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Sep 7, 2022

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"Just a little further, guys. I can see their land." A voice calls from the bushes as a spotted molly pulls her head out, looking down at her two kits- there's guilt there, she notices. She couldn't leave them in that place, not when they were so eager to exile and harm those who stood against their Leader. Not when the sire of her kits was an abusive douchebag, threatening to kill the kits because they don't look like him. Did he have no brain? Not all kittens will look like their parents. She gulps as she noses her 'siblings' forward, ignoring the aching in her paws.

For this one moment, she could put on a brave face. Protectively standing over the two kits, she waits at the border with her family. "Please help! Someone, please- I know we smell like WindClan, but I swear on everything- we're not WindClan cats any longer. We.. We need a safe place to stay. We're not safe by ourselves."
INFO Ikaros doesn't know of WindClan; coming here to SkyClan and staying had hardly been part of the plan when he came searching for his skull thief, so he'd never bothered to learn much of the cats in the grass, especially when he'd heard so many scorned those from the streets. For this reason, he doesn't know why this mother is so insistent that they are not WindClan cats. Is there some tension between SkyClan and WindClan? Lingering malice and distrust after that great battle of theirs? He has nothing but assumptions to work with. It's probably time he asks someone about the other groups and their relationships so he can at least try to avoid seeming like a fucking idiot.

He's also assumed that she's the kits' mother, and corrects himself: she could be an elder sister, or an aunt, or a well-meaning stranger for all he knows. Ikaros can admire her clear willingness to protect the little ones with her. Too often the people of this world believe that pain is best learned young. Some pains, yes, those that teach not to leap blindly, but they should not have to believe no one can keep them safe.

"Is someone hunting you?" If they are, Ikaros will not hesitate to meet them. Still, he doesn't know that he can promise his hosts' acceptance, and he smiles at the trio apologetically. "I'm only a guest here, friend, so I don't think I can answer your request, but I doubt SkyClan will turn the three of you away. What are your names? I'm Ikaros."
She pads after Ikaros, yet again greeting strangers wearing other Clans' scents. WindClan, they say. This is one Tallulah is not familiar with, one they do not share a border with - but she's heard things. Oh, yes, she's heard things, alright, about how the WindClan leader had killed a SkyClan warrior, about how she all but laughed in Blazestar's face when he went to confront her.

The torbie shakes her head. The tendrils of her ribbon move as though windblown. "Stars, darlin', you came all that way with two little babies?" She kneels down to stare at the kits, pale golden eyes unblinking. "Y'all must be right tired, now. Ready for a meal and a safe place to sleep."

Straightening, she glances to her companion before saying, "He's right, I'm afraid. We can't accept you, and our leader's... not here, right now." Some harebrained journey into the Twolegplace. She hadn't asked. "But our deputy, she's a mother. I'll go fetch her quicker'n you can blink."

She flicks her tail against Ikaros' shoulder as she turns and makes her way back towards camp.

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Coyotekit continued on, dragging one cream colored paw after the other. With his shoulders slumped and ears flat he watched as Leopardcloud as she poked her head into a bush. Groaning he took this brief opportunity to take a seat and then eventually slide onto his belly with his legs sprawled out. His paws ached and he was tired of walking. "I don't like this adventure anymore Leopardcloud..." Coyotekit muttered. Rolling onto his side he glanced briefly over at Mossykit before looking back at his "older sibling". He was half tempted to ask if the spotted molly would carry him but he decided against it the moment she called out to someone nearby.

Coyotekit straightens himself as the tom approaches them, he prepared to stand up however Leopardcloud moved to stand protectively over them. Why was his sister guarding them like this? Was the tom dangerous. Coyote's ear gave a light flick as he listened, not fully comprehending the extent of the adult's conversation. "Hunting us? Ew...who would do that? We're not prey." His face scrunched in a way that mirrored the disgust in his tone. Pushing himself to his paws the kit noticed another cat coming their way. Taking two steps forward the young tom's eyes seemed to sparkle at the mention for food and proper rest. Glancing at his family he allows a toothy grin to take over his maw. "Okay, I take it back. I like this adventure again!" Coyotekit's green eyes then met Ikaros' once more. "My name is Coyotekit, thats Mossykit and my older sister Leopardcloud." He explained, using the end of his tail to point to each individual.
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Mossykit isn't sure why Leopardcloud is so desperate for them to leave. Sure, some of the adults in windclan were a bit gruff, but she'd never been scared of them. She loves her big sister though, and so she trails along obediently without so much as a fuss, content to peer around at the forest as they go. The tiny tortoishells kitten is much calmer and quieter than her brother, politer too, and she takes pride in being a good, well-behaved kit that her family is proud of. A fond smile and roll of her eyes is all the response she gives coyotekit's winging, quietly humming a wordless tune beneath her breath as they cross into skyclan territory.

