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The stone, the rock, it sparkles with the light of the stars. She stares at it and understands to some degree that all of these dreams have led her to this place. This place is important and so is this stone that glitters before her. Her now with her sister she understands that now and knows that none of this is fake. All the events that have happened, that she feels have turned her own life upside down, made her lose those she cared about has culminated to this. It feels like more and more things are going to be changing now and that is what makes her hesitate on touching the rock. Everyone in Shadowclan has already had to deal with so much changing and shifting, being dealt a bad hand while others will be able to live off better prey and better hunting territories. So what makes this any better? The woman doubts this will fix anything, that her colony, her clan will continue to fester and keep their dance with death while the others barely even get to know it. Gritting her teeth she looks down at her ivory paws before taking in a deep breath she finally moves across the cold and unforgiving stone ground. Breathes a heated breath against the stone that has been flashing in her sleeping mind. "Whatever this is you can't possibly fix the wrongs you've done...."

Her words are biting and cold as she sits down and thrusts her nose against the stone. The feeling is strange, the piercing cold making her jolt as it seems to slowly coat over her. Then slowly warmth fills her form and her eyes slowly close. She doesn't remember falling asleep there. She doesn't remember much of anything but she does wake up and in a place that smells of morning dew and heather. Her burning gaze is wide as she looks about, slowly pushing her tall figure to stand up. The place is...peaceful and inviting. She feels light and she takes a step forward before pausing just to take everything in. "Where...where am I? This isn't the cave and where is that stone?" Her ears angle forward as she moves through the grass, picking up smells that remind of her the marshes and that is when she sees him. Her expression shifts and morphs as she looks upon the tom that helped to raise her and Briar when they had first come to the colony. For a moment she looks like she will say something before anger blankets her expression. He let them tear his own colony into pieces and did nothing....

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He'd been looking forward to this moment. The moment he'd get to lay eyes on one of the two cats he'd viewed as daughters in life. As a cat with no kin of his own, they were the closest thing he had to family. But when the she-cat arrived and looked upon him with such rage, he knew any hope at a tearful reunion was lost. His smile fell, and instead he looked upon Bone solemnly. "You're angry with me," He commented, striding forward until he was standing before his pseudo-daughter. Blinking, he waited for her to speak, jaw slack and muscles relaxed. He wasn't here to argue. He was here to deliver a message. A destiny. "SPEECH."

"Well, I'm happy that's easy to see." Her voice holds her bitterness, dry and sharp as she watches the tom come towards her. Her paws shift and she steps back from him, but only slightly so. There is a potent feeling in her heart that she won't let out. She misses him, dearly. He and Rust are like fathers to her and though one still lives the pain from losing Hare Whiskers is like a festering wound. And now everything that they had, everything that is his legacy is gone. Their lands. Their freedoms and for what? To make those kittypets happier? Her maw snaps against biting words as he stands before her. Pulling her ears back against her skull she looks away from him. "Why am I here? I'd assume that I'm dead now but that doesn't look like the case."

Her maw clamps down tightly then for a moment before she roughly sighs and glances around at the peace of Starclan. It's beautiful here and she tries to take that and calm her mashed up feelings. Her claws scrap at the ground before she looks back at Hare Whiskers. "Everything is broken now. There isn't a single thing that's right anymore. Briar...she's having another litter but now she's won't have her mate with her. You and this Starclan...." Her words almost tear through her but she forced them back. It's not going to change anything. She just has to survive it, and so does her sister and the rest of the Shadowclan cats. "I'm going to assume there is a reason you came here."
He didn't speak for several moments, allowing her to release her frustration in whatever way she could. He watched as she claws at the starry ground, feeling an ache in his heart as she did so. So badly did he just want to comfort her like he had when she was a kit, wrap his tail around her and let her know it would all be okay. But he wouldn't - he understood the boundaries she was setting up for herself and he wouldn't dare cross them.

Ears flicking back against his head, he lifted his chin and hummed in his deep voice, "It is very bold of you to think that I or any other cat had any power over what has happened. It is in the past, Bone. The fallen are here, with me. They will always be here to look out for and guide you - remember that. You are here because there is a greater destiny awaiting you, one that is beyond claws and gnashing teeth. But to embrace this destiny, you have to learn to let go of this bitterness holding you down. You are capable of more, Bone. You can help heal what's been broken." He stared at her with piercing ember eyes, waiting for her response. "SPEECH."
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Her bitterness? Bold of her to think that any cat could have stopped what happened? Her maw clenched for a moment and she tries her best not to lash out. They let it all happened. They stopped the battle but decided that the lands in which the colony had thrived in needed to be cut up and handed out. No one spoke against it. It hurts so much but she's seen as bitter. And maybe she is. She doesn't have a wonder at why but she tries to understand as much as she can. Taking a deep breath in she looks away from Hare Whiskers. "A greater destiny....?" It is perplexing to even think of and how is she so special? Really she thinks the opposite of herself.

She's just a cog in the wheel, fighting for survival and now all of this is happening. Taking in a deep breath she finally looks up at Hare Whiskers and tries to understand. She can heal what is broken? She can do something like that? "What is it that I can do? How can I mend what has been broken? It's not going to make him come back. I...I can accept that but at least let me..." Let her do what? Follow him to the river? She feels suddenly lost, a feeling she has never had to deal with and she wants to know this destiny, make this her own purpose.
Hare Whiskers nodded, gaze burning into her own. "So much is changing, dear one. So much is going to be placed on your shoulders. But you have been chosen for a reason. I believe in your, Bone. StarClan believes in you." He slowly strode forward, head held high and tail sweeping the ground behind him until he was standing before her. A breeze blew through the clearing they were in, rustling the starlit trees and suddenly changing the scene. No longer were they in a forest, but now within ShadowClan's camp. With a flick of his tail, he gestured for her to follow him as he padded through a small cave, created by a rock leaning against a mighty boulder. Once inside, they arrived at a little clearing, beautiful against the murky shadows surrounding them. Her future den.

He halted and turned to face her, eyes glittering as he stared at the she-cat. "Your sister will need your guidance if she is to lead her new clan with strength and honor. As leader, she cannot do it alone. She will need guidance from the stars, and in order to get that guidance, she will need a link to those stars. That link is you, Bone. You will be her counselor, her guide, her healer. You are done fighting; you have a new destiny, now, much greater than I or any of your clanmates could ever understand."

Clearing this throat, he sat down, wrapping his striped tail firmly around himself. There was no time for further questions. Her clan needed her, now. "From this moment on, you will be known as Bonejaw, medicine cat of ShadowClan. Guide your clan with compassion, and duty, and sureness, and you will not fail." Gaze softening, he then looked to her with the hint of a smile as the dream around them began to fade. "I will see you again." And then he was gone, along with the vision of the clearing. "SPEECH."
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