HER SCENT SWAYS ME // coming out?


Her relationship with Lavender wasn't exactly a secret; no, some cats knew from observation, but nobody ever really talked about it. Out of respect for Hyacinth's own desire for privacy, of course; she'd like to think so, at least. There were plenty of toms that had courted her in the past, and a single tom that was currently attempting to court her. Through daily gifts, and offering her his fresh kill, to offering to bathe her after a hunt or training session. It was nice, being taken care of like this- but Lavender was the only one she had eyes for. The only one who made her heart thump out of her chest in excitement just by seeing her pretty self pass by.

Today was another night, it seemed- the tom was eager as always, standing close to her side as she ate a mouse she had snatched from the fresh kill pile. He rambled on about something related to their new medicine cat, and Hyacinth tunes him out by instinct. She was used to rambling, but this was getting borderline... Irritating.

As she watched another tom, one whom was familiar to her, walk up and begin to greet her- she lifted her head to respond; only to be interrupted by the tom at her side, who snarled out a harsh insult, stepping closer to her.

"Back off. She's eating with me from now on."

An eyebrow quirks at the tom's boldness, but there is no amusement in her gaze. Claws dig into the ground beneath her, and the victimized tom scoffs in disgust. He looks down at her expectantly, and Hyacinth shrinks back. What should she say? She couldn't just.. Drop the carefully crafted persona she had worked on for moons. She had earned this peace, this safety. Her friend doesn't say anything, understanding- it wasn't his place to say anything, after all.

"She doesn't belong to you. Stop acting like she's your mate and let her eat." Her friend grunts out, restraining himself from saying more. He didn't want a fight.

"Just because she's not my mate doesn't mean she's not into me. I mean, she's accepted my gifts, after all." The possessive tom retorts with a snarl, and Hyacinth finds herself back in her home colony again. Cats fighting, her mother looking at her with disgusted eyes as she kicks away a corpse. Her first love's corpse, a molly whom had been her friend since childhood. They'd gotten too close, too obvious to those around them. She shut her eyes, willing the memories to go away.

Just leave me alone. Leave me alone. Leave me alone.


Sootstar was a fulltime leader and a fulltime mom. Between juggling her new clan and kits she often found herself exhausted... It was practically impossible not to drift off when a wave of quiet washed over their makeshift camp.

She succumbs to sleep, merely for moments.
Then she's woken up by bickering.

All of this over Hycanith? She was pretty, sure, but if these toms wanted to display their testosterone so bad they should brawl it out away from camp.
"Quit barking like a crazed dog! If you want to fight, be real toms take it somewhere else, and quit disturbing the peace the ladies of this clan are enjoying." The blue leader growls, narrowed eyes daring them to make her get up and chase them out herself.