francis forever - joining



// set slightly retro to the battle, think a couple days before ,, also cw mentions of death and injuries
All her life, she has wandered the Earth with practically no purpose. Her whole life was spent fighting for prey, fighting for fun, or thats what each cat that ran the fight clubs told her. It's fun, sweetheart! Why don't you give it a try? And try she would, sweeping their victors to their paws. She has killed, these paws have killed but there's not a single speck of guilt in her mind, its what she had to do to survive. Today was not much different, she had pinned a cat and ripped out their throat while cheers rang through her ears and rattled around in her empty head. The lifeless eyes were stained into her memory as red stained a snow colored pelt. She had promptly left after with the promise of free food if she ever were to return, and the title of victor.

There was word on the street, however, that nearby was two colony of cats that played pretend fighters; there was a spark of curiosity as she cornered a housecat to make them tell her about it. She had padded off, content with their explanation, in search of one of the colonies and here she was in a pine forest, face set stone cold. Theres a snap in front of her and eyes trail over, head tilting slightly. "Hello?" she calls out as she nonchalantly seats herself, a yawn bursting through her jaws as she scratched an ear with a hind leg. "My name is Snow, I come in peace. I wish to join your little group." hopefully it was all she had to say, she wanted to get to the point as soon as she could.

╰☆☆ Haze's idyllic life of lounging in the forest with his father's colony is coming to an end, and he's becoming a bit bitter about it as days go by. Gone are the days he can hunt where he likes, enjoy the companionship of his friends throughout the forest without fear of being accosted by some mud-stained furball. Haze sometimes wishes he did have a Twoleg home to return to, just to rid his ears of their whining... but alas, he goes where Rain does.

Frazzled whiskers twitch as the silver and white tom catches a faint whiff of blood. Feline blood. He frowns, and the fur along his back begins to spike as a she-cat claiming to be peaceful approaches. Fur meant to be white, he assumes, has faint pink stains that turn his stomach. An otherwise beautiful molly gives the pine cats a serene look and proclaims she wishes to join them.

Haze cannot make his fur lie flat. He cannot. "How do we know you're not some marsh cat?" He swallows, forcing himself to meet the young molly's eyes. She doesn't seem like one, doesn't even smell like one, but the blood scent that clings to her has his alarm bells ringing. The last thing they need is more trouble, in his mind.
"Why would I be?" her voice is flat though she tries to make it friendly; its hard when being accused, she was never good at this to be quite frank, sweet talking, talking in general was not her strong suit. "I have no time to associate with anyone but those I please." she licks her chest fur a bit, cleaning off the pink that clung like glue. "Do not fear the blood," she offers a forced, toothy smile. "It is merely from earlier endeavors. None of your cats have been harmed." she had followed his gaze to the pink. She knows he is scared, she can see it in his posture, the fur that was permanently raised. In any other situation she'd laugh and revel in it, corner him further. She finds herself staring. "Uhm, I promise." is this what cats said to relieve tension in an awkward situation? She was unsure.

She flicks an ear. "So... Tell me more about your group. I have gotten my information from a house cat, they were not much help other than where you guys are." she shrugs lightly, trying her absolute best to make small talk.