GET USED TO IT — medicine den discovery

He needs an efficient storage system; the clump of reeds which he'd been using to store his herbs had been a temporary solution at best.

Beesong had been clearing out a portion of their new camp, humming to himself as he separates the materials into different piles, when a misplaced pebble catches him off-guard. "AH-" The hushed yelp forces it's way out of his throat as he loses balance, stumbling face-first into thick olive sedge and... into a small clearing. The medicine cat puffs a sigh of relief once he regains his balance, raking his gaze across his discovery. He'd never known that this was here... The sedge and moss had done a good job of hiding it away from plain sight.

As they examine it, an idea begins to blossom. "This could work," Beesong hums, shuffling further into the small clearing. There, nestled in the sedge, is a hollow that would be perfect for storing herbs. And, over here... They pad over to an open area, patting the ground with a paw. Over here, there could be nests for patients. They rise onto the tip of their toes, swaying back and forth. "This is perfect." A small laugh bubbles to the forefront. What a coincidence this was, stumbling right into the perfect den for their work, literally!

Eager to show his discovery to his clanmates, Beesong pokes his head out from the moss-covered entrance. "Hey, guys! Come check this out!" He calls to anyone nearby with a smile.
( ⚘ ) The shout of a familiar voice drew their attention, triangular head whipping to catch sight of Beesong emerging from an enormous sedge plant, its striped fronds rustling from behind them. After their two, unique green gazes clash, Reed looks behind them, before it registers- ah, he was referring to them, along with any other nearby cats.

Admittedly a little intrigued, and not wanting to be rude, they leapt forward on gangly hazel limbs. Giving the medicine cat a shy smile as they slipped past them, holding in an eager breath while stalking through the passage. When the shaded clearing came into view it burst out in a surprised 'oh!'

"Hey- this is cool!" Dimly they accepted the comment was likely redundant, but the wirey feline couldn't help but share their enthusiasm. Taking a lap around the narrow-leafed walls, Reed let their milk-cropped tail rap against the edges. The dense foliage kept out some of the camp's bustle and the smooth floor made for a cosy resting spot. Quietly, they were glad Beesong had his own little haven. Reed thought being medicine cat must be tough.

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Similar to Reed, the call for attention was met with curiousity and he also found himself waiting to see if it had been specifically for anyone in particular before rising to his paws to follow after the much smaller chocolate tom. If Beesong had sounded alarmed or worried he would have moved more swiftly, but the Medicine Cat's tone had been almost delighted-indicating he was no hurt or in danger and more seeking to show some discovery and certainly a discovery it was.
Smokethroat's orange eyes widened briefly as he pushed his head through the reeds into the dimly lit hovel of a opening right in the camp that they had apparently not noticed. "....was this always here?" The camp itself was still being structured and worked on but he had expected it was searched a little more thoroughly than to miss something like this-what other things had they not stumbled across? Now he was curious to go poking his head through every reed and moss-covered clump of sedge to see what else was buried about their new home. Seeing Beesong's enthusiasm he gave a nod of understanding after finally finishing his careful sweep of the spot, "...ah, you think this would be a good place for your...herbs and such?" Couldn't claim he knew anything about medicine or how one went about storing and making them but he would just blindly trust that Beesong knew what he was doing and what he needed to do it. This clearing was also big enough for other cats to rest in, secluded enough it would function to keep the very ill ones away from the more frail kittens and elders as they recovered. Looking at it that way, he understood why the healer might want his own den-it kept him from being bothered tending patients as well.
His tail raised to flick thoughtfully and he turned to Reed with a calm nod before glancing back to Beesong, "Suppose you'll want fresh bedding and your plant collection in here then?"

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Clayfur has only just returned from a short hunt, hardly having time to drop his kill onto the pile before a familiar voice is calling across the camp. For a moment he stiffens, assuming the worst, and then Beesong follows it up with a ”come check this out” and the brown and white tabby lets out a harsh breath through his nose. He spots Reed and Smokethroat both stepping past a curtain of grass and moss, and he follows behind them. He finds himself trying not to trip over his own paws as he steps into the homey den, but he manages to make it without embarrassing himself.

Beesong looks pleased with themself, and as Clay glances around the den he can understand why. It’s really nice, and he wonders how none of his clanmates had noticed it before. But it’s not exactly the big surprise he’d expected while making his way over. "A den?" He questions as he trots closer, hazel eyes landing upon the trio who have gathered around the den. "It's neat, but what's so special about it?" His voice is curious but rather dull, as though it just isn’t clicking in his brain. And truthfully, it’s not. What is the big deal about this den?

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Ash darts around the warriors all responding to Beesong's call, scurries under their legs, her little belly close to the dirt. She tumbles to a halt at Beesong's side. Now that she knows she wasn't a bad kit (and that she's doing a good job! Cicadastar said so!!!!) she's less timid around him. Less afraid she'll mess everything up. And the medicine cat has always been funny and friendly and kind.

"Whoa," the kitten says, looking around the clearing, glass-green eyes wide. "This is so cool. Someone should live here!"

She scampers into the center, taking it in. So many things happen out of camp, so it's nice for something to happen in camp, something exciting with lots of warriors gathering around to talk about it.

Then she catches sight of the little hollow in the sedge, and a squeak slips out of her. Ash bounds toward it, tabby paws catapulting her forward, and then leaps into the hollow, squirming inside. It takes a bit of finangling and twisting and curling around herself, but finally she settles, curled up like a cinnamon roll in the little space, head poking out so she can shout back to the other RiverClabbers.

"LOOK!" she calls. "Beesong, look! It's a little hidey-hole!"

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    - latches onto anyone who shows her affection
    - she's trying her best, i swear
Beesong laughs as his clanmates begin to gather. Some excited, and some curious. He grins at Reed and Ash's enthusiasm, chuckling as the young kit scurries into the hollow and shouts to the others. "A perfect hidey-hole for all of those poisonous herbs," he chimes back, deadly serious despite the lie that his words hold. There's no poison in his stock, but his clanmates didn't need to know that; he's hoping it would deter them from messing with his inventory.

Smokethroat questions if the den was always here, and Beesong hums, rocking on their paws. "Guess so, yeah," they reply with a shrug. Their gaze sweeps over the small clearing once more. It's a wonder how no one had stumbled upon this before now. They're glad to have found it first, though. It's the perfect opportunity.

Smokethroat speaks the medicine cat's mind, and Beesong nods. "Yeah, that's what I've been thinking." Clayfur questions what was so special about it, and the cinnamon tabby freezes with a snort. That wasn't the reaction that he'd been looking for... "It's got plenty of space for nests, and a hidey-hole to store my herbs," he explains with nearly exaggerated patience, a smile quirking his lips as he uses Ash's amusing term for the hollow. "It'll work perfectly for a medicine den."

Smokethroat gives a small start in surprise, lifting his backpaw and then a forepaw as Ash's tiny form bolts between his legs and tumbles into the clearing alongside their Medicine Cat. To say it caught him offguard was an understatement, the tom had given the most undiginfied meow of surprise in response to the little furball's sudden presence and found himself sitting down to sheepishly look off to the side then, tail lashing. He'd be happier once Mudpelt and Icesparkle had their kits so Ash would have friends and be less inclined to give certain warriors heart failure. Shaking his head he glanced back up to watch the kitten wedge herself into one of the many hovels present in the new den area. "Well Ash, since you're here would you like to help with the heavy lifting? We're going to need to clean this up a bit for Beesong and bring in new moss. Maybe you can ask Clayfur to take you to pick some shells to decorate it with."
Was he trying to pawn the kitten watching off onto Clayfur? There was a high possibility yes.

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