private HONEYTHIEF // Dogteeth


Jun 17, 2022

Sometimes he wonderd if joining here had been the wisest choice he could have made. Lately one thing after the other happend in this clan, the issue with the twolegs being the most major and serious one. But then of course it was the whole situation with his apprentice Peachpaw as well. This was not what he had planned when first joining here. It had been a easy way out from a bigger problem to hide himself until leaf-bare was over. Ravendusk had no real intention to invest too much time around here to associate himself with anyone of them more then necessery since he was gonna leave them all in the end anyway. But maybe that had been a foolish way of thinking. The result he wanted already seemed to be slipping away from his own control. Annoying. To claim he was mature enough when things not went his way would be a underestimate. That composed facade sometimes was only that, a mask to cover what lay underneath it.

Ravendusk had escaped down to the river again to temporarily flee from having to deal with just everything. He had no clue how anyone could claim fishing was suppose to be a relaxing acitivty though. This far it had been nothing like that for him. What had started to be amusing and exciting to learn something from the unkown had started to become more of a nuisance. It was not like he hadn't done any progress though since the first time he had been done here, however it wasn't even close to the perfection he always demanded of himself...A bad habit to always feel he had to be the best at just everything. Bad habits died slow, did they not?.

He was grimacing while staring down at his own reflection in the water, drained and cold as he had been down here for a while now without much success. It was not like he always failed though. No. He had captured a fish or two just not today. For some reason it went poorly maybe because his state of mind was not completely there. Drifting. He felt like he always did that this days. Everyday was just the same to him. The same cats, the same food to eat, the same problems to face. It was like he was just following with the flow letting the stream take him wherever they wanted, drifting along.

Aha, this wouldn't do.

Finally he turned to leave the water but it was then he spoted someone at the shore. Had he been watched again?. Looked like it was difficult to get some alone time in this clan. " Good evening, did you come down to fish too?." he asked, his tone pleasant as always now placing that smile that had become his trademark in this clan. Warm and inviting. Even on tired days Ravendusk knew how to perform flawlessly. Another bad habit perhaps.



A relaxed muzzle is a traitorous one, when you didn’t think anyone was looking. It showed our soul to any who cared to look. Dogteeth cared- its just about all he cared about- everything and too much simultaneously. The blonde craved something from everyone, whether it be a story, attention, love, care, comfort, or company. Terrified of being truly alone, where his thoughts and depression lurk. He preferred the hum and bustle of camp.

It was probably an annoying quality and Dog has probably worried about that too at some point. He does his normal thing where he hyper fixates on any blip in his interaction with others. Staring too much, or talking too much, maybe saying the wrong thing- it should make him quiet but truthfully it just makes him stumble more on his words which come despite it all because Dogteeth doesn’t have that, stop talking gene. He has that over-correct it until you break it gene.

The blonde has been traipsing down the bank, eyes hooded by darker tan lids and optics moving along the glitter of the river’s glossy dancing dress with a lazy ease. It’s when he spots Ravendusk, an unmistakable pelt color of unique proportion. Their fur tinged with a reddish brown like their eyes, tall- a quality that dwarfed Dogteeth considerably. At the blonde’s angle, their muzzle is pensive but- almost stressed in a way. Perhaps they had been out here for too long with no luck. The curly-furred tom stares, mind so loud he didn’t realize how long he was staring. Not like in a creepy way, just kinda, dumbly.

He startles as Ravendusk looks toward him after turning toward the bank. " A- he… no… maybe… ha-ha " he blushes harshly under his fur from pure embarrassment. " I’m a ditzy one I’m sorry " he mutters and pads toward the other. Slipping into the gentle tug and cold clinging grasp of the river with a gentle splash. Clumsy paws finally where they belong- where they weren’t as clumsy.

" I never stick to one task… constantly a scatter-brain " he admits with a slowly forming smile to match the other’s. Blue clashing with amber with unease. Ravendusk’s height wasn’t the intimidating factor, Dog was shorter than most but- it was the burning effect their eyes had.

" I hope I’m not.. eh- intruding… you just- looked … so alone " he misreads the situation comically.


Patiently he would listen as the other stuttered over thier words masking thier curiosity over the whole situation. Ravendusk had come to notice that Dogteeth often did that, stuttering over thier words as they spoke. For some reason that seemed to occur more often in thier presence or perhaps that was a bold assumption?. In any case, it had not got unoticed how the other tom looked at them with eyes of uncertanity. Ravendusk was unsure if he should feel amused or concernd by the fact that one of his clanmates might feel uneasy around him. He was always doing his best to not come out as intimating but at the same time fear meant power and many hungered for it just like knowledge did. Fear was another word for respect.

" Aha, i see. I guess i too am a scatter-brain sometimes then which makes it two of us.." the raven would muse, making an attempt to ensure them he had done nothing wrong or rather he didn't mind them interrupting him. Ravendusk could think of so many else he would not appreciate the company of right now and in comparison to them Dogteeth was a pleasant interference. Beside that...he was quite used with unwanted eyes watching him wherever he went to look after every little mistake he might do.... At least this heavenly blue eyes were unjudging, unkowingly about the true nature of the tom that stood before them.

Ravendusk would still smile warmly at them, both now standing in the water. However his smile did seemed to faltered a bit when the blonde said something rather unexpecting...You just looked so alone. It was his time to stare at them now wondering what on earth had made them think a such thing about them. It was a brave assumption but could he really say it was untrue?. Stunned. Never had he thought someone would confront him about that.

Softly he would start to chuckle to himself, amused and perhaps a slight bit impressed. The chuckling did not last special long. He in no way wished to embarass Dogteeth further it had just been to amusing for him not to. " Sorry about that, i was just not expecting to hear that. Hmh." he mused, looking thoughtful like he was thinking about something else until he come back to where both of them stood in the water. " Don't worry though, you were not intruding on anything. I had no real luck with fishing today anyway. I think some company could be nice right now.." he tried to ensure them, smile returning back to normal again.