GETTING IT DONE // thunderclan patrol

The dawn chorus of birds sounded out above, a beautiful melody that rang out between the branches and bid its goodbyes to the warmer weather. Already the chillier morning air was setting in and left every exhale to swirl visibly in front of Sunnyday's snout. The warrior was feeling the unwanted sting of stiffness in his joints and his thinning fur didn't provide him with much protection against the dropping temperatures. But despite his woes he didn't let it slow him down as he proceeded to lead his patrol along the border they shared with ShadowClan.

"Keep a watchful eye out for any trouble, but stick to our side of the thunderpath. I don't want anyone risking their lives on it, nor do I want ShadowClan provoked." Naturally his thoughts drifted back to the day that Flickerkit had nearly got themselves killed on the thunderpath when they had challenged a ShadowClan patrol. Fortunately Cinderfrost had spared them from disaster on that occasion, but it did nothing to ease his worries. He just hoped that they didn't run into trouble as they worked their way towards WindClan's border, which was still a long way off. Glancing back over his shoulder he aimed to ensure that his warriors and their apprentices were doing alright.

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From the underbrush on the other side of the thunderpath, a pair of sharp yellow eyes peered out at the Thunderclan patrol curiously. Ravenpaw didn't think she had been noticed yet, and that was just the way she liked it. It gave her a deep satisfaction in her own skills. Her gaze drifted over each member of the patrol and she decided, without much deliberation, that her clanmates in Shadowclan were much more impressive than all of them. She had thought as much before ever laying eyes on a one of them, of course. It was nice to have her suspicions confirmed though.

Ravenpaw wondered, idly, if they were going to steal accross the border while they thought no one was watching. She sure hoped so. The idea of catching them in the act sent a thrill of excitement through her.
While Sunnyday is considering Cinderfrost's good deeds, Fogpaw is fantasizing a Thunderclanner's death for what they did to his mother. The fact that this isn't a patrol dragging them here to answer for their crimes is enough of a reason for him to allow his distaste to spread through every cat he spies on the other side of the road this day. Not wanting to give Ravenpaw's position away and not wanting to hide himself anyway, the silent tom comes to stand near the monster's stampede that took Briarstar's life not too long ago. His expression twisted into a scowl and the young tom ignores the rumbling beneath his paws as a shiny monster whizzes by to obscure his vision briefly. Fogpaw's attention stays squarely on the Thunderclanners. He's be hissing, screeching, cursing these cats; anything, if his throat would allow it. But all he can do is watch, as though he thinks if he looks hard enough it could burn a hole through someone.
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( ) As the red tabby followed behind Sunnyday, she couldn't help but feel weary as they padded alongside the Thunderpath. She hadn't been on this side of the territory much, and she kept feeling as though they were being watched. Her pelt prickled slightly, and she stayed on alert. Each time a monster passed by, the warrior would tense. She hadn't seen this many monsters before...Before she had joined, she had rarely seen more than one monster. Flamewhisker slowed her pace, and switched sides with Jaypaw so that she would be closer to the Thunderpath than he was. "Just on the other side of this Thunderpath is Shadowclan's border. What do you smell, Jaypaw? Anything out of the ordinary?" she would ask, wanting to test her new apprentice.


Jaypaw hadn't really specifically asked yet but he's got a feeling already from the way this place is talked about that the cats here might not be so nice. Being a novice, he doesn't even notice Ravenpaw yet but the one standing out in the open with a death glare is enough to make him recoil. Yeah... not nice might be an understatement. He'd be more concerned about them if he weren't trying not to tremble out of his fur at the giant monsters whizzing by them. In the past, he'd only ever seen them out of a window. He had no clue how truly giant and loud they are. Jaypaw's teeth are locked in a permanent wince and his sinuses sound almost stuffy as he answers, "I don't know but it smells horrible!" He can't get past the raging stench of the thunderpath. The odor of the rubber, tar, and spilled oil confuses his senses in a way that he doesn't know how to bypass.

Thunderclan. There are a lot of different emotions that move through her like a raging storm when she thinks about them. But then again she knows it isn't them specifically but a certain individual that once lived in the marshes. Tail swaying back and forth she tries to keep her limp to a minimum, shifting her weight. Her maw parts and she scents two of her own here as well. A niece and her son. Sighing softly she makes her way towards the thunderpath, unease slipping through her at the idea of even being near the thing. The monsters are ruthless and she gently moves to stand close to Fogpaw, gently slipping her tail against his flank. Just a comfort for herself that he is okay and well. Ravenpaw is hiding it seems which is okay and she supposes that pleasantries are in order. "Hello, Thunderclan. I hope everything is going well for you." It is more of a statement than a question. She doubts they are suffering.

Admittedly Sunnyday had been oblivious of the ShadowClanners watching his patrol, especially with them being outside his vision range and with the stench of the thunderpath smothering all other scents. It wasn't until Bonejaw made her presence known with a neutral greeting that he became aware that they weren't alone. The tom slowed to a halt and he turned to peer over at the feline, politely bowing his head. If it had been a warrior greeting them he might have been a little more abrasive, but his view of medicine cats was particularly high, regardless of what clan they hailed from. He respected them a great deal. "Hello... Bonejaw, was it? We are well. I hope things have been better for you as of late?" Anyone with a keen ear would likely pick up on how his greeting was not directed to the entirety of ShadowClan.​

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Flickerfire is not being stealthy. She all but crashes through the undergrowth opposite the ThunderClan patrol, complaining, "Ravenpaw, Fogpaw, get out from under my feet before I stomp you like bugs!" She stomps over to Bonejaw, orange gaze leering at the thin sandy tabby who heads the patrol.

One of the younger ones spits that it smells terrible, and Flickerfire laughs. "That's how you know to stay away from it," she says, her tail flicking. She looks ponderously at the warriors, forgoing the formalities Bonejaw has offered. "ShadowClan is doing well. We recover quickly." She sniffs, about to dismiss the entire affair, when something causes her to hesitate. She asks, attempting nonchalance, "How is Emberstar doing?"

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Her aunt stepped forward to greet the other clan's patrol. Ravenpaw's ear flicked in disappointment. There was not a chance she'd catch those Thunderclanners doing anything illicit now. They wouldn't dare to, with someone as great as Bonejaw staring them down. She considered just leaving, now that her fun was ruined.

Then she got nearly trampled by Flickerfire.

A low hiss shot out of her. What a dung-brain! Not only nearly stepping on her, but calling out her position too. Hardly deserving of the title of warrior. Her mother would have had her demoted for that, Ravenpaw was certain of it. Still, the apprentice stepped out from her hiding spot, there was no point in doing anything else now.

"Hello." She greeted the Thunderclanners, her tone curt and cold. Her tone too was icy. Sharp yellow eyes glared across the border. The clan that hurt her aunt did not deserve the courtesy her elders wasted on them.