There was a beautiful day outside today. The sun was shinning brightly outside and it might be one of the last warmer days before leaf-bare would come knocking on the door. It was a perfect day to...stay inside the den. That was at least what Mistkit saw as the perfect day to not go outside at all!. Every since he had got saved for around a month ago from the cat-eating water Mistkit had made no attempt to step outside at all. Nope!. He was perfectly fine with staying in the nest all day long while Buck was away, the one and only Mistkit had quickly warmed up towards and was now very much depanded on them. She was thier mother now. It was just decided like that. Mistkit being so young had completely blocked out any memories he had have before getting thrown into the river in that bag, and now his whole world was surrended by Buck. Unfortunately she had to leave now and then leaving the kit all alone by himself in the den, into thier nest they shared and that was his safety place. Mistkit had no intention to ever leave the nest. He liked it here. It was cozy and warm, and full of feathers!. He loved feathers. So while everyone was outside exploring the camp like normal kits did, Mistkit was left behind to play all by himself in the nest...with his feathers.

" Rawwr!, here comes the big bad dog!" Mistkit said as he stalked over towards his beloved feather and then he lunged himself at it and rolled around with it until he dropt on his back in the nest. Kit-hissing the speckled tom kicked the feather with his back legs while gently biting into the feather, treating it like he was out hunting for a mouse!. Soon enough though he started to purr instead and started to lick the feather affectionately. It might not taste that great but he wanted to let them know he liked them!. Feathers had feelings too!.

Suddenly, the kit heared noises by the entrance of the den which send his ears straight up. Oh no, the enemy is coming!. Like lightening he jumped up on his paws and went into hiding underneath the moss of the nest, or as well he could anyway!. Remembering his feather though Mistkit reached out a paw underneath the moss to search for the feather. Once his small paw found it he would pull it underneath with him under the mastermind cover!. No one would found him here!. He was a master of disguise!.

Said the kit who's whole fluffy tail was vinsible in sight... seemed like Mistkit had forgotten about that he had a tail.

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her mind grows distracted, but one cannot blame her. the recent events of both robin and now mist, both orphans with such tragedy. she cannot force herself to be another's mother, she cannot reclaim her own young, what is lost is lost. yet with the rushing river and mist's man-made demise, she can't help herself but to grow somewhat maternal over him. robin, she doesn't assume robin wants anyone to replace the role that birdie had filled, but buck still offers the warmth. perhaps it's selfish of her to be so joyful of mist's love for her. buck was nothing close of a hero but to mist, it was as if she had created the whole world in a singular breath.

she's distracted. it's clear from the now silent patrols and hunts she continues to share with @LIGHTNINGSTONE but she supposes that he appreciates the silence for once. buckgait is still forbidden to be alone with any young, seen something as unworthy and unsafe. lightning supervises all her interactions with mistkit, and she tries to hold herself back.

feathers galore tickle her nose and maw, having found that the child holds an affinity for the colorful plumes that birds showcase. not that she can blame him, it would simply be easier if he was obsessed with the scales of a trout of dace. her intentions are clear as her path is a straight shot towards the delicately painted grey tom. she quiets her steps, paws focusing their weight on the outer edge of her paws to keep her as silent as she can. a trait learned from kithood that had aided in catching prizes. she is unsure if he can see her or not, but still she hides behind him and taps his protruding tail. a white flag of defeat before a fight had even begun.

"remember your tail, mist." a delicate critisicm as the newly collected feathers decorate the ground. hopefully, he enjoys what she had found.
A tall boulder against the brisk breeze today, Lightningstone remains outside, allowing Buckgait to have time with the kit she had bonded with. He doesn't interrupt. It's tragic enough when a kit loses their parents (which has been happening startlingly often around these parts as of late), but to break up a child's playtime with an adult they actually like? He won't be seen doing such a thing. So, like the sentinel he is, he sits with shoulders back and spine straight, surveying the camp while Buck murmurs something gentle to Mistkit. For how agitating the woman is, she is surprisingly soft with kits. After that night when she admitted she was once a mother, he can now see why she acts such a way. It's simply her instinct, and he's positive that Mistkit is grateful for it. Let him have this, before Lightningstone must drag her back to the warrior's den for the night. He probably thinks I'm a villain, The silver tom realizes with a small, amused smirk.