Moonlight bounces off the back of the leader, illuminating her blue fur. She takes a tall stance on what she had oh so cleverly declared "Tallrock". The towering boulder would be her perch for clan meetings. "Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath Tallrock for a clan meeting!" In the night's crispy cool air her voice rings strong and true. Despite being tiny, she certainly could have volume to her voice.

Once her clan-mates gather beneath she continues, but only when she is confident she has the majority's attention. "I apologize for delaying your slumber, but I call you here tonight for something that cannot wait. StarClan beckons for WindClan to follow suit in newly made tradition. As WindClan leader, it is my honor to implement our new titles." Her voice is smooth and steady, not an ounce of uncertainty lingers in her words. "WindClan needs a deputy. A second-in-command who may take over when I'm gone... I don't plan on joining our ancestors any time soon, but nonetheless, a leader has many duties. I need someone who can pick up any slack in my day-to-day tasks."

Sootstar allows the news to settle in before continuing. Drawing in a long breath, she goes on to speak with confidence and pride. "I say these words before StarClan, so that the spirits of our warrior ancestors may hear and approve of my choice. The deputy of WindClan is Duskfire." An appropriate name for his devotion and daring nature. Emerald eyes have already spotted the Bengal tom in the crowd and she awaits a reaction from him... She could've chosen anyone, someone more notably barbed-tongue such as herself... but this was a calculated promotion.

Duskfire would be easy to control, easy to predict. She'd hold a firm paw on him at all times.
He would not be her successor, he would be the WindClan leader's puppet.

..If she would have it her way.

// MAJOR congratulations to @Duskfire AKA Dizzy! Despite Sootstar's ic views, my own are quite different, as hopefully goes without saying LOL! Dizzy has been a wonderful addition to WindClan with superb activity and amazing ooc friendliness <3 This is well deserved Dizzy, both Chuff and I are overjoyed to welcome you onto our team! :D

Further promotions coming in posts to come <3


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Hyacinth hears the call of her Leader almost instantly, the siren-like voice calling to her deep inside; a feeling she was used to, obedience. She's beckoned over by the voice, and when she arrives, she seats herself- tail pulled close to her body. She's stiff, irritated; something doesn't feel right, but maybe it was just her paranoia. Maybe it was her irritation with Cold, or with watching newcomers. She's exhausted, she notices.

The deputy of WindClan is Duskfire.

Her ears shoot up almost instantly, and there's a look of disbelief in her eyes. Her jaw drops, and she rises to her paws to whirl around and glare at Duskfire. There's jealousy there in blue-violet eyes, and she doesn't hide it. Why him? She recongnized him as a WindClan cat now, but had he already earned such intense trust from their Leader?

Am I not good enough?

She asks herself, and finds herself forcing herself to sit down, shocked. She pulls her tail closer to herself, not daring to look at Duskfire. She wished she could cheer for him, she wished she was that type of cat. But she wasn't. Everything she wanted was taken right from under her, and she clenches her jaw as she listens to more cats arrive.

There would be no cheering for their newest Deputy from her.
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It wasn't the first time Sootstar had called them all together for a meeting, and the tom had a feeling it was going to become a regular thing. He didn't really mind it if he was honest- as someone had trouble being social with the other cats it meant he didn't get to share in a lot of th e gossip that went around camp outside of what his own ears picked up by chance, and so it was kind fo nice to be able to sit down with everyone and get an update on whatever had been going on.

Slinking out into the moonlight, Dusk would pause a moment to stretch out his shoulders before heading over to join his clanmates beneath the Tallrock. Sootstar was already perched atop it, blue fur almost glowing silver underneath the moons light. He took his seat among the others as she began to speak of traditions and titles and ancestors. To be honest Dusk still didn't know much about Windclans culture and beliefs. He'd gathered that they worshiped the stars, their dead loved ones supposedly walking up there among them, but the copper-gold tom didn't know how much he believed in them. He didn't exactly have th wordly expereince to give a solid 'NO', they don't exist, but he'd be a liar if he said he wasn't a little skeptical.

What was more interesting though was Sootstars announcment that she'd be picking a second in command. Someone to take over if something were to happen to her and help her out with running the clan. dusk hadn't even known such a position existed in th clan, let alone that she shecat had secretly been scoping others out for it. His mind immediately went to Hyacinth, who had always been close to Soot, or maybe Weasel or Hunts Phesat, both of whom were capable, strong cats that Soot had no doubt noticed.

