forever you'll see (centipede)


Gaia had been in the clan for a few sunrises now, and had already picked up on a few things.

One, the giant tom that found her had a name. It was Blazestar, and he was leader of SkyClan. It explained his intimidating size - leaders were supposed to be powerful and scary. But she'd learned he wasn't all that scary once she started talking to him. Huge size aside, he was very kind to talk to. The second thing she'd learned is that she was safe as long as she stayed within the clearing. There were warriors in there at all times, and scary predators like foxes and badgers outside. As long as she stayed within camp's walls, nothing bag would happen to her. And thirdly, she had picked up that the cats of her clan were very skilled at one thing and one thing only.


Gaia gulped as she stared up at a towering pine tree, looming high above her head. It seemed to go on forever! She'd have to climb that someday? Like every other SkyClanner? The thought made her legs tremble, yet she couldn't pull her eyes away. I'm never going to be able to do that!
Centipede had no choice but to notice the quivering scrap of tortoiseshell fur that Blazestar brought back to camp. She's infected the nursery with her whining and sniffling. And selfishly, he takes pleasure in it; he's not the weakest kit in the clan anymore. He has a new victim to flaunt his strength over, and this time, it wasn't some measly, stupid ants.

The smoke watches her from a distance, a cruel grin twisting his features as she stares up at the towering pine tree with trembling legs and ballooning eyes. Scared of heights? What a joke. She'll never be a true SkyClanner like that. Even with his frail body, Centipede could outshine her any day.

Silently, he stalks over to her, his head lowered and his shoulder blades jutting out like shark fins. The only thing that ruins his stealthy approach is a cough that seizes him for a couple of heartbeats, and as he regains his breath, Centipede straightens. "Scared?" The kit sneers, his eyes narrowing. "You know what they do with kittens who can't climb, right?" A shadow falls over his face as he leans forward until their whiskers brush, whispering in her ear, "They throw 'em in the river." Then, he pulls back with a low laugh rattling in his chest. It's a lie, but she doesn't know that.

But Centipede doesn't stop there. A sick glee inflates his chest as the venom slips from his tongue.

"Poor Daisy Flight... She must be so disappointed in you. She probably only took in such a pathetic thing like you out of pity."
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Gaia is so entrapped by her own fearful mind as she stares upwards that she doesn't even notice the approach of the other kit until his body shakes with coughs. She practically jumps out of her fur in surprise before huddling in on herself, ears pulled back against her head. Wide yellow eyes stare at him, her whiskers trembling as venomous words drip from his maw. Already, she can tell this is no friend. This is no warm Daisy Flight. This is a mean, mean kit, and she already feels tears build up in her eyes uncontrollably. "H-huh?" She squeaks, terror gripping her. They'd throw me in the river? N-no! Daisy Flight and Blazestar would never let that happen!....Would they...? The tom-kit doesn't stop there. He says her new mother is disappointed in her, that she pities her, and now the tears flow freely down her cheeks. She does look pathetic as she sniffs. "That's not- not true," She retorts weakly, her own voice faltering miserably as harsh breaths break up her words. Crying comes far too easily for the girl, and soon enough she's wracking her body to hold back sobs as she doubts her own words.