GOOD LUCK, BABE! &. may 12th meeting

they sat on top of clanrock for a while now. they haven't said a word, or even gestured to wanting to. not yet. they watch the hustle of clan, each clanmate doing something. some doing less but doing something nonetheless. their ears flicked back and forth as they closed their eyes, claws gently scrapping against the rock before they huffed quietly. they stood up, shaking their pelt out and stretching their limbs before clearing their throat rather loudly.

"shadowclan, gather around, please! it is time for another meeting."

their nose twitched before they blinked a few times before they speak up.

"first we will start with mentor reassignments. there is a lot of you that... need new mentors. your mentors either retiring, or too hurt, or just a need of change. do not fret on why. just know this is the best decision for all of you. lividpaw, laurelpaw, snowpaw, opposumpaw, thornpaw, flintpaw, singepaw, poppypaw. all of you will be getting new mentors this meeting. know that the reason is not because of you. lividpaw, you will be mentored now by jaggedpath. laurelpaw, ferndance is your new mentor. snowpaw, and opposumpaw, mirepurr will mentor the both of you. thornpaw, and flintpaw, you'll be mentored by forestshade. singepaw, you will be mentored by smogmaw. and yes, you and bloodpaw can now leave camp. don't make me regret it. and poppypaw, you will be mentored by fleabounce. my decisions are final unless something else happens."

they flick their tail rather dismissively.

"before I get to the warrior ceremonies, I need to speak about the predators and old threats having returned. it seems that there is... still quite some predators around. just keep safe. I do not want a single cat leaving this camp without at least two others accompanying them. it's dangerous, and I do not want to lose any of you, hear?"

they gritted their teeth, as their lip pulled back with disgust.

"it appears granitepelt and those still loyal to sootstar have been spotted nearby borders, recruiting cats to join their wretched cause. listen now, and listen close. if any of you even entertain the idea of going with that traitorous murderer who has done nothing but hurt and harm our clan, including your own medicine cat despite proclaiming to love her, I will gut you myself. I will literally put your insides on display for the stars to see, and do it with a damned smile. if you see granitepelt and his gaggle of weaklings at his helm, kill them. got it? good."

their tail lashed angrily, before ot all fizzled from beneath them, and the coldness returned to their gaze.

"now. screechpaw. briarpaw...."

they take a moment of silence. it was to be fore sweetpaw. they were supposed to get their warrior name, too. with a shake of their head, they continue.

"ripple. all three of you, step forward. briarpaw, and screechpaw. I've watched the both of you grow. from the time you were first born, to now. you... there has been a terrible loss. I know that sweetpaw is proud of the both of you for making it. and so am i. it's not easy to lose anyone, but especially not kin. either way, you must go on. life goes on, even when it's... hard. that's why today, I am giving you the chance to get your warrior names."

they address, before turning to look at ripple.

"you. you wear a name of a loner. it's not suitable. you've proven yourself useful enough to be named a warrior. so. all of you, do you promise to uphold the warrior code to the best of your abilities? to be loyal and to out shadowclan first? to be greater than those before you?"

they pause for the answers.

"very well. briarpaw, you will now be named briarthorn. you are skilled with your claws, and though you are reserved, you are focused. screechpaw, from now on you will be named screechstorm. your persistence and perseverance are like that of a raging storm. I'm proud of the both of you. ripple. your new name will be ripplestream. steady like soft running water. it is the type of warrior I know you will be."

they nod their heads to the new warriors.

"tonight, you will hold vigil and guard the camp together. if that's everything, you are all dismissed."

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  • black feline with a white marking across their face, a white chin, a white right front paw, and blue eyes. chilledstar is covered in scars, the most prominent ones being the one across their face, and the one across their neck.
    46 moons old; ages the 3rd every month
    they / them pronouns
    aromantic / homosexual ; currently not looking / looking
    child of JAGGED and RAVEN
    shadowclan ; loyal to shadowclan ; other info if applicable
    mildly difficult to befriend ; trusts barely anyone; trusts no one outside of shadowclan
    "speech", thoughts, attacking
    peaceful powerplay allowed
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[ ༻❄༺ ] Another meeting was called, and there seemed to be a lot this time. Apprentice and Mentor reassignments happening, and although they were upset that they could no longer be with Scorchedmoon they were intrigued by their new mentor. Mirepurr was kind, similar to how Scorchedmoon had been kind so perhaps it was an easy shift from one to another. Though unfortunately he'd have to share a mentor with another, it wasn't Swallowpaw this time and at least Opposumpaw was someone he didn't mind too much either.

