glory days / kitten time

Jun 8, 2022

╰☆☆ She's been feeling down ever since her mishandled excursion into the marsh at Azalea's heels. The way the other femme had snapped at her, condescended to her, had caused her to feel smaller than her five moons. Foxy feels as though she's regressed in a matter of days, clinging to Dewdrop's mottled flank like a calico burr. She feels she isn't ready to be on her own after all. Not good enough.

Her only source of comfort in the dark recesses of the swamp her family calls home? Well, her family, of course. Amber eyes search the camp of cats milling about. Small paws itch with impatience, the desire to pounce and play and be the child she still is at heart.

And why not? Dewdrop will teach her to hunt properly soon, or Crow will. She reasons that with all of the skirmishes breaking out with that other kittypet group, her parents are simply too busy for such a thing.

Until then, she can just be a kit, can't she?

A spark of mischief lights inside of her chest, reflecting in wide golden eyes. She spots a small, familiar shape a few mouse-tails away. Foxy wriggles her rump, ginger tail waving like a banner behind her. "Gotcha!" Paws fly from the squishy earth as she attempts to collide with the nearest kit.

// not limited to only kits but this is a thread for the youngsters to play around in and get to interact a bit :) anyone is welcome to be the kit she pounced on, family or not!


To think soon she'd have small fuzzballs of her own running around.
Some felines may dream of being a queen one day, but Sootstride had not been one of them. This pregnancy was nothing but a hindrance... not only did it decrease her performance, but it harmed her physical and mental being. Constantly she was feeling sick, feeling sore... often she found herself feeling simply vile. Her walks had turned into waddles... pregnancy was humiliating.

Yet this would be her life for quite a while yet... All there was to do was continue to push through... and when she finally had her kits? She wasn't sure what she'd do. What to do next once they are born was a decision she kept pushing further and further back.

Tired eyes watch the young children of the colony play. Foxy pounces forward in an attempt to tackle a nearby kit, and Soot huffs in minor amusement. Oh to be a child again... with your biggest worry being how to escape nap time...


It's usually Leaping Toad doing all the, well, leaping, around here. So, when Frog's Ribbit feels paws smaller than his brother's against his side, the brown tabby can't help but be taken aback by the action.

His brother was off elsewhere, perhaps creating more trouble, perhaps finding reason for a new level of whatever game came from his mind. They used to be inseparable, but, as the days continued, and as they grew, the matter of their inseparability was left feeling fragile.

It felt like everything was changing. The air around the camp felt more tense. Hushed yet harsh tones delivered words between the adults that occupied his home. More and more mentions of the kittypets on the other side of the forest reached Ribbit's ears. Were the cats that Leaping Toad themed his games around going to attack? Were they going to have to find a new home?

Whatever happened, he knew he'd go wherever Leaping Toad went.

Ribbit's shaken out of his thoughts as he stumbles back at the collision, marshy eyes looking up to find his attacker. Had Ash finally learned to pounce?

Apparently not. His gaze meets amber eyes and calico fur, rather than the yellow-eyed Ash. No, this was Foxy, one of Dewdrop's kits. But, finally! Someone to play with! Someone that would know to pounce back! His mind is taken off the charged atmosphere taking up his home, and he bounds forward in an effort to chase after the younger kit.

"I'll get you!"
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