A lot of us know how these go so, nothing fancy. Just toss me your StarClanner's if they'd like to give Soot a life! Please only throw an oc down if you have true intentions on replying to the ceremony!! (if you end up having to back out just lemme know c: )

Heavily prefer deceased Marsh cats over Pine as they make more sense for her, but I'm for Pine cats giving her lives if absolutely needed and or they have a history with Soot (Marigold)

Any life given is cool with me but I'd super appreciate it if you could put in some thought on what makes sense being given by your character and is this a life that would be given to soot! For example, she probably doesn't need a life that tells her to lead with an iron fist or something as she'll already be doing plenty of that JHBSADJH. ULTIMATELY, I'm not that picky :)

SOOT'S NINE LIFE GIVERS (not truly listed in a strict order save for life 9);
1. Marigold - life of Compassion
2. Lark - life of conviction
3. Elk - life of loyalty
4. Ash - Life of courage
9. Hare Whiskers - life of Wisdom
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Offers Lark for a life of conviction, perhaps? Divine justification for her to stand by her decisions and do what she thinks is best, even when the world seems against her? They WERE a pine cat if that would cause any problems ADLSFKHJ.

edit: wait i should put that here too huh, you can totally count lark as a last resort! since they were a pine cat and all that

Start giving her lives at any point, in any order!
Thanks yall :)