Yellow eyes looked for the chocolate and white tom through the crowd before spotting Mirepurr and approaching to touch their nose. "I promise I won't be difficult, and I hope to learn a lot from you" he stated softly before shifting to allow Opossumpaw to greet his new mentor as well before going back to his spot.

There was the mention of Granitepelt and Snowpaw could only remember the battered form of the grey tom who had betrayed his home, of Smogmaw thrashing him about, while the clan moved like an eager pack of dogs to chase him and his sibling out. It was a chilling sight to still think of and one that Snowpaw wished not to think of even if he had peeked through the nursery's enterance just to see, he still not wish to see their friends father in such a terrifying light when Smogmaw was a likable cat, strange yet likable.

Next, were warrior ceremonies and he would admit to the names chosing befitting of each and a smile softly danced on his lips. "Briarthorn, Screechstorm, Ripplestream!" he chanted alongside his peers, making it known that he was proud to hear his two former denmates finally achieving their warrior names, even if there was a deep sadness to knowing Sweetpaw, Nettlepaw nor Comfreypaw would ever achieve theirs.

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swallowpaw 07 moons polygender any pronouns shadowclan apprentice

Swallowpaw, admittedly, takes no small amount of pleasure in hearing Snowpaw be reassigned.... only to share his mentor yet again. They giggle to themselves, even if their enthusiasm is slightly dampened by the lack of complaints from the tom. Oh - so it had just been them Snowpaw had taken exception too, even though before they'd been paired she'd never even done anything to the other apprentice. Frown crosses their fac fora moment, a flare of hurt leaving them uncomfortable before they push it down. It's not their fault Snowpaw has bad taste in cats - and besides, maybe now Swallowpaw can try making other friends instead. The rest of the meeting is rather uneventful, though he takes notice of his brothers reassignment and flashes him a smile when he's called. Brairpaw and Screechpaw are made warriors, and while they're relieved to have more space opening in the already crowded den, there's not much thought given to their new names of Screechstorm and Briarthorn. Still, she calls them out with the rest, humming absently at Chilledtsars dismissal.

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Chilledstar calls a meeting. They don't seem to be in the mood for it, though. Orchid drags herself forth as if guided by a force unbeknownst to her, blue eyes dull as ears swivel backwards. First, reassignments, something Orchid doesn't exactly bother to listen to. They don't get an apprentice this meeting and they find themselves taking a breath of relief. Granitepelt news is next, Orchid is zoning out. And then Briarpaw and Screechpaw are called forth for their warrior names.

Oh. Oh.

Their throat suddenly feels dry. You're going to be a warrior soon, aren't you? Are you- uh- nervous? They hear his voice ringing so clearly in their ears that they nearly forget he's dead. They feel dread begin to settle in the pits of their stomach. Isn't everyone, she had responded. Would he have been? Would he have been just as nervous as he was, standing before Chilledstar? Stars, he should be besides his siblings. He should be there, standing with a bushy tail, bright eyes, he should be getting his warrior name. He should be there, but instead he's buried beneath the earth, and he's dead. He's dead forever and theres nothing Orchidbloom could do to change that, but maybe, maybe if she had been there-

They almost don't want to stick around to hear the rest of the meeting. They feel sick enough, their chest heaving, trying to keep their breathing from devolving in to hysterics.

Briarthorn, Briarpaw is renamed to. Screechstorm, Screechpaw is renamed to. They barely notice it at first until they make a quiet sob, but they're crying. It begins as a trickle until its full-blown tears, rolling down their face so heavily that its all they can focus on. Names are chanted. Someone else bears a warrior name but they can't hear it. They don't remember. They can't remember who it was and they feel so sorry for the poor soul who was missed in their grief. She'll make it up later... Or whatever. She swears she will.

They whisper their names. Not a full chant, they can't muster up a full chant- but they try, they try their hardest anyways despite the way their voice cracks. As soon as Chilledstar dismisses them, Orchid disappears back in to the warrior den.