Before she knows it, Leopardcloud is suddenly perched above them protectively - her own copper toned gaze flitting about anxiously. Were they being attacked? Had windclan found them again? Her fears seem pointless as the cats who appear out of nowhere seem to be friendly enough, an she tips her head to the side contemplating. So this is 'skyclan' then? She doesn't know much about them, except that they're one of the five clans, and she thinks some of them are 'kitty-pets'. She's not sure what those are either, but she'd like to know - she'd like to know everything someday.

"I've never heard someone who speaks like her," She says with a slow blink, the first words out of her mouth of course a question rather than an introduction. It's no matter, as her brothers taken care of that part for her anyways. She finds herself fascinated by by Tallulah's accent, wondering if many cats in skyclan speak this way. She bites her tongue though - it's only sensible to wait for one question to be answered before asking another after all, and she supposes the molly's already to far away to hear anyway.


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"What happened, and what do you mean by no longer Windclan? Is everything alright?" Sparkpaw chirped as she appeared next to Ikaros and Tallulah, her green pool eyes dancing on the former windclanner and the two kit with a worried look dancing in their gaze. They seemed fine, and the kits seemed to have some spunk to them which means they weren't hurt, thank the stars that would of been bad. Her fluffy tail swished a bit as she examined Leopardcloud with concern. Help? Whats going on? And why go to Skyclan of all places?

"Oh! I'm Sparkpaw by the way! And I am sure we can help you out, since you're... no longer Windclan, yeah and besides you uhm... you have kits with you, I am sure no one would push you away, no that would be rude" the apprentice bumbled on, puffing her chest out a bit, why would they push away others when they needed help? That would not be fair to them, no not at all! Especially when they came crying for help... you can't really say no...right? Would Daisyflight say no? Hmm... "should I get Daisyflight? Oh... she already went to get her-" she stated with a blink before focusing on the others, once again opening her maw to speak. Did Sparkpaw ever know how to shut up? Not really...

Tallulah's calls pulled her forth on fleet footfalls, her mottled tail streaming behind her like a banner. The mention of a windclan mother on their doorstep was troubling, on a myriad of levels. Daisyflight wasn't one to turn those in need away, but the scent of the moors seemed only to prelude trouble. Discerning eyes, the colour of spring growth, looked the little family up and down as she approached. "Thank you Tallulah," thanks muttered under her breath, the molly gave her an appreciative blink.

The muddled excitement, twisted with uncertainty on the kit's faces caught her first. Adults might have a penchant for lying, but kits were fickle with their attentions. "Hello Coyotekit, Mossykit and Leopardcloud." Daisyflight parroted the names back to the cream kit who spoke them, patient smile brushed across her snow-split snout. "As Sparkpaw has said, my name is Daisyflight. You've come seeking shelter, yes? The moors are very... inhospitable aren't they." Sootstar had certainly succeeded in maintaining that atmosphere.

"We are open to those who need us, though your previous allegiances won't go ignored. I won't hold them against you unless- ah, no doubt you understand. I'm sure you're tired, let us forgo any unpleasantness." Levelling her words delicately, pointedly, at the older of the group- a sister? That was odd- the deputy spoke with a roundabout clarity. Hedging her conditions with kits present, she didn't want misunderstandings to occur. A soft spot for families wouldn't open the calico to potential risks to her own little ones.
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Wind clan. Immediately, Redstorm's first instinct is to drive them out, to turn them away. They say they are no longer associated with them and yet they reek of the place. It makes him wonder how recently dissociated they were. Had this mother been there when his brother was killed? Had she seen it happen and lay complicit then still decide it was a good idea to come crawling over here, begging them for help.

He wants to see their tails go back over the border but it is not his call to make. Blazestar had made certain of that. He comes to stand alongside Sparkpaw, his apprentice, blue eyes drilled into Leopordclouds pelt, muscles tensed and ready to spring if the need arose. He does not trust any cat from the moors. Does not trust outsiders in general but he knows Daisyflight, bleeding heart she was, would more than likely let these ones in. He trusted her more than he trusted Blazestar, she at least had some common sense but he knows immediately that it is likely for her to not turn this little group away. He would be surprised if she did.

And of course, here she comes now, ever the saint she allows snakes into their home with one simple swish of the tail. He narrows his eyes, displeased by the verdict but he holds his tongue.


She's reminded of why she hated WindClan when cats begin to gather around her and her kits, the mother adjusting herself a bit so Mossykit still has shade under her. Leopardcloud feels the gazes on her, the eyes burning into her fur- and it lifts uncomfortably in response, the molly kicking at nothing but air as if to stop the stressful twitching of her fur. Exhaustion burns through her shield like lava, and she finally gives into it and sits down, still with Mossykit under her.

