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Without so much as a goodnight or dismissal, he watched his cinnamon coated mentor trudge ahead of him straight for the medicine cat den the moment they arrived back to camp. It was late enough not many, if any at all, cats were present for their return and Honeytwist had taken advantage of that to withdraw away as quickly and quietly as she could. His mismatched eyes narrowed at her retreating form, blinking back residual tears from the ordeal before finally drying once more and he felt agonizingly empty as a result of it. His ears were still ringing, he wished tonight had never happened; that he had continued being blissfully unware of the trauma and trials that StarClan so deemed necessary for their medicine cats to walk. Dandelionpaw did not go to join his mentor in the den, sitting down hard on the cold ground and tilting his head back to look directly up. The stars were always there, always present and dazzling and beautiful and the world beneath them was filthy and disgusting and unworthy to bask in their glow; he could understand how a cat could hate them. How a cat could hate anything.

Dandelionpaw felt his throat tighten, he wanted to find his father and burrow into his side like a kitten again; sleep between his brother and sister once more at the barn and listen to the chickens clucking quietly outside. But that kind of whimsical dreaming would get him nowhere. The cold reality of it was that none of these medicine cats had been even remotely prepared or capable for the roles given. None of the leaders had been either. The harsh truth was they were all simple cats thrown into a whirlwind and left to be tossed around mercilessly with only the most minimal guidance. StarClan would only offer aid in cryptic whispers, would never speak to them with anything worth knowing. The ShadowClan leader had been torn apart on the Thunderpath, killed nine consecutive times and yet the night sky remained just as pointed and bright. That Briarstar, a leader who did not insist on blood being spilled for honor, would die; meanwhile WindClan bathed in its own sins. Eye for an eye, eye for an eye, eye for an eye. He would rather the entire world be blind.

The RiverClan medicine cat had stood there. The SkyClan medicine cat had stood there. Hopeless, lost, he found he could only pity them; were they so beaten down they could not even offer any resistance? So afraid they could not even raise a paw in defense of themselves or their fellows. Bonejaw didn't want to be a healer, but why, why would StarClan force a cat who didn't want it into this role? Couldn't they pick another? Unchain her? Free her? He had watched Honeytwist and Cinderfrost try to kill the sleek dark she-cat for even daring to not suffer as they have; for wanting to quit rather than continue struggling under the weight. Cruel. Heartless. His mentor also wanted an eye for an eye, wanted pain as payment for her pain.

The sepia point did not move where he sat, meadow green and golden field eyes cast upward, but he did begin to laugh.

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Leechpaw did not believe in starclan. He hadn't been there when they had fallen from the sky and to be honest at first he thought all of them had gone insane when arriving back from the battlefield talking about how the sky had opened itself and thier fallen clanmates had come flying down from the sky in stars. It had sounded too crazy to be true. Overtime he still believed all of them where bat crazy to trust anything dead cats had to say. They had once been one of them after all and no cat down on this earth was good. It was rare anyway to found a cat that with good qualities but no one was truly a saint. Most of them where just rotten to the core and the idea of this so called starclan to just let anyone in once they died, the idea of all sort of cats existing up there...well, only a complete moron would believe the cats up there had good intentions. That all had. In the first place fighting over if they had right or not...it was just madness. To fight over dead cats. How nobody else could see how stupid that was made him sometimes think he was stuck with a clan of idiots. Why give cats another reason to kill each other for. He was convinced that he would be proven right one day. That starclan would bring nothing but pain and misery to the clans. So he rejected them altogether.

It was quite obivious that something had happend while Honeytwist and Dandelionpaw had been away. The way thier medicine cat stormed through the camp with a straight goal in mind to enter the den without a word, and Dandelionpaw following further behind but not joining them inside with that typical bubbly and cheerful self was...alarming to say the least. Something had clearly happen on the medics journey to the moonstone.

Leechpaw decided to get up on his paws to silently approach the brown sepia not really understanding why he was doing this to begin with. Comforting another cat had never been his strongest side no matter Rosepaw having tried to convince him otherwise. Uuugh. This was so fucking stupid. He wanted to cringe at himself. He was almost there but froze when the medicine cat apprentice actually started to laugh. Okay, now he was hella confused. Was he sad or not?. Leechpaw frowned. " Are you really laughting right now?." he pointed out his thoughts, realising to late he had said that out aloud. Woops. So much for trying to be considerate, huh?. Grimacing he shook his head at himself and seemed to mutter something underneath his breath before he walked the whole way over to seat down beside them. For a long moment he stayed silent as he glanced up at the nighty sky too, remembering how much he had hated to look at the stars once. They where to...bright. He didn't like how they shined up in the sky like that so brightly to shine down on all of them. But then he had meet Rosepaw...and they together had started to watch the stars together and that rosetted idiot had none stop talked about how much he loved the stars. And the way he had shined up so brightly when talking about them...

" I really hate the stars." he muttered under his breath, frowning. He had no idea what else to say really. This was so fucking awkward.


If there was one cat who could be assured to be awake at such a late hour, it was Coldsnap. He hadn't given up his routine of night-training after being promoted and the dark tabby tomcat was often found prowling the territory at the ungodly hours of the night. He had made his return to camp only a few minutes prior and had been finishing up a mouse by the freshkill pile when Honeytwist and Dandelionpaw had come waltzing into camp, and right away he could tell something was off. It wasn't hard to see, after all. Honeytwist didn't bother to hide the tension in her shoulders as she stalked off toward her den almost immediately, leaving a shellshocked Dandelion standing there alone.