I say these words before StarClan, so that the spirits of our warrior ancestors may hear and approve of my choice. The deputy of WindClan is Duskfire."

There's a few seconds were he doesn't react- not until he sees Sootstar look directly at him, followed by the attention of most of the clan, and that's when it seems to click.


She'd said his name.

That had to be a mistake, right? He was just some outsider, a cat who barely knew how the world around him worked, let alone how to survive in it. The gnawing doubt in his stomach was a reminder of the fact that he was probably the least capable cat of keeping the clan running in her absence if something ever happened, and yet...

Something else seemed to stir within him, something old but familiar. It was the feeling he'd gotten whenever he'd managed to defend his meager meal from one of the larger cats he lived with, the same feeling that came over him when he'd caught his ffirst piece of prey.


The entire time he'd been a part of Windclan, Dusk had been busting his ass to prove not just to the other cats that he belonged there, but to himself as well. Even though he knew so little about them and what his purpose was, all he'd wanted was the confirmation that, yes, he did belong, and this seemed to give it to him.

But not every cat had turned to look at him with neutral interest or excitement- no, there was scorn in some of those gazes, and none held more than Hyacinths when she rounded to openly glare at him. Ears twitched backwards as he saw the jealousy in her gaze, and despite his secret thrill of having been chosen, a part of him regretted it immensely. He felt as if he'd betrayed the shecat, but it hadn't even been his decision.

It was only when she turned her back on him again that he was able to shift his green eyes back to Sootstar, ears sitting forward once more.

I'm sorry Hyacinth. I want this. I need this. he thought to himself, hoping she'd be able to forgive him.

"Thank you, Sootstar. I'll do my best- I swear it, to you and the stars." he replied, finding his voice after a moment. A part of him was definitely still trying to process this information, but there was no way he was about to question her judgement, especially not in front of the clan- he'd already had one ear torn by the turkey, he didn't intend to have the other torn by the smokey shecat.

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Was this his first clan meeting? Sure was! The point tom ambled over with quick little skips to his steps in excitement for whatever might be discussed but he surely didn't expect this. Sootstar didn't seem the kind who wanted help and this deputy thing sounded like help to some degree. But good on her for finding someone! Maybe it would be a humbling experience.
Now, Dandelion wasn't very familiar with Duskfire yet-he seemed a bit on the stricter side of things and he understood why given they were a new group and needed to work hard to have any stability. But that didn't mean he didn't like the tom, he seemed sensible and nice enough, could do with smiling more though! But he felt that way about most cats given his boundless optimism. Still, as far as cats went, this sounded like a good choice! He didn't know what requirements had been met or what sort of standards Sootstar was holding (he could guess, he supposed) but Dusk had been nothing but a pretty decent fella from what he gathered. In his usual manner of being exuberant he gives out a cheerful 'whoop' of congratulations-looking to find the tom in the crowd only to spot Hyacinthbreath nearby and whipping around with a venomous look. When he followed her gaze he spotted the newly named deputy and flattened his ears. Guessed not everyone was as okay with the decision then huh...?
Duskfire seemed find with it-but sometimes he wondered. He figured cats liked to hide how they felt when it came to Sootstar given her surly demeanor but he genuinely hoped the bengal tom was alright with it. Was it a lot of responsibility? He imagined so.
Despite Hyacinthbreath's sharp look just nearby him he waved a paw in delighted excitement all the same, "Yer gonna do great!"

Their return from the Gathering had filled Pollen with the strangest sensation. The information they'd learned, that Sootstar has grasped onto and decided to implement, leaves her feeling stifled, even more than she already has. What's this about having to change her name? She sighs, shrugging it off. "A name is a name, I suppose. What matters is the thing it's referring to." She's talking to nobody.

Her interest piques as their tiny blue smoke leader leaps for the Tallrock and stops them all from retiring. Pollen pads toward the others, ears flicking at Sootstar's words. Deputy, second-in-command. The calico can imagine it's one of her mindless drones.

And it is, but it's not the one she expected. Duskfire is named, the youngest and perhaps least militant of Sootstar's little army. The spotted golden tom looks surprised -- and then there's a flash in his eyes, a hungry flash that leaves Pollen feeling more than a little unsettled.

