Jul 12, 2022

The molly had awoken early that morning, and wasted no time in starting her day. A quick grooming and nice stretch would be all that she needed before heading off onto the moors in search of any prey she could find. Ivoryflight was hopeful that she would be able to at the very least bring home a small bird, as she knew the guilt that would fill her should she be unlucky. It was her job after all, to be able to provide for the clan. While she was a warrior without an apprentice, she merely saw it as an opportunity for improvement, and to show that one day Sootstar could trust her with an apprentice.

Within a matter of hours, Ivoryflight would be seen returning into camp with a blackbird in her jaws. At only mid-morning, she knew that most of the clan members would be waking by this point, if not already moving about. Taking a moment to search through the thickening crowd, she’d nod to herself, pleased that she had selected the lucky cat. It appeared that they had yet to eat, and she cheerfully made her way over; a skip in her step as she walked. “Good morning! Here, you can have this! It’s nice and warm for you!” Setting the bird at their paws, she would step back, waiting to see their (hopefully) pleased reaction.


The young sepia point tom had his own agenda today, paws stretching out before him from his nest in the medicine cat den; it was a lot less crowded here than with the other apprentices even with Honeytwist's kits being all over the place but sometimes he missed the chaos of rousing in the morning surrounded by other tired youth preparing for their outings with their mentors. His short time with Grackledive was one he looked on fondly and even though he was still learning to fight and hunt by tagging along with the other apprentices going out it just wasn't quite the same. Still, he had a new duty to the clan and that was fulfilling in its own way. It was a lot to learn, a lot of plants and a lot of names all blurring together. If Owlpaw wasn't so keen on snubbing him he might ask her with help remembering because she had a far stronger memory than he did and learned faster. It would've been nice having a friend to talk what he was learning through with; maybe one day she'd lighten up a little.
He was just deciding which of the medicine cat's to-do list he would be focusing on today when another cat approached and promptly dropped a bird near his outstretched paws. Dandelionpaw blinked both mismatched eyes in sleepy alarm before looking up with a smile, "Oh! Thank ya kindly, was jus' thinkin' 'bout grabbin' some grub before I ambled on out!" He raised a hindpaw to scratch behind his ear lazily before properly examining the she-cat before him. What a pretty molly, he didn't think they'd spoken before though he had certainly seen her around.
"Ivoryflight right? Real nice of ye, been up early then?"


You’re welcome!” Nodding, Ivoryflight would sit beside him, happy that he seemed to want to have casual conversation with herself. “Yep! That’s me! You’re Dandelionpaw right? I should know this, I just struggle with names sometimes. I know I’ve seen you around since I joined awhile ago though!” Hopefully, her rambling wouldn’t be a bother to the younger apprentice. He seemed kind enough, and it wouldn’t take long for Ivoryflight to label him as a friend. She saw little reason in not allowing anyone who was kind to her to be a friend. Otherwise, how would anyone make friends? “Early indeed! I have a difficult time falling asleep once I’ve woken up, so I saw no reason in not getting a head start on things. I don’t have an apprentice yet so it gives me extra time to work on my skills.” She wasn’t entirely sure what all Dandelionpaw’s day consisted of, but made a mental note to ask him about it once he gave her a response to the question he already asked.


There was nothing like a gulping breath of morning air, gasped in like you were drowning- too see other early risers never failed to energise Mallowlark. His mother had always been an early riser, and thus the large white tom had always found the most beauty in dawn- yellow to blue, like an iris flower! He'd seen Ivoryflight trot out of camp that morning, clearly intent on some sort of task- and it must only have been a few hours later that she returned, and as he groomed himself Mallowlark's unblinking grey gaze followed her owlishly, resting only when she did too. A blackbird, recently dead by the smell of it, was offered to Dandelionpaw- the kid probably needed it, busying his brain with all that medicine cat knowledge. He had no idea how you could cram so many herb uses into your skull.