From across the camp, yellow eyes trained themselves on the other apprentice almost of their own accord.

There were very few cats in the clan Cold felt anything for. Hyacinth was one of them, his mentor eventually winning something over in him, but his fondness for her was something he could reason with. Hyacinth was a capable, caring cat who'd shown him the patience and tough-love he'd needed, never treating him as an inferior despite their positions. But Dandelionpaw? Cold had no justification for his feelings toward the other. Much like with Rosepaw, they simply existed. He wasn't sure if he could call it something as innocent as friendship when really he didn't spend enough time with anyone to really be called their 'friend', but whatever it was it hated this. It hated watching Dandelion torn by conflict, made it frantic that the other might choose to just leave despite having promised Cold he wouldn't.

Mostly though, it just wanted to sink its teeth into whatever had the medicine cat apprentice looking so torn up.

He was on the verge of convincing himself to go over when another figure suddenly slipped from the shadows, lithe and darker than the shadows that seeped around them. Leechpaw, his mind provided almost at once, and any argument he'd made to go over fell away to ash in his mind. Call him selfish, but Cold didn't enjoy sharing private moments with others, and if Leech had beaten him to it then he could have it.

Ignoring the irritation that set his blood on fire, Coldsnap rose to his feet one more and silently made his way out of camp. Maybe another quick workout before bed would help him displace some of energy crackling through him just then.

And if the sound of broken laughter filling the air behind him ripped into his chest like bear claws, he didn't acknowledge it.

---- coldsnaps out unless he's confronted by someone, just wanted to throw him in here for his character development XD ---

windclan warrior - male - 9 months - a large, dark grey tabby with yellow eyes
periwinklekit | 02 months | demi-boy | he/they | physically easy (pacifist) | mentally easy | attack in bold #ccccff

It's late at night, but once again periwinklekit cannot find rest - gaze heavy and shadows beneath his eyes, he watches as the medicine cat and apprentice storm into camp. He doesn't know what's happened - can't know, for he is naught but a child sheltered from the harsh realities of the world around him and the clan he lives in. He still dreams of peaceful days where nobody fights with claws and teeth and problems can be solved by words alone - of a world without bloodshed. It's naught but a fever dream - the wishful thinking of a tired boy who cannot sleep and yet weariness wears at his very sou, gnawing away at his muscle and bone. Pale gaze follows dandelionpaw - the tom seems sullen, saddened - only to break into hysterics moments later. Peri understands the sentiments - sometimes he's not sure what is dream and what is reality, his own emotions all whirled around and mixed up 'till up is down and down is sideways and nothing makes any sense. Leechpaw is quick to question the other tom though, and so the boy only watches, a pale shadow hovering at the edge of the nursery like a ghost, quiet and weary and lost. Perhaps they all are.


The blue smoke should be in bed, but she couldn't help but sit on her Tall Rock and fixate her gaze to the sky. Unlike the others below she was not looking into Silverpelt, thinking of StarClan, no... Instead she was looking for sinister silhouettes, the sound of rough wing beats, brown striped feathers falling from the sky. There was a lot of bad within Sootstar, but the desire to protect her clan was there.

How could she sleep if one of her warriors- or StarClan forbid, a child was at risk of being carried off tonight?

Honeytwist and Dandelionpaw had re-entered camp from the gorse wall not too long ago. Sootstar has not a clue where they came from and doesn't care at this point in time. She noticed the two had both looked... rough, but hadn't spoken a word on it. Again her focus was on the sky, the threat of winged beasts, her attention was on the safety of all of her clan.

Yet eventually she comes down from her perch and joins her clan-mates nearby Dandelionpaw. I hate the stars, Leechpaw says, and she gives the tom-cat a frown. Why would he say such a thing? "You speak poorly of Silverpelt, StarClan's territory. They've been nothing but good to us." She scolds, but there isn't a drop of anger in her voice. She had merely spoken sternly.

Sootstar looks around, trying to find the cause of Dandelionpaw's laughter, but she finds nothing. Perplexed she meows, "What's so funny?"


( primary character / "speech" / ic opinions )

· SOOTSTAR, female — she / her
╰ ‣ 31 moons . pisces. ages on the first
╰ ‣ windclan leader . marsh-born . believes in starclan
╰ ‣ former soldier of the marsh group

· DOMESTIC FELINE, smells like heather and wet dirt , status — 100%
╰ ‣ blue smoke . scarred chest, difficult to see through fur . green eyes

· ESTJ-A ❝
EXECTUTIVE ❞ , Slytherin, Lawful Evil
╰ ‣ Cunning, brash, fierce, confident, self-reliant, envious & selfish
╰ ‣ finds great difficulty in relating to others . can be cruel, usually shows mercy to those she can find sympathy with

· SOOT CLAW x PEBBLE BREEZE, sister to Pebblenose
╰ ‣ heterosexual. romantically interested in Weaselclaw
╰ ‣ mother to owlpaw & shrikepaw
╰ ‣ average fighter . skilled hunter .
╰ ‣ will start fights . unlikely to flee .
╰ ‣ attack in underline . penned by user @ava.