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➼➼ This is the first time Stryker has been present for an actual ShadowClan meeting, and at first he isn’t sure whether he’s supposed to be getting up and going over there to listen to the leader. He hasn’t been given many instructions for this whole clan-training thing, except that the threat of death is constantly hanging over him. But even though he’s not a ShadowClanner, he is ferociously curious about what goes on during a clan meeting. So the tom takes a place beside the first cat he spots and listens intently to what Chilledstar has to say.

The leader first announces that some of the clan’s apprentices need new mentors. Their pairings are stated swiftly and without room for complaint, and then they move on with the meeting. They warn the clan of the recent predator activity around the territory, and set a rule: no one is to leave camp without at least two others accompanying them. It makes sense, especially after a patrol was attacked by a fox. Stryker can’t imagine having to fight off a creature so much larger than himself; he’d probably look much worse than Chilledstar themself. He nods his understanding as the leader moves on to announce the clan’s newest warriors.

Briarthorn and Screechstorm are Forestshade’s kits, and for that reason alone Stryker feels that he should be happy for them. Ripplestream is more like himself, a new joiner who hasn’t been in ShadowClan for their entire life. Stryker blinks dumbly for a few moments, looking across the newly-named warriors. Should he congratulate them? Would it be strange, especially since Briarthorn specifically doesn’t seem to like him? He sits silently, conflicted, until ShadowClan cats around him begin to cheer for their clanmates. "Briarthorn! Screechstorm! Ripplestream!" He doesn’t know any of them, but still Stryker believes their accomplishments should be celebrated by everyone in the clan, including himself.

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.·:*¨༺🕷༻¨*:·. Briarpaw knew this was coming, even with her half-moon cooped up in the medicine den, she had still ensured her success on the warrior assessment- well, the best she could have. Admittedly, the shadowy molly hadn’t been as prepared as she would have liked, but the she-cat was able to make due, and now today was the day.
Next to Screechpaw, Briarpaw sits with a posture of stone, poised and ready to sweep to her paws at the drop of a toad. There were other matters to deal with first, naturally, and Briarpaw listens the best she could. First, the apprentice and mentor shuffle taking the apprentice by slight surprise- the news of Granitepelt lurking with a gang of bandits and rogues at his heel, however? Predictable. A cat like him could never be alone, he would be maddened by his own thoughts. Chilledstars warning is graphic, but at least it got the point across.
Now. Screechpaw, Briarpaw… teeth sink into the inner flesh of her cheek, there was supposed to be another name next to hers- she knows, the shift in the air tells her that the whole clan knows. Despite the wrench thrown into the eldest sisters gut, the rise to her paws is effortless, gait languid as ever as she steps forward to level with the cerulean gaze of her leader.
Briarpaw’s expression is unflinching as Chilledstar speaks, armored with her best efforts at stoicism, for she knows if there’s even a crack, it could prompts tears to spill down sharp cheekbones. Instead, she gives her leader a short but grateful nod, only speaking to address her vows.
"I do."
With that, she is Briarthorn, a name she could have only dreamed for. Elation swells in the new warriors chest cavity, but she only looks to the newly named Screechstorm- an equally fitting name for various reasons. Tonight, they will hold vigil in silence, with nothing but the creatures of the night to accompany them. As they were dismissed, Briarthorn would give Screechstorm a bump of her shoulder, offer a small twist of her lip. We did it.

  • BRIARTHORN she/her, warrior of shadowclan, 12 moons.
    slender, lean-muscled black she-cat with sharp hazel eyes & large ears.
    daughter of Forestshade && Vulturemask ࿏ sister to Screechpaw && Sweetpaw
    peaceful and healing powerplay permitted / / underline and tag when attacking
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*+:。.。 Duckshimmer felt not a little uncomfortable by how often her eyes were drawn to Chilledstar. Ever since her failure of an apology and subsequent horrifying conversation, Duckshimmer found herself never quite able to stop searching for Chilledstar wherever they may be. It was...rather humiliating, to say the least, whenever she caught herself doing it. She felt all like an unwanted caretaker - a stalker with good intentions - as useless in practice as it was to explain the validity behind putting those two words in the same sentence. After all, what use it to look out for Chilledstar when the feline was determined to stay comfortable in their position of apathy? Chilledstar and Duckshimmer were not family, they were hardly friends, so anything Duckshimemr could think to say to them would have absolutely no weight to it. Yet, their words that night never stopped spinning in her head. After hearing them, seeing the look in their was Duckshimmer supposed to just - ignore it?

