camp HARE-Y SITUATION // bad & unfunny pun

Well, turns out the hawks have sent their prey into hiding. Annoying beasts from the sky... Sootstar wished she knew how to take one down, then they could get rid of their problem while continuing to feast. They'd provide even more meat than the rabbits did... Only StarClan had warned them of these hawks for a reason, they were not presented in the same way the plump rabbits had. This was no blessing for WindClan, and certainly no blessing for the cats who had been attacked mere days ago.

Morale has grown awfully low around the clan. Cats were more quiet, displeased and unhappy, and patrols were always bristly and fearful. They could hardly concentrate when they felt the need to keep their eyes on the sky at all times or risk their life. The blue smoke cannot wonder if this was truly a mere invasion, or if this was StarClan's way of warning them of something fouler and sinister.

All she can do for now is keep her guard up, do her best to keep her clan safe, and pray StarClan feeds her medicine cats more signs.

Today she led her own patrol that came to no fruition. They found a rabbit but one of the apprentices hunting missed it, anyone else and she would've gotten her fur in a bristle. Yet she remains her cool, takes a few deep breaths and keeps her fur down. As they enter camp, expecting faces look to them with hope, yet their hungry eyes find no rabbit. She watches as frowns tug on their faces and sighs escape their maws.

It was a heavy, gnawing feeling, letting her clan down. Perhaps that terrible, gut-wrenching feeling it what drives her to say what she says next.
"Guess you could say we had a bad hareday." It's the stupidest thing, she can't help but allow her lips to rise and a fairly hardy chuckle to escape. Anything


He had been pickings for those hawks, but lesser than the others- to think him, with ribs ripped bare, had been one of the lucky ones! Lunch had been promised with the flight of a hunting patrol, but upon their return they came empty pawed. A shame, really, but how cruel he would be to drop his smile then and snuff the spirits that were already weakened from a pitiful hunt. So his grin stayed statuesque, stained upon his face in eternal permanence, peering eyes examining the shuffling hunting patrol. To their conversation his ears were angled- and it was due to this vigilance that he caught the WindClan leader's jest.

It was not funny. It was a bad joke, borne of a pun without a shocking twist, and yet- laughter bubbled freely from him, running away like the hares that had slipped through their paws. It was not funny, yet it was hilarious- mainly in concept, that Sootstar wanted to tell a joke. Cackles crackled through his throat, cracked the cobwebs at his ribs, bellowing guffaws breaking the clouds like- like a hawk! That sent him spiralling further, collapsing from where he already lay, head hitting the ground in his hysteria. Maybe it was funny!
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Aw.... No rabbits..But that was okay. He could make due. He lay on his side in the clearing, soaking in the sun as his brain flatlined trying to remember what he was doing before.

Sootstar made a joke. It was cheesy. And yet.

He found himself giggling like a hyena. Mallowlarks laughter made it worse, as if it was a contagious disease, Wormtail began laughing harder.

It was not that funny. And yet he couldn't stop.
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Weaselclaw has never know his lover, his leader, to tell outright jokes. She's got a sense of humor, but it's closer to his, witty and sharp and sometimes just mean. It's one of the first things that drew her to him, the thing that had snagged his interest beyond her feral status, the mud between her toes, her enormously pregnant belly.

The Clan is quiet, sullen, after Duskfire's patrol had been attacked. Honeytwist and Dandelionpaw are doing what they can, but they've only got four paws between them and a limited store of herbs. The failed hunts are just the final crack in the egg -- and when Sootstar cracks a joke, Weaselclaw does not even register what she's saying at first.

Mallowlark, of course, rips into peals of silly laughter. Even Wormtail begins to practically choke on his mirth. But Weaselclaw just lifts a metaphorical eyebrow at Sootstar, concern creasing the bridge of his nose. "Um... are you okay?"

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Everything Stays

Everything had gone downhill so quickly, and Inkylotus found himself more on edge throroghout they day. Also glued to Duskfires' side more often than not as well as he had a large fear of loosing the tom. It was sudden and overwhelming, but he had no time to really sit down and process everything. There also seemed to be a lack in food now and it worried Inkylotus for the queens and kits. Moonshadow still had kittens and they also needed to eat didn't they? He found himself skipping meals as of late and decided to take up a spot by the camp entrance. Paws tucked under his chest and a soft look on his face as he stared into the dirt, trying to think of something that wasn't his downward spiral.

Then the entrance rustled and out came Sootstar with her hunting patrol, no scent of rabbit came from the group and he gave a soft sigh. So that was how it was going to be now? Them fearing the sky for who knows how long? Inkylotus moved to get up, a need to find Duskfire taking over his chest, when something stoppped him in place. Sootstar making a joke. Or well a really good try at one.

Surprise flicked across a slightles face as he didn't think the rather aggressive she-cat had a sense of humor. Though it might be dry humor or something dark, but no it was a pun. Mallowlark was the first to start laughing and there was no real surprise there, and then followed afterwards was Wormtail. Inkylotus padded over to the group and this wobbly smile crossed his maw as he tried to keep a laugh down, "As far I can see, it is indeed a hair-y day," He responded back to Sootstar before snorting very loudly, putting a paw over his nose as he started giggling.
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Peri can only blink, and then blink again. Had sootstar just-? ".... was th-that sup-p-p-pos-ed t-to be a jo-ke?" he stammers out, a look of sheer confusion on his face. It is as though the world has ended - for sootstar, who though nice to him as a kit has always seemed so serious, has just made a joke. A really, really, really bad pun, but a joke nonetheless. The rest of the returning patrol seem to be dying of laughter - is it contagious? - save for weasleclaw, who seems just as bewildered.