Promise me it's gonna be alright
Sep 20, 2022
Was he crazy for staying up the whole night through and then opting to accompany the morning patrol straight after? Yes, which was probably why the morning patrol had snuck out without him in order to bring an end to his madness. It was for the best of course for the sake of his health, unfortunately being a chronic workaholic had it's disadvantages. With the patrol long gone it meant that Sharpeye was left with nothing to occupy his fidgeting paws, so it wasn't long before the calming embrace of slumber caught up to him and lulled him into a long nap.

Noon rolled in before the raggedy tom awoke with a yawn and a stretch, though he admittedly still looked a little worse for wear. Unfortunately these days his sleeps were less than peaceful when left to the realm of dreams, which tended to invoke feelings of panic and anxiety. He much preferred slumbers that were untouched by thoughts and fantasies, they were just so much more peaceful and restful.

After easing the stiffness from his joints with a couple slow stretches the tom made his way out of the warriors den and off towards the central stump where he would be free to sun himself, if there happened to be space that is. For once he was in luck as his keen sense of sight spied an available spot on the edge. To ensure that he claimed it in time he quickened his pace before making a leap up. Already the wood had been warmed by the rising sun above, much to the relief of his sore muscles. Settled, he then decided to engage the others in some conversation. "So, has there been any further news about the recent happenings? Or reports from the patrols?"

Rough-housing alone with a feather in the grass, Figkit's pretty marmalade pelt was getting stained green with grass. Her contagious giggles sounding across the camp as she bit at her slobber-filled feather, pretending it was a real bird that she was valiantly hunting. Of course... it looked like she was fighting the make-believe bird more than hunting it, with the way her hindlegs kicked eagerly at it.

She stops in her imaginative play when Sharpeye's voice sounds, looking up with her mouth in an "o" shape as she listens and processes the words he speaks. His words are certainly not directed at her, yet she replies anyways.

"Nope!" Figkit obnoxiously says, purposely just trying to be silly. She takes a leap onto the stump behind him and mimics his exact position in a childish manner. The copy-cat game, a classic for children, and a one way ticket to secretly (or blatantly) annoying all the adults around them. How fun!

"Nope!" chirped Daisyflight, mimicking her daughter with an amused grin. After knocking Figkit's ear with a gentle paw, she met Sharpeye's gaze with a chuckle. "All has been well. Thankfully, there has been no trouble with Windclan after the gathering and patrols are finding prey despite the chill winds."

Beginning to groom her two-tone snout with a skilled paw, the molly settled down beside the tree stump. A pointed stare was levelled at the grass-brushed kit, a deliberate pass along her whiskers elucidating her point- clean yourself up. Despite her disapproval, her form was curled in a way that would allow the child to get within reach if needed. Daisyflight wasn't one to let her kits wander around covered in dirt.

"Glad to see you've been able to relax." Words that might have been interpreted as a sly remark were uttered with the utmost sincerity. The tom looked tired. As a cat that wholly enjoyed all the comfort a good rest could bring, Daisyflight was pleased that he had been able to get some sleep. "Mm, a good sun spot too." She would be off on another patrol soon enough, but why not enjoy the morning light before then? It was delicious, a warmth that soaked each barb of her pelt.

"Nope?" Sharpeye raised a brow ridge upwards in a quizzical manner as he looked at Figkit, and then of course towards the deputy who had echoed the youth's response. He naturally saw the funny side to the situation and humoured them with a half-smile and a soft chuckle. "I see then, that is good. The less we hear from WindClan the better." That was one headache they could do without. Though strangely hearing that there was nothing to really report on was making him... agitated.

"Hrm... Yes, it's not often that I can relax, though I must admit I am not used to it. Nor do I enjoy being left behind by patrols." He replied with a sigh, his lower canines pressing sharply against his upper lips in a clearly uncomfortable manner. Aware of Figkit's presence behind him he then opted to swish his tail back and forth, inviting the kit to play and to hone her hunting skills if she so pleased. If it distracted the youngster from grooming then so be it, he didn't practically mind if she was covered in dirt and grass, it wasn't like he was winning any beauty pageants with the state his own fur was in. "So, what's on the day's agenda?" Naturally he wanted to probe Daisyflight for potential work, he didn't want to be sat in the sun all day.


Not often he could relax?. Pfft. They could swap place if he wanted too!. Hawkpaw for sure would have loved it if he just could live his life peacefully and in a not so eventful life. The kittypet life seemed like a luxury of a life. No bickering or fights. Just eating and sleeping all day long. What a blissful life that would have been. Unfortunately Hawkpaw had his reasons for rejecting such a life. Call it for a promise he couldn't go back on. So he was stuck here but eh, it was far from bad here so why complain. " I actually don't think i have ever seen ya take a break before Sharpy, at first i thought it was ya corpse i spoted back there. Got me worried for a sec." he joked, approching with a easy going grin. The two really was the opposite of each other although Hawkpaw was far from being lazy. He did his part in this clan, working just as hard as anybody else but he for sure know when it was time to take breaks and going without stoping would only do harm in the end. You needed to appreciate the small things too. Not everything could be about duties and work. He had a perfect balance between the two. Didn't meant he sometimes ditched his less importand tasks though. But when it really mattered he was always there to count on.

" If ya ever need help relaxing you can always call me up. I know countless of places to just chill around in. Could be good for ya health too." Just look at them, Sharpeye looked ready to pass out any second. He really looked like he could need a long well rested sleep. Why was this old man so stubborn for?. Just look at them go, already trying to be sneaky by asking Daisyflight to give them more work to do. Hawkpaw smirked in amusement. He suppose it was a bit admirable in its own way how serious this warrior was about work to the point of running himself exhausted for it. Wow. He was really happy he wasn't in thier fur. Thier life seemed far to stressful nd exhausting to be honest.



She listened to Hawkpaw's chatter, nose tipped into the cotton of her chest. Slit against the sun, her eyes watched over Sharpeye to gauge his reaction to the apprentice's commentary. Hard work and relaxation were essential in equal parts- to reach your best potential you had to be well rested beforehand. "You should remember that offer, I've no doubt it'll be of value one day." Spoken with a playful hum, her words were signed off with a knowing nod to Hawkpaw.

And then a heavy sigh fell from between her teeth, an acknowledgement of 'today's agenda' propping up her day's responsibilities in the back of her mind. "If you must know, there will be several more hunting patrols set to go out today, the elder's den needs reinforcing... perhaps Dawnglare could be convinced to take a helper in fetching herbs as well?" List unravelling at increasing speed, Daisyflight rattled off the tasks. It was as much a reminder to herself as it was an answer to Sharpeye's query.

"For you however, further rest will be top priority. Eat, sleep, and later in the day, there will be a spot for you" The calico gave him a sly wink. It wasn't yet leafbare- they could afford to let their warriors remain unwearied.

Sharpeye wouldn't deny that he was feeling backed into a corner during that moment. Were they all out to ensure that he actually had a restful day? He was honoured, but it still made him slightly twitchy. What was he meant to do all day? He didn't know what to do with himself, it wasn't like he had any hobbies. "Oh ha ha, Hawkpaw. I don't think I'd ever have the chance to become a corpse, too busy to be one." He jested with a drawn out huff.

Daisyflight's words confirmed things, he wouldn't be able to worm his way into another task until much later... if he was lucky. Right, he'd best resign himself to having a day off. "Alright then. In which case do either of you have any suggestions on what I should do during my time off? Best places to visit for relaxation, hobbies, best places to sit in the sun. I'm all ears."