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( ) Leaf-fall was here, there was no denying it. Gradually, the hot days were growing cooler, and the trees that filled their forest were turning to different shades of orange and red. A cool breeze wafted through the camp, sending a shower of leaves from above to fall into the camp. Suddenly, Flamewhisker felt her pelt twitch with kit-like excitement. When she was little, her mother had built piles of leaves, and she and her littermates had spent hours playing in them. The newly made warrior glanced around to see who all was watching, then in a swift act, she would dart forward towards the leaves, skidding through a small bundle. Leaves shot into the air, one landing on her nose. The fiery tabby let out a laugh, hoping she didn't just make too big of a fool out of herself.
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The cool sharpness of Leaf-fall air is always a delightful one. Howling Wind lounges nearby, white chin resting upon crossed forepaws. It's a slow day - the day's patrol leaders reported nothing of interest, the hunting patrols were returning with full jaws, the queens and kits were fed. It's a great day for everyone in ThunderClan to take a deep breath and relax. The tabby draws in a deep inhale, then releases it in a content sigh as green eyes drift shut.


Head shooting up, she looks wildly around for the source of the sudden movement before spotting a fiery pelt among the freshly fallen leaves. Ah, so it begins! The trees have begun to lose their very first leaves of the season! While their heads remain full and colorful, one can see the occasional leaf that drifts to the ground. And Flamewhisker is certainly having a good time playing in the remnants. Ivory whiskers twitch in amusement as she relaxes once more, a smile on her face as she watches the young warrior frolic. A good day for ThunderClan indeed.

Since his joining, Jaypaw has been taking it easy and kept his head down mostly. Just trying to recover and get his bearings which has been a success so far. His white and orange pelt has regained some shine and his ribs have receeded back into his chest at least. The sparkle has returned to his pale blues. He's still thin and runty but recovery comes in steps and for now, he's stable. Stable enough to go on a short walk about the clan. Brimming with questions he's too shy to ask, the young cat is drawn to the bustle of the Thunderclanners. He's not comprehending just yet that that title includes him now too. Jaypaw feels alien walking across the thick leaves cushioning his weary paws and the scents are almost overwhelming but one thing is perfectly familiar and irresistable for the kid: the sound of having fun.

Rounding an oak, a fat leaf plasters itself against the youth's face from the warrior's splash. Jaypaw makes a sneezing motion to dislodge it and as the wind tries to draw it again, he jumps at the leaf in amusement. The small tom hops forward, attempting to slam his ivory paw down on it but he misses by an inch many times. Finally he fully commits and tackles his whole body over the lobed leaf, all four paws flattening it to the ground as he slashes his tail about in satisfaction. It's only as his instincts fade that he notices two cays nearby. Without thinking, he bathers out, "Sorry, are these your leaves?" Before the question even finishes leaving his mouth, he realizes how stupid it was. "Uh, I mean..." He rubs his paw against his cheek. He has no clue what he means.

Though the opinion was unknown as a shared one, Trufflepelt too enjoyed the soft song of autumn. The senior warrior had overcome many an excruciating leafbare to take the heat of greenleaf for granted, but autumnal breeze and clear skies were truly unique in their loveliness. And the many games that stemmed from fall's bounty- oh, what fun. It was truly a terrible shame that those games with family were long since lost to him, torn away by disaster after disaster... but it made him feel better knowing that his family lay here, now. That StarClan had lead him here to be a Thunderclanner, to meet his truest destiny.

"Oh, what a joyful display!" crooned with fondness for the youthful energy displayed by Flamewhisker- which, he supposed, was unsurprising given her youth- Trufflepelt's tall frame wound on over, sunshine eyes filled with reverie and vivace. At Jaypaw's fumbled words he let forth a rasped chuckle, the little blathers of the other referring to leaves belonging to someone bringing him great amusements. "The leaves are for all of us, cast to the ground as StarClan's gift of beauty to us," he informed, no trace of sarcasm in his voice. This, he believed more than anything. StarClan was their offerer of all the wonder in the world, all the joy.
Leaf-fall is settling in. Instead of never-ending heat beating down on him, it'd be balanced out with an ever-present breeze, perfect weather for lounging. The world is cooling off, and soon, they'd be settled into brisk weather. But for now, he'd enjoy the warmth it has to offer.

Or at least try to. Thunderclanners couldn't live a waking moment without being irritating, it ran deep in their blood, despite the different origins for which they came. Perhaps it's that commonality that has gathered them all together like this. Guided here by the stars themselves to be annoying in the same place. At least, that's probably what Trufflepelt would say. There's suddenly new weight scattered across his pelt. Barely noticeable, but there. and he's even blessed with a leaf lying pert on his nose.

He sneezes, the leaf is banished swift. He can't be bothered to spend time scraping out leaf-litter from his fur. Later, when he wouldn't be at risk of more falling on him in the process. What a joyful display, Yeah, looked joyful to him too. He doesn't understand why this old man tries to make everything sound way more important than it is. Another sneeze wracks through him, and he's satisfied by the way it cuts off his words. He'll translate for the kid who'd asked: "Leaves don't belong to anyone." It was just that easy to say.
Tybalt watched the display uncertainly. He had never seen this game before. There had been no leaves to frolic in in the city where he had grown up, because there had been no trees to drop them into dark alleyways. And beyond that, most of his kit hood had only left time to learn survival. He had hardly ever been able to play for the fun of it.

Watching the orange warrior, the curly-furred tom blinked. What was the point? What purpose did it serve? Jumping around in leaves wasn't going to keep a cat fed or safe from enemies. He slowly padded forward to where Flamewhisker was rolling through the leaves. He had never seen the leaves wither and die like this. He had been born in the leaf-fall, but his parents had rarely ventured out of the alleyways, and if Tybalt had ever witnessed this before, he'd been too young to remember it.

Reaching out a paw, he poked at the crumpled leaves, blinking in surprise at the crunching sound his touch was met by.

Stumbling out of the nursery, Dewkit would yawn as she rubbed her tail with her eyes. In a matter of moments as her vision refocused, miraculously, the child would find a burst of energy. “Are you guys playing without me? Why didn’t you invite me?” Pouting, the girl would race over to where the crowd was gathered, watching as the leaves fell around them. Everyone else was having so much fun, and she was left alone in the nursery! What good would that do for her? A leaf dragging across the ground would catch her attention, watching as it skidded to a halt beside Trufflepelt’s tail, eyes now locked onto her target. With little wasted time, Dewkit would attempt to leap onto the senior warrior’s tail, paw batting at the combination of leaf and fur. Paying little mind to where she was playing, she would forget that there was a tail attached to a cat as she attempted to capture her leaf.