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Oct 5, 2022

Leaf fall brings a certain chill to the air, one that the long-haired woman thrived in. Prowling the marsh with the wind biting in past your fur, isn't it invigorating? Todays chill was colder than before and Fallenmoon wants to say she doesn't mind, but she smells the distant future of starvation for the clan in the air, the way the winds scent changes come fall. She hisses as a gust whips past her, throwing the trail that she had been stalking off. That doesn't matter to her besides a slight frustration, Fallenmoon is determined to catch this damn bird.

Theres a slight chirp to her right as wings begin to beat upwards and another hiss of frustration leaves her mouth, dammit! She swore it had been right in front of her! Legs lunge forth as she unsheathes her claws, scaling the tree and leaping with outstretched paws towards the fluttering thing. Almost... there...!

She grabs it, midair, but the lack of support under her paws causes her to plummet to the earth, landing against the marshland with a thump, spreading the infamous mud everywhere on her pelt. Shes fighting between the pain of landing on her shoulder and the bird currently held in her paws- she reaches for the kill and finally it draws limp, she struggles to get up and...

All that for a stupid fledgling? She groans in embarrassment, pain and shame. Aw, man... Reluctantly, she picks up her catch and begins to walk back, favoring her front right leg.
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Tornado is sitting by an assortment of different creatures all lumped into a pile. Warriors and apprentices alike grumbled and eyeballed the withering collection of food, their expressions weary for what winter will bring. But to Tornado this is the most food she has seen all clumped together at one time. Mama and papa only brought back one thing at a time whenever they could catch something and once they did they all shared it. But this? This was unlike anything she'd seen before. Movement captures her analyzing gaze as she glances in the direction of the camp entrance, spotting a long haired feline carrying more food. However that is not all she noticed, the molly's side was plastered with thick mud and she walked with a heavy limp. A frown painted itself across her masculine features before opting to call out to her. "What happened to you?" Tornadokit inquires.
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Her nose twitches as she picks up the scent of mud. Smells the scent of nird accomoanying it. Something they don't often see around here but it's all something not to take for granted. Flicking her tail she emeges from the warriors den, arching and stretching. With a pause she watches as Fallen comes into camp with the prey in hand. Limping. Tilting her head a little she steps forth with mild curiosity though she doesn't get there first. A kit does. And if she remembers correctly it is Tornadokit. One of the many mouths they have to feed. With a flick of the tip of her tail she too wonders this, looking at the way mud is plastered to her pelt. What a mess.

"Yes, I'm wondering the same thing. You look like you got into a fight with a badger." Something none of them want to experience she is sure.

A kit is the first to remark on her limp, of the mud plastered across her side and immediately her face twists in to a strained smile, half embarrassment, half pride. At least she caught something, right? She drops the fledgling at her paws, the exhaustion and pain finally hitting her as if she was mushed under it. She sags forwards but does not bend, a sharp inhale as she collects herself and bounces back.

"I caught you guys something! Gave me quite a bit of fight," eyes trail on Bonejaw and she giggles, raising a paw to scrub at the drying mud. "I came out triumphant!" she does not admit shes in a lot of pain, no, Fallen is a strong kitty, she doesn't need any help nor anyone to worry about her. Thats just not her style. "It's gonna take so long to get this out of my fur though! Unless..." she whines playfully, pupils widening as she crouches to the ground.

She leaps, straight for Bonejaw, a large smile. She attempts to rub against her, hopefully splattering some mud on her. "Raaaaaghh, the mud monster is gonna get you next!" she spins on her heels with a gritted hiss, heading straight for Tornado, trying to trap the little kit with a playful giggle.
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Flickerfire giggles at the cat who stumbles into camp, mud plastered across their pelt as though they'd bathed in bogwater. Fallenmoon shows the tiniest, scrawniest baby bird Flickerfire has ever seen and declares that she's the mud monster.

"I think your brain turned into mud, too," she giggles, ducking as stray flecks of partially dried mud fling her way. "I don't think we gotta cure for it, either!"

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The young laperm listens as Fallen shows both Bonejaw and herself the prize she'd caught during her hunt. What she did not expect was the sudden playful explosiveness the molly demonstrated with the former medicine cat. Citrine hues watch with an aloof expression as the warrior chases after Bonejaw in an attempt to get her dirty. But those same eyes grew wide when Fallen whipped around to trap her against her boggy pelt. Tornado's ears fell flat, not wanting to get any of the goopy muck all over her. Ebon paws moved quick as she dipped underneath the muddied warrior, just barely missing a splatter of mud that would have otherwise coated her young frame. "No thanks." She calls out, loping out of the way and over to the sidelines. She didn't like the idea of having to groom something like that out of her curls and then consequently, her mouth.
When I let it bother me, that's my problem