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Jul 25, 2022
So I have a character that I'm going to be making a bio for—I've got an idea of how I want him to look (a lilac, mackerel tabby with oriental features) and the last time I played his character, I believe the geneticists on FF told me his parents needed to be a Red Mackerel Tabby (masking black, caramel) Oriental Tom x Lilac Torbie Somali Molly

But I wanna double check that, because that was a while ago and I wanna make sure his genetics are actually all squared away. I don't quite remember what the other kittens in his litter used to look like, so I think you can probably safely assume it's just him that we're working with in this case.

Take your time replying! I just wanna double-check the genetics from FF before I remake him.

Small edit:
if I had to pick some colors for him, I'd say his colors match up with this oc

This is /not/ how this character looks, but his colors are very similar (spare for the white aspects. He's all lilac with stripes all over, I believe.)
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Hi there!!

I believe there must have been red-based kits within his last litter, because in this case I definitely wouldn’t give him those parents! Would you like me to give you another pair of parents that would work well for him?

I also want to point out that if he’s going to be wild-born, he wouldn’t have purebred parents as all purebreds must be kittypet-born. Somalis also do not come in that color that the mom was listed as. However, he is 100% still able to have oriental features while being a complete moggy (mixed breed)! He does not have to have oriental in him to have fun traits :) his coloring is gorgeous by the way!
I am totally on board with him being a moggy! That's actually what I wanted to go for to begin with, believe it or not, but I wasn't sure what mixture of breeds he would need in order to keep the long legs and head shape of the oriental breed—for the most part, everything else is up in the air cause I want his genetics to turn out right, y'know?

And I would love it if you would! That's part of the reason I made this thread, cause I did some research on feline genetics since I made him (In 2018-19? I think) and... His parents weren't quite matching up but I wasn't sure what ones would.

Take your time, there's no rush for any of this! /gen
You are totally fine! Yes yes, you can 100% still give him those long legs and that wedge-shaped head while still having him be a moggy!

A good pairing for his parents would be a black tabby (carrying solid, dilute, and chocolate) and a lilac cat. This would also give him a variety of littermate options if you ever decided to give him siblings! One parent could be shorthaired carrying longhair, and the other could be longhaired if you want that fur length variety, too!
Just out of curiosity, what kind of littermate options would that give him? If I do decide to give him siblings and adopt them out to people to roleplay, I'd love to know some options there! But if I need to make an alternate thread for that if I decide to give him siblings, I absolutely will!

Thank you for the quick reply and the quick answer, by the way! That seems like a much more reasonable genetic match-up than the previous pairing that I had, and it seems less... Complicated? To explain.

tbh I was kinda worried about how I was gonna explain "oh,, yeahh, uh, his parents were both purebred cats g1 but he's totally a wild-born rogue lmao"
LOL no I get you, I always think about that stuff too!!

Here would be the genetics for the litter:

Sire: SH black mackerel tabby (carrying longhair, solid, dilute, chocolate)
Dam: LH lilac

Kits can be black tabby, black, blue tabby, blue, chocolate tabby, chocolate, lilac tabby, or lilac
- kits can be shorthaired or longhaired
- kits will have no white
- kits can have any realistic eye color besides blue
- tabby kits will display the mackerel pattern
- shorthaired kits will carry longhair; tabby kits will carry solid; non-dilute kits will carry dilute; black-based kits will carry chocolate
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Thank you, thank you! This clears everything up for me, so I appreciate your answer :D

God, I love how much freedom this pairing would give other roleplayers to design their characters to look should I adopt him out too,,

Anyway, thank you again for your hard work, Blitz, and for being so patient with me. I really appreciate it! :D