Looks like she came from the reeds." So, RiverClan. The metallic scent of blood overwrote any possible clan allegiance. Unfortunately, the molly couldn't confirm this theory so she kept her mouth shut.

"I believe the wounds were inflicted by another cat. At least, they're consistent and similar." Claw marks, bite wounds: it was hard to imagine another predator capable of such damage. "I could be wrong, though. We'll only know when we hear her story."