StarClan, what sort of fresh hell have I agreed to live in?

She takes a breath and attempts a smile. "Congrats. Cool name." She doesn't have much more to add. She has a feeling Sootstar isn't done.

❥ - she smells like lemongrass and sleep
Lavender presses herself against her mate briefly, pale eyes flashing a sort of sympathy towards her love. She knows the depths of Hyacinth's loyalty and her commitment to their chosen clan. Even she feels a small twinge of disillusionment when it is not her beloved's name that is called. Still, she believes in Sootstar's judgement above all else. Besides, if her and Hyacinth are to start a family, she would prefer her mate to be by her side rather than tending to every other little matter in the clan.

She nods to Duskfire and an idea comes to her. She'll approach him after the meeting, his new position is quite suitable for what she has in mind....

the meeting is of little consequence to Heavy Snow. He sits with the rest of his found family, pelt brushing one of theirs. He can’t help it, he takes up so much space that he’s bound to be near someone he’s just glad it is a cat he knows. The pure white tom only half listens to the meeting, pretending to pay attention as his bi-colored eyes rest on his newfound dark-furred leader.

This deputy concept was something that did grab his attention though, and he finds himself tilting his head curiously. He had never thought about what would happen if Sootstar were to suddenly perish, but certainly they could’ve just figured it out for themselves? Things are so complicated here, with cats deciding who was the boss of who. He liked their old life much more, it was much more simple. But there was no going back now, no matter how much he lamented for it. The white tom sends a nod in Duskfire’s direction, for that is the cat who she has named, though Heavy is not quite familiar with him. “Congrats” he says, echoing Pollen, a friendly smile lifting up one corner of his mouth. His mind is elsewhere though, thinking about what he was going to eat for dinner tonight.


Looking up at their tiny leader- for how funny was it, that he had pledged allegiance to a cat less than half his size!- Mallow settled his smile upon his face. Not that it had ever left.

Ears angled to her announcement, he hung to every word, half tail moved to curl around paws with something that was not there. She moved to her first topic- that of a deputy, which that one... SkyClan cat, he thought was the name, had announced at the Gathering. It was a good idea... even for someone with skin as thick as Sootstar, it had to get stressful leading a whole society sometimes! And as she carried on to speak the name, Mallow's head snapped toward the bengal tom in a movement as quick as a hunting strike as he spoke his appreciation.

"Wooo!!! Congrats!" he chimed, melody-less and sing-song all the same. Laughs fringed his words, enthusiasm bursting out of him like the break of a beaver's dam. Despite the forced nature of his expression, there was sincerity to it.


"Good." It's blunt and straightforward with a dip of her head, but she is pleased with the tom's response. An honor it must be, to hold the title of WindClan's first deputy. Not nearly as holy as WindClan's founder, or WindClan's first leader... but a privilege at that. Sootstar hopes her judgments on this tom are true, that he'll be easy to control and she'll hold strongly onto her superior reign of authority.

That judgment alone was the mere reason Duskfire held this rank over others... her other two top picks? Not as easy for her to control, more free-spirited with a tongue of their own. They appeared loyal to the bone for her sure, but when push comes to shove, would they knock her over if it meant seating themselves on her throne?

She couldn't give them that much power... no... not yet. Sootstar could give them a different honor though... her peacekeepers of the clan.

"With Duskfire as WindClan's deputy, you may think our roster is full. But I disagree, there will come a time when both Duskfire and I are too busy to deal with minimal, yet important tasks. We need felines all over the place who know the laws of WindClan, and who will enforce them to keep WindClan safe. My lead warriors." Her eyes and ears, her spiders. "I say these words before StarClan, so that the spirits of our warrior ancestors may hear and approve of my choice. The lead warriors of WindClan are to be Hyacinthbreath, admired for her loyalty and dedication, and Weaselclaw. Admired for his tenacity and battle skills."

Hyacinthbreath, the cat Sootstar had once viewed as deputy material but grew to gravely fear she could not be tamed.
Weaselclaw, the lowly barn cat who smelled terribly of horse dung... Sootstar's unlikely crush and muse. He was new to the clan with a lot left to learn, but Sootstar was a biased she-cat. She wanted to keep this tom close to her, and she wanted to impress him.

These were her lead warriors.

