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Sep 24, 2022
) Again he found himself outside. This time by his own choice, and boy it had taken a lot of yowling in order to be granted his freedom. But Totoro was eager to get back to the forest so he could return to SkyClan. Never in his life had he expected to find himself so determined to be in the wilderness with other cats, but here he was. The large feline pushed his way through the bushes as he traced his way back towards SkyClan's camp. Arriving at the hollow, after nearly wrecking the entrance when he squeezed through it, he beamed a broad grin as he looked around at the cats within. "Hey everybody! I'm back! How's everyone doing?" He announced loudly, eager to broaden his introductions to those he hadn't met yet. 'Damn, it feels good to be back.'

"So, are there any of those task things I can help with here? You know, for repaying ya for the food." Totoro wasn't the sort to forget a promise, and he had said that he would do what he could for SkyClan. Not only that but he found himself gaining a weird rush when he thought he was being helpful.​
A voice he was unfamiliar with would fill the air, causing him to veer off his original course. Thankfully, the yelling had led him to camp. He would never admit it, but the tom had been considering the fact that he'd been lost. Churro had left earlier than he had that morning, leaving him struggling to find his way to the camp. “Are you one of these daylight warrior things too?” Making himself comfortable beside the rather large feline, he'd give him a questioning glance as he waited for a reply. Unwilling to jump the gun too early with followup questions, he would instead elect to watch the clan cats come and go, doing whatever it was they did on a daily basis.

It was true that Churro had left earlier, she finds herself waking up every single morning at practically the crack of dawn to shuffle to the camp and announce her presence with a loud chirp. Its her day to day basis and to be quite fair, even though she loves her big brother, she sometimes forgets with the excitement of rushing to see her friends in Skyclan.

Theres a loud excitement in the air followed by her brothers voice and so she eagerly bounces over with a fluffy tail swishing back and forth. "Hola, guys-" Churros eyes slightly widen in surprise as her eyes land upon a bigger cat. Geez- metaphorical eyebrows scrunch together as she stifles a gasp of shock. "Hola, hermano! Amigo!" she'd come to sit besides both of them. "I haven't caught your name, i'm Churrodream!" eagerly she awaits his response to Flan's question, because if he was a daylight warrior like them then perhaps they could all walk together to camp one day!
) "Hm? Oh, why yes, I am." Totoro turned his head so he could actually see Flan past his fluff, addressing him directly with a friendly smile. Though before he could say anything further his attention promptly shifted to that of Churro when she came over to join them. Though some of the words that she spoke had him more than a little stumped. Was it another language or just gibberish? He'd have to ask at some point. At least he understood the introduction. "I'm Totoro! It's a pleasure to meet you both."
( ) the broad, smoky figure of huckleberry could be seen by the fresh-kill pile scooping up a rather plump squirrel from the top of the pile, amber eyes sweeping across the clearing before a conversation reached his ears causing him to turn his attention to the trio which almost made him do a double-take. good lord, that was the roundest cat he's ever seen grace the grounds of skyclan!

a little mesmerized, the warrior couldn't help but make his way towards the group and catching the tail-end of their introductions. huckleberry would settle down in the open space, placing the rodent at his paws so he could speak without having fur in his mouth.

"howdy fellas, hope ya don't mind if ah join ya over here. ah saw a few unfamilar faces and thought ah'd put a name to 'em. ah'm huckleberry!" the dark tom would chirp out, brushing his tail to his side.
( i hear the wandering streams and the song of the birds )