FOR THE WIN - [warrior asessment/private]

Jul 20, 2022



Dusk had never hunted a turkey before. Hell, he'd never even seen a turkey before. The fact that Sootstar had prefaced the task by asking if he and Ember were 'strong cats' only made things all the more confusing, because from what he'd been told a Turkey was just a big bird. And birds weren't all that strong. He knew because birds were one of the few piece of prey he actually excelled at catching, and so in his mind he was doing his best to paint a picture of this giant avian, which at best looked like a comically oversized rock-dove.

The patrol had set out from camp mere minutes prior, a group that Dusk had confidence in. Honey was a familiar face by now, an intelligent and capable cat. And Inky was there too, someone he trusted and was eager to see in action. Even Ember, while he didn't know her, seemed to have an energy about them that was pointed toward success, and the tomcat for once was confident that he could pull this off. After today he'd be a true Windclan warrior, and all he had to do was catch a bird for Sootstar.

"So these 'turkey' things, have you guys ever hunted one before? Whats the best strategy here?" he asked, green eyes shifting to glance at his clanmates. Unfortunately, outside of his speed, muscle, and sharp instincts, Dusk wouldn't be able to contribute much in terms of experience with this hunt. He didn't know what a turkey was or what the best way to catch them was, or even why it took four cats to get it done. So really, he was all ears at this point.

windclan warrior - male - 17 months - homosexual - polyamorous - single - tall, strong bengal tomcat

Hunting a turkey was certainly- an interesting task to take on. Was this thing going to be massive? Was it threatening? Could someone die from it? They weren't sure, but Inky had hopes they could do something. With the four of them, being that of Dusk, Beesong, and Ember, they should be able to take on a turkey right? Though Inky was unsure of why Soot had chosen him for this type of task. It wasn't like he'd be able to see the prey coming, or even know what the turkey was cause who knows if he were to attack it'd be a rabbit or one of his fellow felines.

Dusk then questioned that of what a turkey was and Inky spoke up, "I think it is a type of bird, from what Soot had mentioned," They gave a small shrug of their shoulders and lifted their nose. Would a turkey have its own scent? What would it smell like? Like a robin or starling? Or any other bird? Or closer to that of an owl? The sightless black cat swished his longer tail and turned his eyeless face in the direction of Honeytwist, "Have you ever seen a turkey before, Honey?" Sure she would've seen something yes? Or maybe Ember? Or any cat that could physically see?