pafp GOOD OMENS — jumping in leaves

The turning of the seasons means that the leaves from the summer trees have begun to fall, gaining color from red to brown to yellow. And with the change on the weather comes stronger wind, forming the freshly fallen leaves into a carpet across the ground—as well as tall piles in side places.

He turns to flick an ear at the chocolate tom beside him, tipping his head in the direction of the piles. "Smog, look!" He points to a piled-up bank of dry leaves and takes off without a second thought. Clay glances back only briefly to see whether the other tom is following, but continues his charge toward the leaves.

At the last second he positions his legs underneath his body and springs into the piled-up leaves, landing with a loud, dry rustle. Brown fur disappears into the leaves for a few moments, and then he pokes his head back out with a toothy grin. "Don’t just stand there, c’mon! It’ll be fun, I promise," he calls, grinning at the other tom. The leaf on his head slides down to cover up an eye, and he lifts a white paw to swipe it away.


The turn of the season, the shifting of color from green to multihues of reds and oranges. He remembers a time when he used to love leaffall. But that's when it happened and he can remember it so vividly right now. He is half there as he walks with Clayfur, thinking, watching, looking around. It makes him jolt as the other suddenly calls his name. Electricity zipping along his spine as his limbs lock for the threat that is surely coming. He sees the other tom take off and he too starts to follow with wide open eyes till he realizes what is truly going on. He is such a fool. Huffing softly he makes his way closer, trying to relax his bristling fur as he watches his clanmate dive into the leaves. There is always that caution in him and he frowns a little even as the cheerful invite is thrown his way. It makes his paws dance upon the ground with hesitance but he sees how happy the other looks.

He wants that too.

So he moves forward, trying not to think. Trying to keep focus on the jump that will land him inside those piles of leaves. Yet something pulls across his mind. There could be a snake in there. It makes his eyes widen and suddenly he is trying to put on breaks. Yet that isn't a good thing when he is running at full speeds. "Wahhh!!" His legs fumble and he ends up going head over tail into the pile of leaves. With only his legs sticking out of the pile he blinks at his covered vision before wiggling to try and surface. He gasps and quickly shifts to be near Clayfur as he glances about before a soft chuckle leaves his muzzle. "You were right. It is fun." As long as his heart doesn't pound out of his chest.
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Frostpaw had been out on a patrol when she had spotted bpth Clayfur and Smogbreath's heads sticking out of some leaves, which in truth was an amusing sight to see and a gentle smile danced one her maw as she made her way towards the two, curious to know what they were doing at the current moment her curled ears perked forward, Smogbreath having a more smaller smile displayed than that of Clayfur and she hummed in curiousity.

With leaf-fall upon them the leaves have all but begin to die out, readying themselves for the blankets of snow and she hummed wondering what the two were up to. They seemed to be having fun so with a shrug she decided to ask, wanting in on the fun as well "Hey what are you two doing?" she piped in curiousity while she smiled at them, she wanted in on the fun too

They had been laying down beside the river bank, wanting to do some fishing to strengthen their shoulder as it was hurting them as it healed. A black paw though lazily drifted in the water as it was covered with a thin coat of ice, or frost more like, and it had been broken where their paw drifted along. Raccoonpaws' orange eyes stared at the water solemnly, seeming to contemplate more then actually fishing. The last few weeks had been absolute hell. Having been staying in Beesongs' den, bombarding him with questions of course cause what else would they do? And sitting around as their sides healed and the skin on their shoulder closed over, though they didn't think the white fur would grow back.

The only good thing about the situation was Frostpaw. They had enjoyed sharing a nest with her, waking up to her and her worrying over them even if it could be annoying sometimes. She cared and they appreciated that a lot. Then they heard Clayfurs' voice up the bank and they perked up their ears with curiousity. What was he planning? Raccoonpaw got up onto their paws to make their way slowly in that direction, minding their shoulder, and this grin played across their lips.

"Leaf pile!" They crowed loudly, practically yowling, and rushed for the leaf pile to jump in besdide Smogbreath. A loud laugh left the older apprentice and they rolled around in the leaves for a moment before sitting up. Their favorite fall activity; jumping in piles of leaves!