HELLO MY VIOLET // lavender



Pushing through the long blades of grass, Hyacinthbreath made her way over to a specific patch of grass to drop a rabbit to the ground. It landed in front of short legs, and golden eyes looked up at her soon after. Hyacinthbreath smiled down at the other molly, leaning down to smooth down a stray hair on the top of her head. Lavender was beautiful like this, with the moon rising and the sun barely touching the ground- casting her in a beautiful, iridescent glow.

"Eat. You've been feeding everyone else, but you need to take care of yourself, too." The petite molly spoke calmly, a soothing yet relaxing voice sounding from the confines of her chest. Despite her lackluster expressions, there was an air of worry and affection about the molly. She settled down beside the other soon after, tucking her legs beneath her tiny body.
❥ - she smells like lemongrass and sleep
She opens her mouth to protest almost instinctively - there was nothing wrong about making sure everybody else was fed first! She was the smallest of the clan and required much less than the others, who had been running and exploring and -

Her stomach growled as the scent of rabbit reached her nostrils and hunger overtook her stubbornness. She pulls the catch closer to her and begins gingerly tearing fur from flesh. The fluffy bits are set aside - it was suitable nesting material after all - while she sinks her teeth into the meat of the animal.
A warm, happy feeling rushes over her. It was so nice to be able to enjoy good prey again, good prey devoid of slime or scales or rot. Hyacinth's presence is not unwelcome either, and the smaller she-cat leans into the touch of her lady love, content to share in the last moments of sunset with her.

"I really like it here." Lavender muses, the blood of the rabbit still present on her face. "Feels like home already. We could settle down here... have a life... a family, maybe?" Pale yellow eyes cast a side-long glance to her companion, so full of light and love. "You know... if you'd want that with.... me?"

A gentle smile graced the scarred femme's lips as she leaned forward, tail gently wrapping around Lavender's own- there's a single amused glint in her eye as she hears the molly's stomach growl. A low, rumbling purr echoed in her chest as she watched her beloved violet eat the rabbit; unbothered by the blood that caked her chin and cheek. Instead, she leaned in and began to groom it from her soft fur, muttering soft 'mhm's as Lavender began to talk. She closed her eyes, enamored by the lulling sound of her voice; one she could listen to for eons, she'd decided long ago.

'We could settle down here... have a life... a family, maybe?'

It was subtle, the twitch of her ear as she heard those words- processing them silently for a moment while she continued to clean her beloved's face. The idea of having a family scared Hyacinth; was she worthy enough to be a mother? How would everyone around them react to them being openly together? That they'd have kids of their own?

"Are.. Are you- Ahem.." The molly cleared her throat nervously, eyes shifting across the field of grass for a moment. Her tail pulls Lavender's own closer, before she continues. "Are you.. Sure, Lavender? I'm- I love you, you know? A-And.. Having a family would be absolutely amazing. B-But.. Would it be safe, raising a child here? Can we trust our clanmates?" She asks anxiously, her paw gently placing itself upon her lover's own. "I want to live the rest of my life with you, Lavender. Never doubt that. Of course, I'll be your mate. Just.. The family thing is what worries me.. Are.. Are we sure this is the right place to be?"

A little reassurance, a little desperation- who knows.

❥ - she smells like lemongrass and sleep
Hyacinth's fear is palpable, as strong as bile against her tongue. Imperceptibly, Lavender's ears twitch down. She takes in her words carefully, seriously. Could they trust their clanmates? Sure, many came from the marsh group so it wasn't like they were strangers, but there were others... others they didn't know... others they couldn't trust...

But then Hyacinth is touching her, her paw clasped over her own and her resolve steels again. She meets the spotted tabby's gaze, yellow eyes so full of fire, she is sure she would burn herself if the flame was anything more than metaphorical. This is where we belong. Not hidden under stinking trees with dangling vines and snakes longer than ourselves that hid in mud and sludge. Maybe not right now, but our kits would be safe here.
With us. Directly under our ancestors where they could watch them."

She softens, fidgeting with her lover's paw. "Can't you just picture it? We raise them here, under the stars. Little gray kittens, as soft as doves. Strong WindClan soldiers-to-be." Her tail flicks at the very idea. She wants this so bad she can practically feel their phantom kitten-fur against her cheek - ah, no, that's just Hyacinth. Her friend. Her mate.

A pause. And then: "It's kinda stupid, isn't it? Kittens." She giggles. "I think we're missing a key component if we actually want those..."

The resolve that burned like eons of flames sparked in her lover's eyes, and Hyacinth feels her confidence fill once more. Her words bring fire to her heart, a determination to her soul; it fuels Hyacinth, ignites her own instincts. She was right, this land was theirs now. Their ancestors watched them from above, and that fact made her sigh in relief. She nods, snuggling impossibly closer to her mate before she listens to Lavender speak once more.

The mentions of kits makes her look down at the ground, free paw rolling across the grass for a moment before it draped itself around Lavender's form. She smiled, ever so faintly, breaking her mask of stoic coldness. "They'd be.. So cute. We'd be great moms, I'd like to think." She guesses with a soft giggle, nuzzling her face into Lavender's neck affectionately. Lavender's next statement is hesitant, questioning- and Hyacinth tilts her head.

"We need a tom." She huffs softly, frowning a bit. Stars, she hated toms- and making a kit with one she didn't know really rubbed her wrong. Shrugging her shoulders, she looks over to Lavender- resolute. "We can find someone, someone we can trust. I want kits just as bad as you do, Lav.."

If only she didn't have the trust issues she did, this would be easier.

"Do you.. Have any idea of, uh.. Who?"