Ikaros asks if she's being hunted, and Sootstar's reminder to everyone that traitors will be dealt with rings true once more. She shuts her eyes, shaking her head- denial. She couldn't just let these cats know that she will be hunted, but she needed to. "Not.. Not hunted. Yet, I guess- Um. It's not- It's not the most kit-friendly place to live, and the rules are.. suffocating. She- She wanted my siblings to be apprenticed in a moon, but they're.. they're much too young. Coyotekit and Mossykit haven't even lost their kitten tufts!" She gasps as she takes a moment to breathe, that rambling answer seeming awkward. She wasn't used to asking for help like this.

Next, another cat. Tallulah. A pretty molly with a strange accent, but she's thankful for her quick feet. She leans down to give Coyotekit a reassuring lick to the top of his head, pulling him close with a large paw to groom him. She had to keep this front going, they couldn't know these were her kits- one day, she would tell them. But not now. Not while Sootstar's threat can still be carried out.

The next to arrive is Sparkpaw and Redstorm, and the way the tom stood close to Sparkpaw was enough evidence to know that he was either their father, sibling, relative, or their mentor. She wouldn't try to guess, for the questions barreled her way makes her ears press back against her cranium. What should she answer with? "I don't care if I have to do anything to prove my loyalty, but I will not be sent back to the moorlands. Only death awaits myself and my siblings there. Only death." Leopardcloud stands firm, Redstorm's own unfriendly distrust met with a protective glare of her own. She'd heard about the SkyClanner that was killed through rumors. Sootstar had done wrong, but it wasn't something she could control- nor could she speak out against the woman. She would let him judge her, though- he could live his life bitter and cold, hating WindClan like his life depends on it, but..

"There are good cats in WindClan, but most of the others are compliant monsters. I-I can't talk about.. The things I've seen on the moors, but just know it's not.. not pretty."

She stands when Daisyflight arrives, she'd seen the woman before- knows who she is. Leopardcloud dips her head low in intense thanks, giving her an apologetic look. "I'm sorry to have troubled you all. T-Thank you for letting us stay.. I'll be sure to repay you all. C-Come along, you two. We'll go to our new home, where it won't be so loud, yeah? How does a good, quiet nap sound?" A hopeful glance towards the patrol of cats, as if asking permission to pass the borders. "A-And food? Does a juicy mouse sound good?"
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Coyotekit is quiet for a moment as he listens to Mossykit express her interest in Tallulah's unique accent. He supposed that it did have a nice ring to it, certainly different than anything he'd heard back in the moors. With a small nod he agreed with his sister before glancing in the direction of another cat approaching, judging by her size she must have been an apprentice. He kept up his grin, parting his jaws to greet her. "Hey, nice to meet you Sparkpaw." Quicker than he knew, the young tom found the large paw of his "sister" scooting him backwards whilst placing a lick between his ears. The semi long hair atop his head curled in response after Leopardcloud paused to speak with Daisyflight. There was a small smile upon his face as the molly greeted them but it weakened once another tom approached. Coyotekit was keen to notice the harsh glare Redstorm laid upon Leopardcloud and the kitten found the length of his brow pinching together into a taunt line. Jaws clenched he adjusted himself, his forelimbs stepping out from his "sister's" protectively curled paw placed to keep him close.

The young tom could not quite make head nor tail of the rush of emotions he was feeling. Regardless, he found himself speaking before his mind could catch up. "Hey! Quit looking at my sister like that. Who peed on your prey huh?" Coyotekit's ears fell flat as he glared at the tom himself, lip curling a smidge in the process. Puffing his chest he parted his jaws to fire off another retort but paused when Leopardcloud spoke. The fighting spirit within him died a little at the sound of her borderline shaky tone. His gaze fell from Redstorm to the grass beneath his paws. He knew things were bad in windclan but he did not know it was to this extent. Were they really going to die there, and if so why? He did not do anything wrong as far as he can recall. Coyotekit's stream of thought is broken when she directs a question their way, to which he answers with a feeble nod. "Yeah, I am pretty hungry."
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As he listens to Leopardclouds plight, his gaze softens, understanding warming him up to the new she cat. He knew what it was like to want to protect your siblings, and from the sound of her voice, she did not condone the actions of the clan she was coming from. "Im Redstorm, I'm sorry about being a little on edge. We haven't exactly had great interactions with Wind Clan lately" he admits with a shrug, hoping she takes his apology for his distrust in stride. He still would be keeping an eye on her, on them, but he relaxes a little as he realizes that she is not there to cause trouble. At least, for now.

