Oct 11, 2022
Even among rats the catch was simply just pitiful. The scrawny, near mummified body of a young rat was a prime example of how poorly Hemlocksight was as a warrior. How he ever earned his full name was always going to be a mystery. He dropped the thing on the fresh-kill pile when he believed that no one was looking before opting to take a plump mouse for himself instead. It was selfish, but that was just the sort of feline he could be. On light paws he aimed to dart towards the shadowy part of the hollow in order to feast, clearly making an effort to avoid both social interactions and any potential snaps that might have headed his way.

So I walk alone down the darkest roads

Canarywatch had noticed but, she would not snap at the other, she understood someone when they were trying. She let a soft sigh before quickly following after the tom before standing in front of him, oceanic gaze looking at the other, not with that of disappointment but just a plain look like a peaceful day on a beach. "Hey, if you want any help with learning to hunt maybe I can...?" Canarywatcher remembered when she first started to learn, how much her graceful silent steps have been formed, but of course her mentor had been Fleecefur for sometime and she had been made to learn herself unlike that of many other apprentices who had the luck of a good mentor.

Oh yes, Glowingsoul had noticed when Hemlocksight left a measly rat in the pile only to pick a juicy mouse for himself. A frown of disapproval would form on her maw, tail thumping against the ground in slight irritation but she would remain silent at first. Perhaps this was something to talk to tom about it in private rather than scolding him publically over his selfish action.

The arrival of Canarysoung would finally pull the warrior to her paws, making her way over as well with her burning copper gaze narrowed in an unreadable expression, "I will also help. With Leaf-Bare coming soon, it's best to sharpen one's hunting skills while there is still prey to catch." Her tone was calm, but her words were also clearly pointed.
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╭── ⋅ ⋅ ── ✩ ── ⋅ ⋅ ──╮

Flickerfire looks at her fellow warriors, amusement darkening her lava-colored gaze. She recognizes lazy in lazy, and her desire to boss others around is minimal. With a curl of her lip, she smirks at both Glowingsoul and Canarysight and states, "I don't believe he asked y'all to help him with hunting."

But StarClan, if Hemlocksight thought he'd found an ally in Flickerfire, he'd be incorrect. She laughed in his face. "That thing wouldn't feed a single kit. There's more meat on Pitchstar's bones than that thing." She snorts. "What'd y'do, wait for it to collapse and die between yer paws?"

- ,,

"Uh, it would feed me, uh huh!" came the reply of the small blue and white kit as she trots from the nursery, eyes tired as always with the effort it took just to prance over to the fresh kill pile. As she stands there, its the exhaustion that drags at her bones that causes her to collapse dramatically, rolling on her back. "Hey, mister I don't know your name," shes chipper in the way she says it, a yawn forcing itself out from between her lips. Gosh... What she would do to snuggle with Tornado, but she assumes her sister has better things to do. "Did you really wait for it to die?" Flickerfires guess was an interesting concept, I mean, who had the patience for that? If anything, Snow might have just slumped next to it and died herself waiting for it to die first.
The tom visibly stiffened, a response that had become far too natural to the spindly tom when it came to others. It was unlikely that he would get over it either. The tom kept his gaze lowered at first when Canarywatcher approached and extended the kind offer to assist with his hunting skills. But what was the point? The young tom felt his self-esteem shrivelling, even more so when the others arrived. Yes, he recognised that Canary and Glowingsoul were just trying to be nice, but it still screamed "you're a shit hunter", and that was what his mind was focusing on. He knew he wasn't a hunter, but he was a scavenger.

Slowly he lifted his head so he could pin Flickerfire with an icy glare. "I scavenged it, if you must know. Not all of us have to waste our precious energy running like flighty rabbits after food." He let his gaze linger for a few moments longer before he turned to look over at Snow. "Hemlocksight. And a clever cat lets others do the work whilst they reap the benefits. Once you learn where the owls nest you can find all sorts of things that they've dropped."

Finishing the final few bites of his mouse he then rose to his paws and looked towards the initial pair of she-cats who had addressed him. "You can try teaching me something, or I can show you the best predator dens to sniff around. Up to you."