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Jul 23, 2022

" hey beautiful! " he greets in his most flamboyant flowery voice with a high wave of his curly tendril tail. Eyes squinted with the expanse of his smile. Peachkit was still asleep, so he subconsciously figures there is finally someone to shower with his mother-like attention. He tiptoes the best he can from the mouth of the nursery den as he makes his way toward Frostpaw.

" So- um.. I don’t have an apprentice- uh, obviously… so I’m not sure when you have to train today or anything… but like- " he’s such an air-head, his lashes batting stupidly as he considers his words.

" you wanna hang out? " he offers with a tilt of his head. " chill and- OH, I can make you a flower crown! " his eyes suddenly lit with his youth. He was of course still young, but most warriors would hide it a little better than he. " I’m sorry- I’ve just, been hanging out with the same few cats for three moons… kinda loosing my mind " he hums, swaying a bit on his feet as he stumbles- gravity and balance an act of sin upon the river cat. @FROSTPAW.
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Frostpaw had been relaxing within the shades of the camp despite the cool bite of the air when Dogteeth had approached her, bi-colored eyes lifting up to look at the warrior while a gentle smile appeared on her lips. He had offered to hang out and she nodded lightly towards him. "Yeah! I'm up for it, I have time to spare" she said as she listened to the tom's offer of making a flower crown for her and even apologizing for his own excitement and she shook her head warmly towards him

"There's no need to apologize, I'm happy to do whatever you're up for Dogteeth" she expressed gently to him as she got onto her paw. Besides she had the time to spare anyways before Smokethroat came to collect her, why not spent them having fun and making flower crowns instead of worrying over that of her friend's safety, all it would do was harm instead of good and besides, Dogteeth seemed already eager to hang out so she might as well join the tom on an adventure anyways.

" oh my stars!- bless you, you’re an angel " Dogteeth hums in return. Obviously unable to harness his excitement- it should be sad, a deep loneliness about it.

He leads the way quite subconsciously toward the edge of the island where the river is quite louder in grumble and the pickerelweed grows with a lovely shade of violet. Soon they’d be gone though- with the come of winter follows the death of his favorite season.

" so- SO, how’s your training going? learn any cool moves or tricks?!" he’s not pretending to be interested by any means. He’s invested and if there was anything about blue eyes- they betrayed emotion. He’s nervous, his own daughter would begin training soon and though he had been an apprentice before himself- he wasn’t sure if anything had changed over the ten moons since.

He weaves through the underbrush and the rattling stems of the reeds as he sifts through the softer petaled flowers- colors like red and white would accent nicely on grey fur. " Smokethroat is your mentor huh? he seems kinda scary…" he opens up with mention of the lead warrior, smile never leaving his maw.

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Frostpaw beamed up at him while her curled ears flicked in a warm gratitude before following close after the warrior, happy to of been invited out to a little get together, it would be nice to get to know Dogteeth. Gently her bi-color eyes examined the beautiful flowers that laid in bloom, knowing their lives were short lived now due to the soon to come leaf-bare, this would be their resting place under a blanket of snow. A sad thought but soon enough they will return once again when newleaf was upon her.

Bi-color gaze looking up at Dogteeth as he asked her about her training and she smiled lightly "It is going quite well actually, and I have learned lots! Smokethroat is a good mentor" she expressed warmly, perhaps he asked out of worry for his little one? Peachkit, she was about her age if she remembered correctly or...Ashpaw's age, yet old enough to start her training, despite this though Dogteeth had been pushing it back out of worry, which she does not blame him, even she wanted to tell Cicadastar not to allow Spiderfall's kits to become apprentices soon due to her own worries seeing the dangers that their land beheld but...sooner or later they have to learn and they will know how to keep themselves safe, she hoped at least.

"Yeah! He is, and he's pretty cool once you get to know him better, intimidating at first but a real softie" she chuckled lightly in her own amusement. Smokethroat might seem intimidating at first but he was a good guy, and she wondered if others thought the same as her? She hummed a bit while keeping a warm smile on her maw "are you asking because of little Peackit?" Frostpaw would inquire out of her own curiousity.

" oh that’s so good to hear… I know to never judge a cat by their snarl but… you never know " it’s clear what’s out in the world. Not everyone had the best intentions. " Maybe you and I can train together or something!- to sharpen me up when I’m assigned an apprentice" he suggests, casually nipping a stalk of reed with the powerful scissors of his jaw. It pops loudly, and with it out of the way they had a few more floral options.

" I-…. honestly, yes I’m- " his eyes glisten briefly, the threat of emotion blooming and he hurriedly wipes a paw across his nose and returns his smile quite forcefully. " I’m really- so not ready for her to grow up " he admits, " So.. yeah. " he pauses with a subtle nod to himself as he clips a few flower stems with the hook of his claws.

" I know she’s going to get someone other than me. Cicadastar probably knows that’s what’s best for her… I coddle her. I’ll admit it. " he mutters the last bit because he hates the truth.

" You will just look stunning with this yellow and white! " he chirps and lifts a paw wrapped around the claws with tiny clusters of white and larger bolder petals of yellow next to her ears to see the gray accented with it. " WOAH- girl I just realized you had two different eye colors " he pauses, eyes rounded as they flick back and forth from blue and green. " that’s so cool " he tuts and turns back to the weave of flowers. " will you do me a favor hun?… will you look after her?… in case any of the other apprentices are mean. " his tone is fragile again.

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