// @hyacinthbreath @WEASEL HUGE CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU TWO <3!! You have both displayed awesome activity and ooc engagement, so I hope you both have fun in your new positions :D You've certainly earned them and we are all excited to have you both on our team :)


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There's no apology that slips from Duskfire's lips, but she feels it- the air of guilt, and then acceptance. He'd accepted his promotion, and it would lead to his own rise in power. Her mate's touch against her side makes her weaken, leaning into the shorter frame of Lavender for comfort. She knew it, that being Deputy would be too much for a cat like Hyacinth; especially with the talk of kits in the air around the two she-cats.

Her name being called catches her attention. No, this was odd.

A new name.

Hyacinthbreath. A name fit for a cat with determination as strong as the wind.

Her eyes shoot up towards Sootstar, and the feeling of jealousy remains- just ebbs into the edge of her mind, replaced with a familiar feeling of joy. Sootstar saw her, she noticed her. Made her a Lead Warrior alongside the very tom she couldn't fucking stand. Her eyes glance over to look for Weaselclaw, and she steps forward after nuzzling against Lavender's cheek affectionately.

When she finally stands before Sootstar's eminence, she smiled up at her Leader. Her shining star, bright and shining beneath the light of the moon. She's mesmerized then, captivated. Then, she lowers her head to dip it in respect to the dark molly.

"I won't disappoint you, Sootstar." It's breathless, her response. But present. And soft.
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Duskfire is Sootstar's right-hand cat, and Weasel cannot help but feel both annoyed and painfully, righteously jealous. The tabby looks at the bengal with sharp, needling blue eyes, but there's a part of him that understands. He had made an error, hadn't he, in attacking the RiverClan leader on Sootstar's turf, using her name? He blinks against the sheer force of his envy, resignation washing over him.

But Sootstar continues with her decree. Hyacinth, Sootstar's ever-present shadow, is gifted a new name, a new title. Hyacinthbreath.

Weasel himself is newly born, christened Weaselclaw. The sound of his new name from Sootstar's velvet mouth sparks his desire to prove himself, to do great things in her name and in the name of their Clan.

He meets Hyacinthbreath's eyes, for a moment their faltering rivalry forgotten. She accepts her position, saying, "I won't disappoint you, Sootstar."

Weaselclaw himself curls his tail inward, blue eyes glowing with moonlight. His voice is deep and confident when he speaks. "I'll make you proud." He dips his head to Sootstar, feeling the power of devotion she's sparked in him nearly overtake him.

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Pebble trots into the camp behind her niece and nephew, a watchful eye trained on the youth. But as soon as her sister leaps onto the Tallrock, which was aptly named, her attention is drawn upwards. She's already pushing herself to the front of the crowd, her raised tail a flagpole in the swarm. She's one of the most important warriors in the clan, so she should sit in the front!

Her ears perk at the mention of a successor, a deputy. Yes, that had been one of the new implementations, made by that kittypet dolt who called himself a leader. As much as she hates to admit it, it's a good idea. Unfortunately, Sootstar wouldn't live forever, even though living nine lives might seem like it. There would come a day where her sister... died.

Pebble's brows furrow, the thought like a sour taste on her tongue. No, that wouldn't be for a long, long time. Sootstar's reign would be prosperous. But, planning for the inevitable future is better than leaving WindClan without a ruler once Sootstar passes into StarClan.

And the choice for Sootstar's successor is obvious to her. Pebble sits a little taller, eyes gleaming underneath the full moon as she leans forwards... The new deputy of WindClan is...



That's not her name!

"What?" Her incredulous voice is a little too loud, earning the stares of those around her. Pebble recoils from the sudden attention as if she'd just been sprayed by a skunk, indignation flaring in an acidic glare. That dumbass? The tom who thinks that cats could turn into plants? She scoffs, her eyes narrowing as they lock onto Duskfire. That should've been her, not this... this... dolt.

Pebble's fur prickles, her tail lashing. She deserved to be the successor to WindClan, not him! She's Sootstar's sister, for StarClan's sake! Her ear tips burn, her glare unwavering.

No, no, there has to be a reason why Sootstar chose him... Her sister isn't stupid, Pebble knows her better than that!

She couldn't fathom Sootstar genuinely choosing Duskfire over her. Pebble doesn't think that she could live with that knowledge, that she's worth less to her own sister than some mangy tom.