So the woman would watch Chilledstar, pretending all the while to be focused grooming her fur until it sparkled, and wallowed in her frustrations. She was about to consider calling Starlingheart to get Chilledstar to come down from the rock, nervous with how long they just stood up there, when the ebony feline finally spoke out.

She lets out a sigh, before stretching languidly and approaching with the rest of the gathered cats, playing the part of being interrupted from her habits rather than giving away the fact that she'd been waiting and watching the whole time.

First on the docket were reassignments. She perks her ears up when her son's name is dropped, flicking her ear as she knows she'll be hearing her boy's protests soon enough about the change. He'd been quite fond of Pipitclaw, after all.

She frowns lightly when Chilledstar mentions keeping company with at least two other cats in case of another predator attack. Smart, not that that had stopped Chilledstar from acting a fool with their frog...She sighs, banishing the useless irritation.

Then, finally, some passion enters her leader. She blinks up as she watches Chilledstar grind their teeth and lash their tail, snarling with absolute fury at those gathered. A smirk dances on her maw, agreement fierce in her spirit. She still regretted not being the one to take Siltcloud's life with her own two paws, so the approval to do so with any of Granitepelt's cronies was a promise for a good time. Though she did briefly cast her glance towards Starlingheart, hoping the medicine cat was alright hearing the verdict. She didn't doubt the healer's loyalty but earned nonetheless the strain upon her heart.

Finally, some properly good news.
Though she feels more joyful over Screechpaw and Briarpaw's promotion than she does for Ripple - still seeing the tom, relation to Chilledstar aside, as a trespassing loner with an allowance to visit and visit alone. She wondered if the tom was truly loyal to the clan or only for as long as they had an abundance of food to offer. A very rare abundance of food.

Her tail lashes with a new wave of emotion when Chilledstar speaks on Sweetpaw's passing. A part of her wishes Chilledstar would still give the lost scrap his own warrior name, even if he wasn't here now to accept it, but she supposed she was just hoping for an excuse to linger in denial. Instead, she mulls over Chilledstar's words. Life goes on...She thinks then about Chilledstar's grief with Geckoscreech, Starlingheart's many losses...about her momentary taste of it when her boy had been returned bloodied and limp. She lifts her gaze, then, to the sky above and wonders what life would be like if she lost any of her children. She'd worked so hard to ensure her independence - ensure her heart's safety. Yet those little worms had burrowed themselves past her barriers and, well, she couldn't imagine a life without her nuisances tugging on her tail.

When she drops her gaze, Chilledstar has already moved past Ripple's ceremony rights. She sits up straighter as they continue to speak the children's new names. Briarthorn and Screechstorm, are very fitting new titles for the youths. With that, the meeting comes to an end, and the cats gathered around begin to howl their praises.

Duckshimmer happily joins in, shouting as loud as the rest, "Screechstorm! Briarthorn! Screechstorm! Briarthorn! " As an afterthought, she adds in "Ripplestream" with a little less enthusiasm, before resuming her chants for the true shadowclanners among them.

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    DFAB— She/Her — Bisexual
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    Mother to Singepaw, Swallowpaw and Sneezepaw
    Shadowclan — Warrior

    Physically hard | mentally hard
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    injuries: None currently

Mirepurr seldom felt the need to compare themself to their Clanmates: warriors with apprentices, to be more specific. Their own tumultuous time as a 'paw had always made them think they will need to grow older before Chilledstar would ever think of bestowing one of ShadowClan's young to them; not because there are any doubts about Mirepurr's discipline, but rather to ensure all that remains in the past.

That is precisely why Mirepurr merely glances in Scalejaw's direction when Flintpaw is amongst Chilledstar's list. Reassignments. The word alone manages to make their heart quicken, even though it is as normal and part of Clan life as anything else.

