private HEART OF REMORSE // Bumble

He couldn't stand staying in camp for even one more second. Hearing them gossiping and whispering behind his back it was driving him mad. Leechpaw had keept his mouth shut to take the blame for what had happend in hope to stop it from spreading around camp as well of seeking for some sort of punishment in the heat of the moment. Two things he had wanted but none of them had happend. Everyone was talking about it again just like they had back on the swamps. For weeks they had been whispering about it how he had tricked his littermates out on the thunderpath to seal thier fates. The list could keep on going forever on why they thought he had done it. Had it been out of jealousy, to want his mothers affections for himself?. Had it been a accident or was he truly just rotten to the core?. He hadn't been able to stand listening to any of it anymore that was why he had left to escape from that hell but was up on the surface again. Everyone was talking about it again and so he was back into the same hell he had left.

So he had escaped from it all by sneaking out from camp to hide himself on the moors. There was no real destination for his strolling, just to get some fresh air to clean his already miserable mind. He was still upset that Sootstar hadn't punished him more harshly for tearing off Rowanpaw's ear. In that very moment he had wanted her to struck him and that feeling was still remaining even now. He couldn't stand that no one had brought him into justice for what had happend to Bumblekit....paw, how everyone just ignored it all together. It pissed him of.

Suddenly his thoughts got interupted by some noises in the grass. On full swing the dark pelted apprentice would swift his position around with fur bristling at no end, his pupils small and threatening. " Who is there!?!, show your face right now or i will claw your fur of!." he snapt first thinking it might be a rogue or loner who had trepassed on thier land. If so he was more then ready to sink his claws into them thirsting for one, or it could be one of Rosepaw's brothers again. If so he was ready for them and this time he would do more then tear one of thier ears of!. Maybe then Sootstar would actually give him a punishment he would be satisfied by.


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bumblepaw was upset. with the dog that attacked him, the warriors that ignored his pleas, with leechpaw for being in the way, and himself for leaping. but ultimately, even if he was running on nothing bur adrenaline, he couldn't blame anyone but himself. even if deep down parts of him blamed leechpaw, he wasn't going to let any of those feeling surface. not any time soon, at least. as bumblepaw crouched down in the tall grass, his torn ear flicked back while he waited for the perfect opportunity to pounce on his prey. his nose twitched, and when the chance came he was quick to dig his sharp claws into the rabbit, teeth snapping the neck with swiftness. he barely has time to offer starclan ( who he doesn't even believe deserves it ), his smallest thanks for the prey, before his fur spiked up in fear. with a squeal, he leaped out of the grass, dropping the rabbit and putting his paws up in surrender.

"i-it's just me! leechpaw, it's only me!"

he swallowed back his fears, with a whimper before shaking out his fur. why was leechpaw so on edge? he'd heard about the fight and felt bad he didn't have the energy to be there... he doubted leechpaw wanted him around anyways. and bumblepaw had no intentions of rushing to get hurt again. leechpaw could handle himself, anyways. that much he knew.

"are you okay? i didn't mean to scare- I mean fright- I mean sneak up on you! I'm sorry!"

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Out of all cats why did it had to be him. Leechpaw wasn't ready to face them not here, not right now. His face grow pale and the anger had had felt just a second ago was gone with the wind. Now instead he felt this overwhelming shame and guilt. Didn't made it any better that he just had scared them. If it had been anybody else he wouldn't have cared in this very moment but..." B-Bum, uhm, i..." It was unusual for him to struggle with his words unless he was in a emotional dilemma with himself. Fuck, he hadn't even said thier name properly. Putting on a distressed frown as his fur lay itself flat on his back again, body relaxing slightly from a such threatning stand although he was vinsibly tensed. " Bumble...paw i...if i had known it was you..." What was he even trying to say right now?. He was backtracking on his apology that was for sure. Biting down on his tongue he avoided to look at them by staring down at his paws. " Sorry if i...scared you..." he mumbled awkwardly, ears falling back as a sign of his discomfort. Leechpaw clearly had no clue on how to properly face Bumblepaw right now. He couldn't even get himself to look at his face... That scarred face.

Are you okay?.

Leechpaw tensed up. Funny that no one had really asked him that if he was fine. He had no idea how to answer a such overused word since he rarely got confronted with it. Perhaps others didn't dare because they assumed already how he would respond to a such question. But that was all it come down to. Assumptions. In the first place it was weird that Bumblepaw asked him that, shouldn't it be the other way around?.
" Don't apologize to me you dummy. " he muttered before thinking and froze at his own words. " Uh, i didn't mean to say that..." he stumbled over his words again, making a even bigger fool out of himself. In frustration at himself gave a quick lash of his tail putting up a snarl-like grimace. Why was it so hard to talk all of the suddenly for?!.

" It dosen't matter how i'm feeling right now. You shouldn't...concern yourself with it..." he swollowed tightly, his expression turning almost unbearable painful. Bumblepaw should stay away from him if anything. Leechpaw wouldn't blame them if they hated him....he would - he did. If they started to yell at him right here and right now he would take it. He deserved it...