Frost's heartchart

Jul 10, 2022
Haven't properly met yet
Fearful of
Suspicious of
Jealous of
Distrustful of
Annoyed by
Weirded out by
Confused / Unsure of
Complicated Feelings
Wishes to know better
Shy towards
Comfortable with
Friends with
Close friends with
Safe around
Like family
Protective of
Platonic Love
Crushing on
Head-over-heels for
Romantic Love

Reply with your character(s) to see how Frostpaw feels about them!

"Raccoonpaw? They're my best friend and they make me feel safe, they make me really happy and I don't know what I'll do without them...I don't know why but I feel all warm and fuzzy around Racconpaw and...well, I feel I can be myself fully around them. I appreciate them a lot and I don't know where I'd be with out them."

"Beesong? I feel safe around them, they're very caring and I feel like I can just escape from things if I am around them...though I feel bad for going to them all the time especially when they're always busy and I am sure they get tired of it at times but, when I want to uhm...hide away from things, I normally go to Beesong and bother them until I have other stuff I need to do."

"Ashpaw? She's sweet, energetic too and she's fun to be around despite trouble being attracted to her. Ashpaw has a way of lighting up the room and maybe one day I could be like that for her? She seems to be down as late and I am worried about her since her accident but I really am just glad she's okay"

"I don't know Iciclepaw that well but they're my co-apprentice and she's pretty cool, I want to learn more from her as well as hopefully being a sort of influence for her. We both tend to like bothering our mentor which is fun as well, hopefully we can become closer to each other in training though!"

"I... don't know what happened between Spiderfall and I but we used to be really close when we were younger but now he's just...full of hate, which's sad, it's hard to see him do this to himself and I hope he realizes how much harm he's causing before it's too late, he's my brother and I only want what is best for him."

"My mentor? He's really amazing, but I am sure he's tired of all the trouble I tend to get myself into, he always seems so busy and I hope he can get some rest soon! Oh...I also found out he's my uncle, how cool is that right? I am so happy that he's a lead warrior, but he needs to at least rest more...maybe I can convince Iciclepaw to help me with that"

write your character's opinion on them <3
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