have we lost our roots | bone

❝ holding it together with one loose string. ❝
restless. over these stressful few days filled with anguish and flames of tension, geckoscreech had found it diffcult to fall asleep. no matter what position she took it always would feel like there was invisible thorns digging into her skin. deciding there was no point in trying, the rosetted molly would push herself up onto all fours before carefully stepping around the slumbering bodies of clanmates in order to escape out into the clearing.

the camp was encased in familiar darkness, the moon just a sliver of a claw in the sky thay provided some bits of light that made shadowclan feel more serene than it actually was. geckoscreech sucked in a slow breath, the cold air of leaf-fall being welcomed into her lungs. a noise would fall upon her ears causing them to twitch towards the direction it came from while aqua eyes were quick to follow. blending well into the shadows was none other than bonejaw, shadowclan's gifted medicine cat. if one could even call her that anymore.

geckoscreech took a moment to think before finally approaching the other, they may not know eachother well but maybe tonight will change that if bonejaw even decides to partake in a conversation with her. "you look like you need to clear your head. i'm going to take a walk around the territory if you wish to accompany me, it might do you some good."



Sitting here and staring at those forsaken stars she wonders at how different her life would have been if she had not accepted the position given to her. How she might have been instead of thinking she could be more for her clan, more for the colony that took her in and raided her. She didn't have the right. And with each loss and each failing of her moving paws it shows itself more and more. Even more so when she just wanted to go back to how things used to be. But that is something unachievable now. How could they do this to her? Her many wounds sting and she remembers the attack on her by cats that were supposed to be healers. Only because she had finally broken and she wanted out. It's hell she realizes to lose her family and she doesn't want to be the cause of it.

Her tail flicks back and forth as she takes in an even breath, releasing it soon after. Her eyes glimmer in the darkness of camp. The silence of solitude and its never left her. Though a voice pulls her from her thoughts and she looks over to the approaching figure. Nothing makes her move at first. But slowly muscles pull, the ache of moving apparent as she nods almost mechanically. "Sure, I've got nothing else to do." Nothing she really wants to dwell on right now. Moving the white stocking woman makes her way out of camp and she gleans their surroundings. The fire has still left its pain upon their territory but at least they still have some prey around.
❝ holding it together with one loose string. ❝
the swamplands lay in an almost dormant state, any creature of the night had been rendered silent save for a few noisy crickets and the distant cooing of an owl. they were incredibly lucky that the fire that engulfed the sycamore a few weeks ago did not spread far into their territory but the damage it left behind was still devestating, who knows how long it'll be until scorched paths recover to a normal state. the she-cat kept her pace relatively slow as they travesed through the area, there was no hurry to do anything so why not just try to enjoy the crisp air of leaf-fall and pretend everything is alright?

aqua eyes would flick up towards the sky where stars of plenty decorated the space as far as the eye can see, sometimes it felt like if you stared hard enough they'd start to twinkle. to think the clans had formed because of them only to be scorned upon in the later seasons. shadowclan's faith had been fleeting, more and more are turning their backs against the starry-eyed felines who gave them these gifts of nine-lived leaders who were made to lead for generations and designated healers made to take care of the sick and injured.

geckoscreech pushed a soft breath out of her lungs, ivory frame glimmering underneath the shifting moonlight. "is there anything you'd like to talk about, get whatever it is off your chest? i don't mind listening." the words flowed evenly from her tongue, her tone geniune knowing bonejaw has been met with quite a few outraged voices in the past.

it was strange how this reminded the molly of her time with twilightfall and how the other queen had stood in this very position consoling her after practically shuting down when leaping toad died.