GARDEN OF EVE && frostpaw


Sep 1, 2022

Another day, another dawn patrol, which meant more shells for Citruspaw to bring back. No matter how many times she asked warriors to help her carry things, they never seemed to mind, almost as if... they took pity on her... No! Everybody loved her shells, she knew it for a fact. How could you hate something so pretty and shiny? Especially if it was handpicked by her!

She finds her victim quite easily as she enters camp with the rest of the warriors, a large smile growing upon her face. Today she carries just a couple of shells, one especially for Frost, who had been her first gift recipient and certainly it would not be the last. She saunters up to her, dropping the shell, a silly little clam shell. Oddly pearlescent, but thats what made it prettier. "I got you another one! It reminds me of you!" her voice is full of pride as she puffs out her chest, nodding along with her words.

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Another day has passed, and once again a day is bustling and busy with momentary rest. She had been in the same spot as last time when Citruspaw had approached her the first time, and to her surprise, the young she-cat once again approached the she-cat and her bi-colored eyes lifted to look at the other before she felt the heat begin to crawl slowly up her body in a complete flustered manner, and the only other cat who had managed to make her feel this way was Raccoonpaw.

She quickly scrambled to her paws, too stunned to speak once again, taking a few momentary blinks as she allowed a warm yet gentle smile appears on her face, this was the sweetest thing to see and Frostpaw was not entirely used to it. "Thank you Citruspaw, are you sure there is nothing I can do to repay you for such a beautiful gift?" she asked as she lifted her gaze to meet the other's gaze, trying to cover the flustered yet warm feeling she was getting from such generous gifts. Frostpaw was used to giving out gifts, but receiving? This was entirely new to her and she wasn't entirely sure how to react.


Theres a smile on Frostpaws face and she finds herself satisfied, contentedness flooding through her chest, replacing pride. Its a gentle feeling, soft, shes happy. Are you sure there is nothing I can do to repay you, her nose crinkles and she makes a weird face, paws shuffling as she thinks. Citrus doesnt need much, shes pretty simple, it doesn't take much for her to be happy.

"Come fishing with me!!" its a eureka moment and she bounces on her paws, all excited. She sucks at fishing, hasn't ever caught anything, but to be honest its still fun, and good company with a friend! Besides, while Frost was fishing, she could use the time to secretly look for cool looking pebbles and then groan about not finding fish- Off track! Oops! Oh, but the pebbles are sooooo fun to look for... Citrus is obviously lost in thought.