And that is precisely why Mirepurr all but jumps when their name grazes their leader's mouth.

Not one apprentice- but two?!

Snowpaw is already on his way by the time feeling grows back into Mirepurr's legs. Neither he or Opossumpaw are bad company, so there is little reason to fret over such a thing. "And I hope to teach you all that I know."

Energy clings to their skin, makes them wish they could jump out of it. There's triumph in there, yes; the knowledge that they are trusted enough to handle two apprentices at once. That sort of responsibility weighs heavy though, but they are no stranger to it. Nobody would be let down by this decision, not if Mirepurr can help it- and they'll surely try their hardest to do this right.

Chilledstar warns them of predators - those of the more traditional kind, like badger and fox, but also one that comes from their own ranks. The warnings do not fall on deaf ears, but with such good news lifting Mirepurr's spirits, they rather focus on the warrior ceremonies, gets themself ready to call out the trio of names.

"Briarthorn! Screechstorm! Ripplestream!"

As he has done innumerable times before, across countless meetings over countless moons, the deputy receives his leader's summons and plods towards Clanrock. The tom seems to be doing his best impression of a corpse on his approach—no idle ear twitches, flicks to his tail, or indecipherable grumblings from his mouth. He's stone-still. Locked in. Every modicum of his focus pinpointed onto the snow-streaked feline who looms above all else.

This ongoing dilemma involving frogs and such has gone well beyond what he could consider his comfort zone. As time stretches, so too does the challenge of understanding the situation. With a small internal sneer, Smogmaw ponders what exact factors had provoked the swelling prey populations in the first place. Last he heard on the matter, though, the amphibious parasites were on the downturn. Such, he gawps up at Chilledstar, expectancy reflected in his eyes, and braces for an update.

Apprentice and mentor pairings take precedence on the agenda, it seems, and he is all but ready to tune out the ensuing monotony when he catches the sheer number of young cats gaining new mentors. There's eight altogether, and the fact is sufficient enough to rupture his self-imposed stasis. A frown finds root where flat lips once resided. It finds an even deeper groove as his own name is mentioned.

Unwilling amber eyes scour for Singepaw amidst his clanmates, and as they come to a screeching halt on his auburnt tufts, maximum self-restraint is exerted to suppress a grimace. Youngsters must outnumber warriors two-to-one, seeing how commonplace doubling up on apprentices has become. Very well, then. Swallowing bile-like resentment, he glances skyward and steels his nerves before returning his focus to his leader, teeth still grinding.

The coming news brings him back to a more reserved state of being. Although they were spared from an explicit mention, knowing that there wasn't a sudden resurgence in frogs takes some weight off his spine. Predators yet loitered in the territory, awaiting an opportune moment in which to attack. Not as alleviating to hear, but no more foreboding than recent patrol reports have illustrated. The same goes for the statement about Granitepelt and his depraved band; regurgitated information paraphrased from previous warnings made elsewhere. Hearing it doesn't merit an active response on his end - barring a quick grin, which was a result from the mental image of Chilledstar's threat.

Lastly is the matter of warrior ceremonies. Briarpaw and Screechpaw ascend to premier status in the clan, both receiving new names and the reasons behind them. Ripple is treated in kind, too, yet Smogmaw will know them as Chilledstar's sibling first and foremost before any rank. "Briarthorn! Screechstorm!" he yawps in tandem with his clanmates, only mouthing the former loner's name. He need not stress his vocal cords on one so outside his own peerage.



Having an outsider in the clan makes her uneasy. Though, she supposes she’s a bit of an outsider herself huh? There are a lot of moments where Halfpaw doesn’t feel quite right, small moments of self-doubt laced with the ever-pounding question of do I belong here or did her clanmates see her as differently as she saw herself? The dilemma swirls in her mind as she takes a seat among them, curling her tail close to her body as she looks up with an impatient gaze. Meetings were always such a pain. They were dreadfully boring and more often than not does she find herself wishing she had been put on patrol so that she didn’t have to attend.

She is mid yawn when Chilledstar says something that finally catches her attention. Granitepelt was seen on their borders. Her claws unsheathe and her lips curl in a snarl at the memory of the slate-furred tom, of what he had done to her and her brother, to Starlingheart. Who was to say he wasn’t responsible for his own son’s death too? Especially if he was hanging around still. "I’ll kill him myself if I ever see him" she growls softly to the nearest cat to her. Never mind that she still wasnt fully trained. Her anger would fuel her enough, she’s certain.

