Home of The Moorlands // Ferret/Traveler


Love And Trust
Jul 15, 2022

The moorlands held a lot of humidity and the clouds above where darkening in color with the prospect of rain. Though it seemed to not bother that of a black shape as they made their way aross the moor, feeling the spongey heather underpaw, the slightly stiff breeze that carried with the sweet scents of their home. A place they had recently decided to take up after a few weeks of traveling from the other side of the mountains. Though it was a rather weird scenerio for himself as he walked along, sightless face turned upward to sniff the air. It wasn't everyday that he came to a place like this, but it made for a good home as of lately. Plenty of prey, a sizable little tunnel to make a den out of, so it wasn't the worst thing.

Of course though, he wasn't alone in his travels. Could one imagine such a thing? A blind cat traveling the mountains alone? It would certainly mean certain death that was for sure. He slowed his pace as he came upon a stronger scent, one that he had become familiar with and of course their den wasn't too far off from the smell of it. "We should see if we can catch some dinner," he mentioned to the other cat with a small flick of his tail. There had been talk of other cats in the forest, some far off in the marsh and others closer to the trees. Though what they where fighting about was uncertain, but it could be anything really. Some cats liked to just fight just because they could.

It had been a strange word to use when there hadn't been a place to rest, to learn when he couldn't comprehend- Was he learning? There were things that the scrawny, skeletal cat couldn't remember or understand as they were tossed to him like bones to a dog. Things had happened and luck brought a black cat to cross his path when death was an imp creeping upon his shoulders. This was a good thing in a life of misery.
Traveler had lived through a lot.

A narcissist mother that had made her bed in the street. Multiple toms knew her by name, but the kittens she bore often didn't.
The father that hadn't stayed for the birth.
Siblings, whom he'd forgotten, that bullied and left a scar upon his face.
Leaving "home."
Becoming an outcast and stripping away the name he'd been given at birth.
Ferret. It was ghostly name to him now.
There was a fight with some loner over a scrap of meat. Had it been over food?
Waking in the cold, in a ditch, bleeding...
But, it had all lead the stumbling cat to another that cared.

They would travel through the mountains with the light colored tom in the lead.
Now, they were like rabbits in this hole upon a moorland of summering winds.
When looking inside, a tomcat was busy with his set of brittle claws. They would work away at the layers of moss padded dirt. Those thoughts were racing without sticking. "We should see if we can catch some dinner," a familiar voice trickled throughout the hollow tunnel. The cat would pause his work as their scent passed into the echoing chamber, circling around him in a shielding comfort.
Hunting. Wasn't there something about a group of cats fighting inside the forest? Inky, a cat that he trusts, warned him about going there. Cats! Shooting up to his full height, the tomcat banged his head against the top of the earth. "Ow," raising a spindly paw to reach at the top of his head, "I remember the cats and we can't go there. In the forest? What about the cats?" Hunting was harder on the moor, for those rabbits heard him or saw him and startled into a speeding run.


Inky flinched as he heard the thud of Ferrets' head against the roof of their tunnel home, and approached the tom with concern. Nosing his head for a moment to check for blood before pulling away, "That is true, I heard there are cats all over the place now. The gossip on the vine is that two groups split into five but I do hope they're accepting of outsiders like ourselves," The moors had become a temporary home for the, it was always temporary as they never seemed to stay in one place for very long, "We should go see if they're friendly or not, if they are we can see about staying here- if theyre hostile then we can just move on?" Inky lifted his head up as if to look at Ferret with a small swish of his tail.

Inky normally put the best in cats forward first, often forgetting that cats are often hostile over anything else. This sort of optism has gotten them into a lot of skirmishes over the months or chased from certain places as well. Still, it was worth a try right? There was a whole forest in front of them, there had to be some sort of group that would take them in, right?