hold back the river | angry yelling

Lilybloom could not stay in the medicine den forever. She still hadn't been officially permitted to leave and return to her warrior duties just yet, but with no injuries so to speak of, and no colds settling in from her time underwater, she didn't want to waste all her day sitting in the medicine den doing nothing. Usually, she would have been content to stay put and do as Beesong asked, but she had been growing increasingly restless since waking up. There was nothing wrong with her in her eyes, therefore she did not need to be watched over or spend her days in the medicine den. The only thing that troubled her was the dreams she had, the nightmares that woke her up gasping for breath and leaving her heart racing inside her chest.

That morning she left the medicine den quietly, informing Beesong she needed some air and assuring him she wouldn't go far. Lilybloom had walked close to the river's edge in camp, hovering close to the edge, torn between dipping her paws in or not. Her racing heart suggested she should have stayed away but she dared to move forward, only putting her front paws in the water.

Not long after she did so, she was aware of one of her clanmates behind her. Lilybloom could feel herself zoning out the longer she stood there but she was dimly aware of looking back and nodding in greeting at the cat in question. Her thoughts began to swirl about the 'what ifs' on the day she nearly drowned, Iciclepaw's comment about her being able to swim, and her own opinions of what she had done wrong that day. It was overwhelming to say the least and not helped by the presence of the cat behind her, asking questions to her to check if she was alright. Deep down she knew they meant well, she knew their words were kind and full of concern. BuT right now Lilybloom just wanted to be left alone, she wanted the world to be quiet and still, she wanted her thoughts to leave the river and what had almost happened to her there. "Oh, would you please shut up?" Lilybloom snapped, whirling on the spot to face the cat talking to her. "I do not need you hovering over me like I'm a one day old kit! I'm fine!"

✵ ღ ☾ IT TOOK ME BY SURPRISE - She hadn’t planned to follow Lilybloom outside of camp, but how could the blue tabby help herself? Her closest friend had nearly been swept away by the rapids not a moon prior, of course there was a small twinge of anxiety in her chest as she watched the brindled apprentice slip out of camp.
She is silent the whole trek there, ears curiously perked, and chin raised as she followed the warrior from a good distance away. When the gentle rushing of the river came within earshot, Lakepaw struggled to silence the alarms that went off in her mind.
She had crept too close, and was heard. By then, Lakepaw had half a mind to sit next to the molly, even taking a step or two closer. By the time she settled she let silence hang in the air, her own traumatizing experience with the cold depths of the river was not something she liked to talk about, especially not when another could join them at any moment.
So, she uselessly makes small talk, but even that is short lived when Lilybloom begins to thoughtlessly nod along, Lakepaw sighs, maybe she should just le-
Ears quickly flattened as Lilybloom abruptly turns to her, enchanting leafy optics now ablaze with frustration, and her maw pulled back with hostility.
Lakepaw is stunned for only a moment, letting Lilypaw yell.
When silence falls upon the duo once more, Lakepaw lashes her tail. ❝ Fine? ❞ She echos, suppressing a roll of her eyes. ❝ Look, if you want to be alone, just say so, no need to yell in my face. ❞ She points out, though her tone is not exactly as cold as it normally would be, instead it leans in the softer direction. ❝ I get it, what you’re going through. I’m not following you because I think you’re helpless, I’m here because I care. ❞ She continues after a pause, tempted to offer the molly some sort of comfort, but ultimately shying away. Yet, she keeps her gaze steady on Lilybloom.
❝ Speech. ❞

Lakepaw seems surprised when Lilybloom had turned to her and started yelling. And why wouldn't she be? It was rare for Lilybloom to yell, yet alone raise her voice, so for her to be lashing out like this was definitely a surprise. Lakepaw holds her gaze intently, tail twitching from side to side, though her words lack their usual icy bite.

Her eyes narrow when Lakepaw claims she understands she knows what she's going through. "Oh, I'm sorry I wasn't aware you almost drowned in the river too?" Lilybloom said sarcastically. Almost as soon as the words left her mouth she regretted them. Despite her bad mood, she knew that was uncalled for, especially given that Lakepaw was checking up on her. "Look, I appreciate you checking up on but I just really want to be left alone right now," She finally said, the fire in her eyes seeming to dull slightly. "I'm not in the mood to talk about things." And with a heavy sigh, she turned back and looked at the water, desperately wanting to remove herself from this interaction.
When Mudpelt had first heard the news of his eldest daughter's accident, he had been distraught. One could hardly pull him away from her side in the medicine den! So when he spots her from across camp leaving Beesong's abode and sitting by the river surrounding their little island, he breaks away from whatever conversation he had been wrapped up in with a fellow warrior and took a few steps towards her. Lakepaw, a friend of his daughter's, approaches first, and he pads up to remain at a distance behind them, watching curiously.

It's when Lilybloom snaps at the apprentice that the chocolate tom pricks his ears, fixing the tortoiseshell with a stunned look. She never raises her voice like that, especially towards a friend. He takes another step forward, not saying anything yet, just peering at his child with concern evident in his eyes. She wants to be left alone, and he wants to respect that...but it's difficult.

He's not trying to be nosy but it seems he stumbles upon situations that he happenss to be able to hear. Often times he is in the background of confrontations and conversations. Not staying anything because he doesn't think he is worth hearing so he merely listens. But this time his lopsided frown is apparent. His eyes wander from Lilybloom to Lakepaw before he shakes his head a little. Shaking his head because he knows that Lake means well by her actions alone. It isn't like she is trying to be nagging or anything of the sort. The chocolate colored oriental flicks his whip like tail before. "Lily...." He breathes out her name hesitantly as he looks towards the water.

His paws shuffle before he sighs a little trying to make up his mind on what he wants to say. "I think...regardless of intention you should at least say sorry." And hopefully mean it. It isn't like Lakepaw was being mean or anything. But he still winces at his own words, as if he has any authority to he trying to but into someone else's predicament. "I'm sorry for...butting in and I know your stressed as is." He wants to help as well. But she wants to be left alone. So maybe he should just mind his business. Yeah, should have done that to begin with.