She watches with a new apprehension as Briarpaw, Screechpaw and Chilledstars sibling are called up. In turn, they are each asked to recite the vow that every warrior must before being named and then, in turn, they are each given their new names. "Briarthorn! Screechstorm! Ripplestream!" she calls out with the rest of her clanmates, hesitating for only a mere moment before joining the call for the last of them.


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    Easy in battle + still learning how to fight
Chilledstar's call pulls the youth from her meager meal. Wrapping up its contents, she discards the bones and hustles to the gathering crowd. Finding the familiar patchwork of her sister's pelt, she settles next to her. Head upturned to listen as the leader carries on. A part of her is perturbed by so much change, but another part is relieved to feel less burdensome. At least Bonerattle can take time to rest now. The blonde moggy hoped he would feel better soon. Maybe they'll let me go back when he recovers? It was hopeful thinking, and quickly those thoughts quieted as the fated announcement came.

Surprise lit her muzzle as she was assigned to Forestshade. Two apprentices? Such an event wasn't unheard of but she was impressed to know her mentor was capable of so many duties. Guess I'll just always have somebody to train with? Sure, they had been able to spend time alongside siblings and friends, but it seemed she would have to open up a little more. Thornpaw already began to feel a bit shy about such an idea. I haven't spent much time with them, but I'm sure it'll be fine. The soothing sentiment is all but dampened by a quick glance.

Bi-colored eyes sought out the Lead Warrior in question. She pulled herself through the crowd to meet the older cat, offering up a dull bark-colored nose out of respect and stepping aside so her fellow apprentice could partake. Thornpaw wasn't sure of what to say so she chose to stay quiet. It seemed a tremendous number of reassignments were being dished out one by one. Through the end of reassignments, she returned to her siblings. Falling back in line, her mind fluttered away from earlier worries and into darker concerns.

A chill ran down the tabby's back at mention of the crow food that had taken her siblings. Chest rumbling to life in a low growl at the side of Halfpaw, she cast her sister an apprehensive look, catching her venomous murmurings. I'll end him before he ever has a chance to gets near you. Thornpaw's pelt bristled in uneven patches, and the molly gritted her pearly whites. Damn him. Knowing the snake was going around recruiting cats couldn't mean anything good.

The last round of announcements sounded more uplifting. A welcome distraction from the gut-wrenching reality that Granitepelt was still alive and well. Dutifully, she called out the new warriors' names. "Briarthorn! Screechstorm! Ripplestream!" Soon enough, she would be stepping up to take her own name. Only a pawful of moons away now.
There is a grey cloud hanging above each meeting. Not even for the bestowing of her and her sibling's own warrior names, had it cleared. They were a community. No matter what they thought of eachother, they couldn't live as strangers. News traveled. When things happened: the entire clan knew, but Chilledstar's word made such things official in a way nothing else could. The reality of every little thing that's happened comes together into one. Just how many deaths? Just how many losses? How many apprentices did not make it to their ceremonies today?

Just one, this time. Briarpaw and Screechpaw stand before Tallrock. The gap between them was obvious.

The mentor situation is neither so small, nor so clear - cut. Applejaw does not pay it too much mind, save for the mention of her father's newest apprentice, Singepaw. That one would be fun, she's sure... Soon, rather than saddle the likes of Mirepurr with two new apprentices, Applejaw would be eligable for mentoring herself. Just how would that go? ...Naturally, she tells herself she would be one of the best mentor's of any cat here.

There's something else, between that everything else. For one, Applejaw is further denied the freedom she so desperately craved. Not one chaperone, but two ought to be on any patrol, and then...


Applejaw snaps to attention at once. It's unnecessary, all that CHilledstar says afterward. Threats lain out that even the dumbest of ShadowClanners would not take them up on. An excess of breath is wasted on things that do matter. Do not join him. What should be said, and is not elaberated upon, is what they would do about him. If you see Granitepelt and his gaggle of weaklings at his helm, kill them.