This has to be some form of public humiliation, right? Just like Sootstar had allowed the kittypets to join, she was going to falsely appoint Duskfire as deputy just to watch him fail miserably. This is just WindClan's entertainment for the next moon; once Duskfire makes a fool of himself, which she gives him about three sunrises at most to do, Sootstar would laugh in his face and appoint Pebble as the rightful deputy.

He's just WindClan's entertainment, nothing more.

Sootstar continues, bringing forth her own proposal. Lead warriors. Once more, that glow shimmers in Pebble's eyes. This must be it. In order to apologize for not making her deputy right away, Sootstar was going to bestow upon her this temporary title until Duskfire was thoroughly berated. This was just a stepping stone to the end goal.

But Sootstar does not look at her. She does not speak Pebble's name. Hyacinthbreath, a cat that she'd formerly had no strong opinions towards, but she isn't Pebble so the pit of envy swallows any previous memories of the spotted she-cat. And Weaselclaw, that shitstain from the horseplace. Her lips curl. She doesn't understand Sootstar's... fascination with him. He's just like the rest of the toms here; stupid and smelly. Not even worth the title of plaything.

The heat from the tips of her ears spreads across the entirety of her face and down her neck. Pebble doesn't know if it's from shame or anger. Why did Sootstar not entrust her with a title of honor? Did she not think that Pebble was a worthy warrior of WindClan?

Her claws unsheathe, tearing up clumps of grass. What did Duskfire, Weaselclaw, and Hyacinthbreath have that she didn't?

Pebble scrutinizes each one. She's more passionate than Duskfire, more loyal than Hyacinthbreath, more intelligent than Weaselclaw... So why not her?

Her eyes are burning now, and with a growl, Pebble shoves herself through the crowd and dashes out of the entrance.

[ IC OPINIONS </3 congrats you guys!! y'all are gonna do great! ]

The announcement of Duskfire as deputy had the black cat cheering for the tomcat, and he sought him out in the crowd by scent to rub his cheek along his shoulders with a smile. Congratulating him with soft words and a flick of his tail against the others' back. Sootstar then went on to announce lead warriors and the black cat couldn't help but feel- disappointed? Was he truly as useless as he felt that not even Sootstar would trust someone like himself? Was it because of being blind? It had to be, he had been as active as he could be in the clan. Found the tunnels, welcomed cats into the clan during the grace period and even helped out in the nursery as much as he could. Inky moved his face down towards his paws and his ears went back slightly, Sootstar was truly a heartless cat if him being blind was her reasoning for not allowing him a high poisiton.

What else could it be? Inky was loyal, kind, and made sure no cat felt left out. It was simply unfair to be honest and he found himself leaning into Duskfire quietly. Suppose his efforts where a waste here in Windclan, but he knew he couldn't leave behind Ferret. The tomcat would be lost, literally and figutively, without him but at the same time; should he stay in a place where he wasn't acknowledged? Duskfire was far from different from himself, and he got deputy! Inky gave a soft sigh and curled his tail around himself quietly, suppose Windclan wasn't someplace for him.



Soot seemed pleased that he he'd accepted, and with that the tom tried to ignore the looks coming from Weasel and Pebble and the others, focusing instead on the calls of Dandelion, Mallow, and Heavy Snow. As much as there was a part of him that didn't feel he desered it, that other part of him that was hungry for any kind of acknowledgement was quick to latch onto whatever encouragement was being offered.

An ear would twitch as another familiar voice joined he calls, and the bengal turned to find Inky slipping through the crowd toward him. He was a littlle surprised that the tom had openly sought him out, tail tip twitching in nervous excitement as the thinner cat pressed their cheek into his shoulder and settled beside him. He was pretty sure he outright failed at hiding the grin that tugged the corner of his lips upwards, leaning down to gently bump his forhead against their own in thanks for their support.

He tried to snuff the tiny embers of satisfaction that sat smoldering in his chest when Inky chose to stay beside him, standing to watch the rest of the meeting at his side. Lead Warriors were announced next, and he was relieved to hear Weasel and Hyacinth called. At least this meant they'd ease off Dusk a little for the time being, which was more than he'd had before.