Skipping over, flaunting his too-wide grin as always, the tom stopped only when he sat right beside Ivoryflight, casting her a gleeful glance- or, at least, it was intended to be gleeful. "Nice catch!" he chimed, voice the sing-song discordant cheer many in WindClan might have started to get used to by now. Though his compliment was sincere, his intent was not shown well in his eyes. Vision snapping toward Dandelionpaw's meal, he figured the other wouldn't later have use for it... medicine didn't overnight involve bird-organs. "Can I have that when you're done with it?" A phantom terror looming over the tom, his polite and chiming question seemed dissonant with his stance.

A warm purr of greeting would emit from her throat as Mallowlark approached them, not giving a second thought to moving over for him. “Oh thank you!” She’d dip her head, feeling the warmth in her cheeks at the complement. Curiosity would allow her a moment to gather her thoughts, wondering why the tom would want to keep the carcass after its use. “Whactcha need it for?” Ivoryflight’s tone held no judgement, not even considering the fact that some may find it odd.


"Ye, I'm Dandelionpaw! Ah'm fine with Dandy too, don't matter much to me!" Names were names and the paw was just a recent addition to his existing one so he didn't see it as much of a requirement.
He has taken a bite of the blackbird with enthusiasm, having forgotten to eat last night in his hurry to finish his chores and get ready for the next day, the sepia point's tail flicks cheerfully behind him as he crouches by the breakfast, sliding it forward with a gesture offering to share with Ivoryflight since she had caught it afterall and he was not big enough to eat an entire bird on his own just yet; not that he hasn't tried before. That was a dreadful stomachache and he did not fancy repeating it.
"Real good of ye, ah ain't a morning cat m'self. Prefer sleepin' in but no time for that anymore!" His laugh made it clear he wasn't necessarily bothered that his lazy habits were being worked out of him, he liked doing things and moving a little too much for those to have lasted as long as they did to begin with.

Mallowlark's chipper arrival and question had him swallowing his mouthful with a sigh like a tired parent, "Only if ye promise to pick it apart outside o'camp so ye don't go startlin' nobody again. Melonpaw's still upset 'bout last time." He would not begrudge the other his odd little hobbies but it was a bit on the morbid side and while Dandelionpaw was capable of shrugging and shaking his head they were plenty of other cats without the nerve to see such things nor desire to.
Ivoryflight's query to the white tom earned her a single and unhelpful one-worded response from the apprentice, "Art."


I would rather be sleeping too, but it’s just part of our lives now huh?” A simple twitch of her whiskers would match her amused tone, laughing softly at his comment. Wouldn’t we all enjoy sleeping in every day? We aren’t like Shadowclan though, sleeping during the day and living their lives at night. Ivory’s head would soon fall to the side, curious as to what had happened prior to this interaction. Obviously this wasn’t Mallow’s first time requesting something like this, leaving her to wonder why Melonpaw had been so upset. Her jaws would form a small “oh” expression at Dandy’s explanation of Mallow using the corpse as art. While odd, it wasn’t her place to say anything further about the matter. They all had their own quirks that made them who they were after all.


Mallowlark couldn't imagine having to change a sleep schedule for a role... poor Dandelionpaw! Though, his voice stayed bouncy and lilted as ever, the impression given that he was rather unbothered by the whole thing. He supposed it was interesting, getting to learn all of Honeytwist's secrets... even if it meant you had to stink of herbs all the time. Good things came at prices sometimes, he supposed!

Grin adamant on staying, he dipped his head at her thanks, but allowed Dandelionpaw to rather quickly answer her enquiry. Art- well, he we close enough! Sometimes it was art, sometimes it was fun... it was just important not to waste them. Never before had he been offered conditions, though... oh well. If that was what it took! "Sure, I'll do it by that big rock," he said, invitation open if anyone intended on joining him. Attention snapping over to Ivoryflight in a movement as swift as a claw strike, he leant over to clarify. "It's not always art!"