She is not fool enough to speak above her leader. To pipe up even when the her father is silent, but not in a whisper, does she utter. " If we see him...? " With confused eyes, " We... We should hunt for him. " Even though she thinks, with despair, if she were to meet him again, she could not find it in herself to be as furious as the task of killing demanded her to be.

Her lack of cheer is no fault of Briarthorn or Screechstorm. Rather, it is Granitepelt's, as a lot of things were.

Just like every moon Laurelpaw comes out to sit among all the other cats. Looking up at ShadowClan's leader and keeping an ear half listening for anything important.

This meeting he actually has enough to listen for that he has his full attention on the words his leader says. First his own name is called, a mentor reassessment. He is fine with this, his past mentor hadn't connected much and although he was doing just fine with training he certainly wasn't doing anything grand. He went through the steps and bumped noses with Ferndance. His only pause came when he remembered that Ferndance is Bonepaw's mother. Hopfully the other apprentice came into his personality on his own and it was from taking in the steps of Laurelpaw's new mentor.

Then the darkness had to creep in. Granitepelt's name hung like fog in the air, the sense of agitation was palpable among the herd of cats. Laurelpaw despised the cat just like the rest of the clan, which was odd. He had been directly effected by the bi-colour cat and yet he held more anger at what he did to Starlingheart and his own kit than anything else. He heard Halfpaw's hiss of revenge and couldn't help but agree. He understood the concept Chilledstar had put forth, if he dared to mess with ShadowClan he would receive their might.

Then Applejaw speaks just loud enough. He didn't often talk with his older sister, he couldn't really say where she stood on much of anything. But, he never would have thought she would actively ask for blood, but honestly, he didn't mind it. Granitepelt plagued the clan even now, maybe it would be better to weed him out by force than wait for a misplay on his part. Laurelpaw was adverse to risk, he feared death, and yet for once this didn't seem like it would be all that risky. You could hunt a cat like a mouse, couldn't you?

The warriors are named and his voice joins the rest "Brairthorn! Screechstorm! Ripplestream!" but his mind was truly elsewhere. As the meeting quieted for just a minute he couldn't help but whisper to Applejaw "Do you really think we could hunt him?"

Forestshade lacks much of the spirited and fiery energy she often brings with her to these meetings. Instead, her expression is dull as she sits off to the side by herself, fluffy tail wrapped loosely over her paws. With ears perked and eyes half-lidded, she listens as Chilledstar begins the meeting. Her attention is snagged when her own name is called, and she jerks her head up in surprise. Two apprentices have been reassigned to her? That's right - with Sweetpaw gone, I guess I'm apprentice-free again. Bitterly, she rises to her paws and walks to the front of the crowd on stiff limbs.

These will be the first apprentices she has not trained from kithood. Perhaps in better times she'd be more eager for the challenge. Instead, a pessimistic mind whispers, Let's hope your first mentors didn't mess you up for me. They won't be as obedient as Orchidbloom. They won't be as eager as Sweetpaw. Do they even have hunting talent? She fears finding out. She first touches her nose to the daughter of the deputy, wondering briefly how he feels about the pairing. Don't worry your tail in a knot, Smogmaw. I'll make her into a huntress you'll be proud of, She wants to snidely comment to him. Next, the son of Starlingheart and...Granitepelt. She inwardly promises to do her friend good with this one, but the mention of her new apprentice's father on the border makes her pelt prickle. She doesn't speak to either of them and lets them move back into the crowd, and she herself goes to take her seat again.

And then comes a moment she's long looked forward to. Her two remaining kits are called before the clan and she instinctively straightens her back, ears pressing forward with focus. Just as Chilledstar had done for her seasons ago, they grant each of her children a name. Briarthorn and Screechstorm. The pride radiates from her like the sun's beams. Her daughter now bears a name that perfectly matches the protectiveness she has always held for her brothers, guarding them like a thorn guards its stem. Her son's name invokes all of the energy and recklessness and strength he has always been filled to the brim with.

She wonders then what Sweetpaw's name would have been if they stood here among his siblings. Would they have been named for his kindness? His sharp nose? More than anything, she wishes she could know. "Briarthorn! Screechstorm!" She chants, but the smile has fallen from her face. "Ripplestream!"