A weight pressing into him drew his attention back to Inky, and he turned to find the lithe black feline looking way more upset than they had a mere moment ago. His own ears would twitch back in uncertainty as he let the other press against him, wondering why they were suddenly so upset. Was it because their name hadn't been called? A frown would settle on golden lips as the urge to comfort the other swept through him, but he wasn't really sure how to do it. He hadn't exactly had a lot of practice with that sort of thing. So, deciding to just do what he'd seen the other cats do, he leaned over to give them what he hoped was a comforting lick between the ears and not a total invasion of personal space.

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Leech was left baffled with Sootstar's choice of Deputy. It was all wrong to him. Duskfire was still very much a stranger to his eyes, an outsider who hadn't been here long enough to deserve such a high rank like this. But when he thought about it there was no one on his mind that would be fitted for it. So he guess he should just be grateful over that Sootstar not had picked her personal pet Weasel as her choice. Duskfire for sure were better for the rank when that weasel-brain who couldn't even tell the difference between a rogue and a clan cat.

No congratulations left from his mouth though, only silence which were quite rare if thinking about it. He watched the show with judging eyes only frowning when Sootstar in the end promoted Weasel after all, perhaps not to Deputy but it still left a sour taste on his tongue that a cat like him had just been given more power in this clan, and the right to boss him around. He grimaced and stuck out his tongue at himself in absolute disgust. This was the absolute worst. Could his day become any worse then this?.

Damask Rose sat beside his not so happy friend but he seemed completely unaware of it as his copper eyes were on Dusk, filled with joy and excitement for them to have become thier Deputy!. He knew they would do great!. Rose was so happy for them. He couldn't think of any cat who deserved this opportunity more then what he did. " Congrats Dusk!." he would cheer in with the others but he went silence again the moment Sootstar started speaking again to promote two lead warriors, another new rank to thier clan. Weaselclaw and Hyacinthbreath!.

Rose might not knew this two cats that well, one better then the other perhaps but still he was sure both of them would do great with thier new rank. He believed in them!. He would smile to both of them. So many great things was happening today!.



Again, her promotions are accepted. The small leader had not expected them to be declined, especially not by her most dedicated and loyal felines. They'd follow her to the end of the earth and back... or she'd train them to.

"Wonderful, we will host council tomorrow morning in my den. Don't be late." Quick and to the point to her high positions before she moves on. They've basked in enough glory and attention now surely?

"For all my other beloved clan-mates, it is time for you to receive your proper clan names as well. Named gifted to you by both StarClan and I. All of you will be called forward tonight, and by the time I dismiss you, you will have been rebirthed as a true clan cat! A true WindClanner!" She stomps her paw with pride and triumph, a glorious night this was for them all.

"Kestrel, Sunshine, Ember, Pollen, Mallow, Echo, Marble, and Inky, step forward." She awaits for her eight soldiers to step forward and reveal themselves to her gaze within the moonlight. Only then does she continue. "I, Sootstar, leader of WindClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on these cats. They have worked hard to build this clan at my side and have vowed to remain loyal to it and you for the rest of their lives. I hereby commend them to you as a warrior in their turn."

Eyes on the eight, "Kestrel, Sunshine, Ember, Pollen, Mallow, Echo, Marble, and Inky, do you promise to uphold your vows and serve both WindClan and StarClan until your final days and beyond?"

I do, they would say, or something akin.

"Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior names. Kestrel, you are to be Kestreltalon, for your independence and passion. Sunshine you are to be Brightshine, for your optimism and up-beat nature. Ember, you are to be Emberfang, for your assertiveness and desire to protect. Pollen, you are to be Pollenfur, for the beautiful coloring of your pelt. Mallow, you are to be Mallowlark, for your... chirpy and bright voice." It's absolutely as dreadful to listen to as a lark's mournful cry... She does not add... "Echo, you are to be Echolight for your intelligence and confidence." A back-handed compliment? Who knew... nothing particularly gave it away. "Marble, you are to be Marbletail, for your long tail. And Inky, you are to be Inkylotus, for your purity and strength." He seemed like a pure, kind, and strong cat to her anyhow.

And so the eight are cheered for.