His eyes dart to Coyotekit, turning cold and emotionless. His piss-poor attitude would not stir a reaction from the red-tinted tom except a slight twitch of his mouth upward. "Looks like this one has learned his manners from his clan-mates" he says, gesturing to the child with his head. "If you want to eat you should try being nicer to the cat who will be providing you said prey" he scolds lightly, though there is no venom in his voice. He cannot bring himself to be cruel to a child but he also would not allow himself to be talked that way, especially by a cat who should be grateful his clan is taking them in, especially if it was true that they were running for their lives.


She knows just how bad Windclan can be (well not fully, but she was on the patrol with the others) and it makes her sick. The thrown insults to her clan, the snarls, the eagerness to just kill them. She had leaned in close to Harpy despite not saying anything to the opposing warriors, says its not gonna end well, and in a way she was right. Windclan had made Skyclan their forever enemy.

She arrives on the scene with a twitch of a fluffy tail, perked up curly ears and a large dopy smile on her face. Before her stood a couple of clanmates, Daisyflight, Red and a couple other ones she must have missed when she was sick. She moves to stand besides Red, attempting to brush against him with a purr beginning in her throat as she looked over the newcomers.

Gosh, kits were always so cute. "Hola, bebés!" she greets with an ever present trill, tail swishing back and forth. "Hola, mamas." she dips her head in respect, Daisyflight had already given them the go ahead to stay (or at least she thinks she has) and so she breathes out. "Si, I understand the woes with Windclan. You made a long trek here- I'm Churrodream! Welcome to Skyclan." she picks up a paw to wave, content with standing besides Redstorm.

At first, she's disinterested in the conversation going on overhead, instead content to stare at the forest floor and a particularly interesting ant that crawls along it. It's only when her brother speaks up that she returns her attention, copper toned gaze flicking back and forth between redstorm and coyotekit. While she would have been more tactful, she can certainly see what coyote means - the older tom is staring at leopardcloud as though she is a bug squashed beneath his paws. She notes the moment his gaze softens, and when it again hardens as it flicks to her brother.

enough is enough she decides at last, pressing forwards and squeezing out from beneath her older 'sister', she strides forwards at the invitation from daisyflight and strolling right on up to the much larger feline. "If you don't like the way coyotekit was speaking to you, perhaps you should try to lead by example - treat others the way you want to be treated." she says plainly, her tone kept ever so polite, ignoring the fact she has to crane her neck to peer up at him. She might not be as rambunctious as her brother, and yes, he can be a pawful at times, but she'd had enough of bullies and adults who abuse their power in windclan - leopardcloud had said things would be different here, and she won't let some bossy-boots look down on her this time.

"Come on Coyotekit, I heard they eat birds here," she changes the topic easily, flouncing off with her head held high as though she hadn't just risked her own neck by disrespecting a warrior, doing her best not to show the small tingle of fear that coils in her spine. after all, what if her sister was wrong and things are the same here?

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The young cream colored tom relaxed further when Redstorm seemed to be apologizing to Leopardcloud for the cutting glare he gave her. Good, he did not believe his "sister" deserved to be unjustly scrutinized just because of where she came from. Everyone deserved at least one chance to prove themselves, right? Gingerly he glanced back over at the molly that was truly his mother, glad that she looked relieved to be accepted into the clan. But it was the voice of Redstorm that drew him back in. Mint green eyes fell upon the warrior once more, listening as he taunted Coyote about where he received his attitude from. Alright, he would give the tom that. Windclan had taught him early that their clan was rough and tumble, a dog eat dog world if you will. There, unfortunately, was no room for the faint of heart or gentle personalities that he had seen.

But that is not what irked him further. No, it was the stream of words that flowed after. Coyotekit's pelt bristled, the long tufts standing as if he'd been struck by lightening. "What?! Are you threatening not to feed me because I called you out for looking at my sister in a mean way?" What kind of clan was this? Gritting his teeth, Coyote's mint green eyes narrowed before flicking reluctantly to Churrodream. He was not upset with her, therefore he mustered the friendliest voice he could at the moment, but even that barely passed as a friendly greeting. "Hello." He did not understand what she was saying the first few times she spoke but assumed it must have been friendly enough based on her tone.

His fluffy tail lashed from one side to the other as he looked back at the emotionless warrior before trailing to Mossykit. He was surprised to see her step up and challenge the older tom, albeit respectfully and with a heavy amount of class. She had been more reserved in windclan, perhaps she was turning over a new leaf. Regardless, Coyotekit huffed in agreement with his sister, falling in stride with her as they walked together. "That was pretty cool, mossy..." He whispered to her in a soft tone.
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