GLITTER IN MY EYE // tallulah

"Look!" A hushed whisper sounds from the girl's lips, a translucent claw points to the ground. She allows a wave of excitement to give a minor shake of her body as she looks to Tallulahwing, desiring to see a smile at Figpaw's finding. Embed into the mud was the tiniest little pawprint... Figpaw wasn't certain what it belonged to... she tries to think about the feet of the prey she has eaten.

"Is it from a squirrel?" The marmalade girl asks, "Is it recent?" How could you tell? Her little pink noses twitces as she sniffs, trying to catch some type of scent... But so many filled her nose, how could you focus on just one?!

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She has to hide her smile from Figpaw as she whispers, "Look!" The little orange she-cat has stilled, her claws unsheathed and pointing to a single pawprint, star-shaped in the mud beneath the pines.

"A squirrel," Tallulahwing confirms, sitting beside her apprentice. Their excursion has been casual, but she does want Figpaw to get to know how to track prey. "Look, see the little finger shapes it's left? Next time you eat a squirrel, look at its paws. That's how it holds its nuts and seeds and stuff." She chuckles.

"Is it recent?" Tallulahwing tastes the air. There's a fresh squirrel scent, alright, but the torbie's expression remains carefully neutral. "You tell me, Little Miss. Is it?" She holds a paw up before Figpaw can protest. "Remember what I told you before. Block them other silly little scents out. You've eaten squirrel, you know what it smells like, tastes like. Is there one here now?" She avoids looking at the branches arcing over them. "And if there is... where is it?"