Seeing Hyacinthbreath brighten in response to the lead warrior position made it clear why she'd set to snarling in Duskfire's direction. He supposed he could understand wanting to be recognized and feeling as if you were ignored in favor or someone else but Duskfire was a nice cat and he certaintly felt the tom would do alright. Weaselclaw, while he wasn't as familiar with was given a cheerful stare as well in response to the news and the ex-barncat gave a little 'YEEEHAW' whoop before settling down with an unashamed wriggling in his seat. He was not sorry for his exuberance but he was sorry for any ear drums caught in the crossfire. When Dandelion wanted to be loud, he'd be loud.
It now occurred to him that every cat was about to get a really cool warrior name if Sootstar's continued announcement was anything to go by. They were really nice names too, which surprised him given their leaders-erm-uh-surly demeanor.

'Didn't hear a single cat named Stupidface, real proud of you Sootstar.'
As each cat was named he found his mismatched eyes excitedly searching for them in the crowd of gathered cats, making idle mental commentary as he did. Brighshine-that was a real good one. Was pretty fond of Emberfang too-nice name-real fiesty. Kestraltalon was probably his favorite because those big predatory birds were real mighty and scary-looking when they started circling. Pollenfur fit real good, Echolight was real pretty sounding but he didn't know what light had to do with being smart-Marbletail was real nice as was Inkylotus!
Overall the only one that had him sucking in a breath was Mallowlark, Dandelion resisted the powerful impulse to laugh because Sootstar's following reasoning was hardly what he'd call very accurate; he wondered if that was sarcasm coming from the ashen queen.
Bright and chirpy indeed though!
Was Dandelion about to cheer for every cat loudly and obnoxiously? Yes, yes he was. Each name Sootstar said was punctuated by a loud WHOOP!



A lick between the ears drew the tomcats' head upwards and he offered a slight smile at Duskfire. Suppose it wouldn't be too bad, maybe he should just try harder? Cats can't live forever so maybe he would have a place at some point in his life, just not today. The sound of Sootstars' voice claiming to give them new names and make them true Windclanners made him tilt his head. True Windclanners? Was a name really going to make them fully a Windclan cat? He thought they already were true and true Windclanners, but then again what did he know? This could mean a fresh start for them, and he hoped it would be a fitting name.

The list of names went as followed: Sunshine to Brightshine, Mallow to Mallowlark and so forth. So when his name came up he raised his brows and gave a low dip of his head in gratitude, Inkylotus. It was sweet, a fresh start, something new and exciting. The black cat looked to Duskfire with a smile and thought while his wasn't nearly as fierce as Duskfires', it was his own. Something he could apply to a new life, a new start with Ferret and Duskfire at his side. The tom leaned into Duskfire happily and called out the others' names along with the rest of the crowd. "SPEECH

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Lunaria had planted herself in the middle of the meeting place, a shadow that seemed to materialize in and out of view as the ceremonies took place. She would blink in satisfaction as their second in command was named as well as what she can only assume are ranks similar to generals, with authority but not over the second in command and the leader.

She blinks as Hyacinthbreath and Weaselclaw are graced with new names and she can't help but feel proud for her acquaintances, her soft voice barely audible as she joins in cheering for them.

Soon enough, the meeting moves along to eight more of her clanmates and she nods in approval at each name, also joining in cheering for them each as well. Today was a busy day it would seem, and Lunaria looked around for a moment to take in the atmosphere that surrounded her. It was...nice, different from the stoic and serious air that always suffocated the promotions back home.

She looked back up to Sootstar, wondering if any others would be fully accepted into the clan tonight.


The call for a meeting was quick to draw the young toms attention, the last one having been to discuss the issues with Riverclan. Intruiged that this one would be no less interesting, the dark grey tabby got to his paws and shook out his coat before heading over.

And he wasn't disapointed.

A Deputy. Lead Warriors. Promotions and pairings to come. He wasn't blind to the animosity that seemed to rise among his clanmates as the golden bengal was named Deputy, mainly because Cold himself was among them. A scowl would take hold of his lips as an outsider was passed the helm of second in command, and the tabby had to actively work to keep his fur from bistling. Dusk was fine he supposed, but it was the principle of the matter. This was Windclan, and it deserved to have true Windclan cats in charge. Not some random that had just gotten here. Of course Dusk accepted though, who wouldn't take that kind of power? Weasel and Hyacinth were next to receive promotions, Lead Warriors now.

As the regular warriors were named, Cold snorted softly. Now he'd have to go and re-learn everyones name. Whatever.

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