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He followed the medicine cat back to the den after her announcement, once the crowd had dispersed and the other cats had offered their congratulations or otherwise knowing looks; it was hard to tell how to feel about it just from that moment alone. Medicine cats followed a very different path than most, one he could not have even understood at all were it not for this sudden shift in his life; that he had been surprised by it was obvious but he didn’t necessarily mind. The WindClan Sootstar wanted felt almost oppressive at times, he wished he could understand the ashen she-cat her methods, but they felt too cold, too harsh. Maybe he was just too young to understand, maybe it was a demeanor built from years of knowing better than he ever could at only seven moons.
His gold and green gaze watched the cinnamon healer sit down quietly, clearly still distraught over what had happened recently to Bumblekit and then to so many other cats she had tried to help; that she had to fight for them so viciously was something he hadn’t wanted. That it wasn’t just helping cats and learning nifty things about flowers, that it was fighting tooth and nail to defend those weaker than you because life was cruel but it didn’t have to be.

Dandelionpaw wanted to say something, but words were hard. How did he convey his appreciation, his support, his everything into something as simple as a few sentences worth?
The sepia point frowned down at his paws for a moment before giving a laugh, he was overthinking it; he didn’t need to.
“Honeytwist…” The apprentice offered a grin, somewhat less wide than his usual ones but no less genuine, “StarClan may have chosen you, but YOU chose me.” And frankly if he had to pick one or the other to follow with any sense of loyalty he would trot along behind the cinnamon queen without hesitation.
“And ah’ve got yer back.” Through hell or highwater he supposed, eventually things might get even more hectic but he was willing to tough it out. Right now he had countless questions spiraling inside him ready to burst out but he kept himself composed because the last thing he wanted was to start rambling at the already stressed she-cat, he'd have plenty of time to ask things later.

Like, would he get to meet StarClan???


She had beckoned him to follow and her head ran with all sorts of thoughts. Eyes flicker towards Bumbles nest in her den and yet another wave of grief washes over her. Life had not prepared her to be a mother, to love so fiercely, love so hard that it physically pains you to see them injured. Silence falls over them and she grapples with what to say, wanting to apologize for her cold demeanor during the announcement. Despite everything, all she wanted to say fell upon mute lips.

Dandelion speaks for her. Glass covered eyes turn to meet similar mismatched ones and in that second she sees her younger self. Little, tiny Fritter staring back at her. It has been so long since anyone had uttered 'Fritter' that she had begun to forget that part of her. Tears well up and her mouth dries so fast that nothing but a heavy breath leaves her.

And ah’ve got yer back.

"There was no one better suited than you." finally it falls from her mouth, her form shaking with the effort it took to not just fall apart in front of her new apprentice. She was better than that, she could not burden someone so young, so carefree. He had gone to bat for her and her patients when everyone had turned against her, had so graciously offered to even help her. "Dandelionpaw, I need you to promise me that you will always lead with your heart. You cannot let others get in the way of your duty." even her words shake as she turns her head to stare at the entrance.

"We serve the will of Starclan first, and that is to heal. We serve Windclan second." she knows he will go on to do great things. She can see the spark in his eyes, in the way he talked, smiled. He brings warmth to a shattered heart. Finally she smiles. "Is there anything you want to know right now?"

He watched and waited, patient as a saint, for the medicine cat to steel herself and put her composure back in place. It was a lot to handle and he had only really witnessed what happened on the sidelines thus far. If she felt there was no one better suited he would not question it but in the back of his mind he could not help but feel strangely nervous about it all.
It is her suddenly determined tone with expectations that refocuses his attention from where he had followed her gaze to the mouth of the den. Outside the camp had resumed its normal schedule, hunting parties would be sent out and patrols organized. In the distance he hears Duskfire calling names for groups, the laughter of other apprentices gathering with their mentors. He would no longer have that, not in the same way. It felt like stepping into a different world.
Turning back proper to lock eyes with the cinnamon queen he dipped his head in a faint nod, "I promise, Honeytwist." Because while he wanted the clan he called home to be safe, he knew he would never be able to turn his back on a cat needing help; had shown as much before when he had no knowledge of how to assist them in the slightest. The idea he could figure out the magic of plants and their properties to fix injuries was an awe inspiring reality now.
They served StarClan first...
Was there anything he wanted to know right now? That was a loaded question. He wanted to know EVERYTHING.
The sepia point sucked in a breath, "Oh my gosh-am I gonna get to SEE THE STARCLAN CATS?!" His eyes widened, snapped open and he paused to lower his voice so as not to disturb the sleeping injured nearby. "Are ghosts REAL? Me an Coldpaw went look'n for'erm one night and didn't spot a single spectral hair and 'es convinced ah don't know what ah'm talk'n 'bout-" He trailed off, paw to his mouth as he stopped himself.
He probably shouldn't be asking weird questions immediately. After all, the important part was learning what tools he had to use...right?