Soft words and Gentle paws
Jun 14, 2022

Chamomile had been spending most of her days alone as of late, but that time had not been wasted. The cream tabby had been determined to better herself during her time alone, and the improvement had been quite noticeable. With much practice and stubbornness, Chamomilewater found that she was actually quite gifted at fishing and swimming, almost as if the universe had taken pity on her and her clumsiness on land and granted her gracefulness in the waters of her home as compensation.

Today, the warrior was trotting back to camp looking as proud of herself as ever, for between her jaws were three decently sized fish. Her whiskers were still dripping crystal clear water from her catches but her verdant gaze was beaming with a new sense of purpose. She would make Riverclan proud after all!

Being careful not to trip, Cham would slip into camp and purr warmly as a few NPCs blinked in surprise at her haul. She would trot over to the pile and lay down her catches before taking a seat near the prey and went to work grooming her pelt, there was promise in her yet it would seem.


Otter is not exactly fond of river fishing, its still scary to go a little too far in to the water, risk his life for a catch. He shudders at the thought of how he joined riverclan, floundering in the river like a kitten, so when Chamomile makes her way in to camp, the sunbathing warrior perks his ears forwards. He hasn't seen her around recently, and to return with such big fish? What a feat!

She holds three fish from her jaws and Otter stares in shock (and slight jealousy, though he'd never admit it) as she places them down in to the prey pile. He gets up on to his paws, shaking out his pelt and makes his way over. Chamomile, shes like a friend! "Thats impressive!" he'd meow out, tail swishing back and forth as he stops besides her, trying his best to make small talk. He was.. not good at this. "Was the river cold today..?" he'd cringe at how awkward he sounded, shame burning the tips of his ears.

Truly he has never seen so many fish come in at once. He has only managed to come in with small fish, tiny things that can only feed one cat at a time and though he has been working on it it's tough going. His slender frame isn't the strongest but at least he has been working on strengthening his legs here and there so he can pull them out of the water if he ever gets the courage to try. His wide umber colored orbs are locked on the three good sized fish and he makes his way over with a light dip of his head to Chamomilewater and to Otterpop as well. His maw parts as if he is about to say something and then he snaps them closed again, thinking, turning his head away so that they don't have to look at the gruesomeness of his face. "I agree, that is a very impressive amount to bring back. Um, I'm glad you had a good hunt." He can't help but chuckle nervously before he settles back on his haunches. Honestly he is still in awe at how many there are. Perhaps he should try this out for himself.


"Perhaps you could show me some skills like that someday" Frostpaw said, being the next to approach, finding a place to stand near Otterpop and Smogbreath giving the two other warriors a flick of welcome with her ear before fixating her attention back on the normally clumsy warrior who sat there proudly showing off their three freshly caught fish. Man hopefully one day she too could impress the others with such feat, but for now she still needed to work on her skills with hunting and swimming as she was not the most agile cat in water as she was on land and she cursed Starclan for giving her such short legs.

"Like the other says, impressive hunt, hopefully Smokethroat wouldn't mind you wisking me away for some hunting lessons one of these days" her whisker twitched with gentle musing as her gaze drifted down back to the three fish wondering if maybe they should bring some to those who were still healing in the medicine den as she was sure they would appreciate such a gift. Frostpaw's tail twitched as she heard Otterpop's next question and chuckled softly, she would not be surprised if the river was cold but normally you forget the chill it creates when you've been out on it long enough.

He's not normally one for praise tossed carelessly. Smokethroat is a quiet who thrives on his own silent accomplishments and does not need to hear a compliment to feel any sense of worth, but there were cats who did and that was fine. Chamomilewaters was a clumsy she-cat often tripping over her own paws at times and he worried faintly she was going to get herself into some kind of trouble with her bumbling about. Today, however, she looks confident.
There is a proud arch of her back, sure-footed paws carrying her along to the freshkill pile with her prize; three decently sized fish.
"Nice catch." The dark tom's head nods politely, it's all he really says on the matter outside a roll of his shoulder's to Otterpop's question. The river was always cold.

"Do take her if you care to, StarClan knows I could use the break." A paw is raised and he gives the silver apprentice a light flick of the ear to her comment. Between her and Iciclepaw he felt like a harried parent constantly scolding, continually demanding attention. They had gotten significantly better with it but maintaining lesson priority with them was a struggle at times. Kits these days. He notes Smogbreath's curious stare as well and continues on, "Perhaps take the entire clan one day to show technique, I knew a few who might benefit from a good fishing lesson."
It was almost a little silly how many RiverClanners did not like swimming and were poor fishers, truly ironic. But it was not his duty to judge, his job was only to guide-eventually they would figure it out. Or when they got to StarClan just avoid any shimmering pools.