HONOR & GLORY // intense sparring


Sometimes her claws itched for a fight.

Sootstar's desire for blood to roar in her ears didn't make her proud, but it was still a need of hers that needed to be met every now and again... It was healthy and how she got to practice when fighting grew scarce. It also helped her relieve built-up frustration and fury...

Never had she been a believer that claws-sheathed sparring did much for a cat. What was the point of practice fighting if you didn't feel the sting of a claw? It was best to get yourself as used to the feeling as possible in a safe environment, rather than on the battlefield where shock could cost you your life. The small she-cat knew others viewed that as barbaric... but she refused to send her warriors into a fight not knowing what they were about to feel.

"Someone spar me." In the mostly silent makeshift camp her voice rung, clear and adamant. "Claws unsheathed like a proper warrior. We don't fear scarring here, it'd be an honor for anyone of you to wear my mark. An honor for me to carry the mark of my beloved warriors. The loser gives up their afternoon share of prey, the risk makes it all the more real."

She watches for a (hopefully) worthy opponent to step forward.


Their leader's voice rang out through the hollow, drawing Sunshine's attention away from the conversation she had been having with a clanmate. Curious ears pricked up, although a frown found itself on her face. A spar was nice and fun, but the way Sootstar described it suddenly made it sound...a lot less fun. Gulping, she kept her mouth shut; she definitely wouldn't be taking the she-cat up on her rather dark challenge. Although she would shift her body to get a better look. A spar against the clan's leader was a show no one wanted to miss, even the cheery calico.

Honey and Soot had fought before. Honey bore marks from her, and she was sure Soot had bore marks from her as well. The call to a spar was enough to bring Honey’s attention away from her catch. A rabbit was dropped nearby as the cinnamon tabby silently made her way over.

She shifts her shoulders awkwardly. She had already fought and had proven her honor, though on a battlefield instead. She hopes that was enough to prove to Soot that she was a capable warrior- medicine cat, she was tired and her moves now would be sluggish with the sudden loss of her home.

"As much as I would love to spar, that is no longer my job, I will provide relief care for those injured." she meows and seats herself, idly licking a paw. Perhaps the medicine cat position was something she could get used to. And also… with the growing kits in her stomach, she would take no chances of potentially injuring them. She felt about ready to pop and they were all of Skyclan she had left.


In the midst of a casual conversation with her mother, Echo’s attention is quickly caught by Soot’s powerful vocals.
Echo had never been much of a fighter, mainly relying on her speed and quick-thinking to get her out of a skirmish, but this? This sounded interesting.
She takes a pause to look at her mother, who is simply staring wide-eyed at the smoky leader. "Why not? I’ll fight you." Echo is volunteering before she can think twice, long legs making their way over to Soot with a charming smile, "I don’t think I’m worried about a few scars" she adds with a chuckle. Despite her recent insecurities, this may just be the one thing that could put her in a good lime light. She glanced briefly over to Fritter before turning back to Soot, her muscles already tense in case there is no warning for the spar to begin, as her leader doesn’t seem much like the type to give a “1 2 3.”
The call for a spar is met with a curious stare from the Siamese. While he isn't familiar with how wild cats sparred, he recalls fondly the memories of him and Lacey play-fighting as kits. They'd never unsheathed their claws... Then again, they had only been children. They probably didn't know any better.

So, Jenko does not raise an eyebrow at Sootstar's demand for the use of claws. He sidles over, sitting near Sunshine. He wouldn't participate this time... The blue point is much more interested in observing the spar and memorizing each movement.


Sootstar sees Honeytwist's words as cowardance.
"Nonsense. Did the stars say that? That it is above your title to get your claws dirty? A cat under my rule warrior or not will keep her claws sharp. You are to spar Jenko, claws unsheathed. Now." She didn't know she'd be tossing an obedience test at the medicine cat so soon... but what better way for Sootstar to test her than make her attack a cat of kittypet blood? Something she knew the cinnamon tabby defended.

A test to Jenko as well, would he run at the first sight of his own blood? She suspects it...

Her gaze turns to Echo. I don't think I'm worried about a few scars.
Sootstar can't help but stare at her face for a second... I would hope not.

"Very well then. We fight." Echo was smart, she was not the type to give a count down.
She attacks instantly.

Forepaws push with great force against the ground, carrying herself swiftly over to her opponent. Silver claws unsheathe as she aims to slam a paw against the she-cats neck, her intent was not to slice, but to knock out air. If an opponent was left gasping it was a certain victory... or at least it would get them disoriented anyways. That's if you managed to hit with enough force too!

Jenko straightens when Sootstar orders Honeytwist to fight him as punishment for the medicine cat refusing. His owlish stare lands on the cinnamon she-cat, his head tilting as he gauges her response. This is obviously a test of some kind... But Jenko does not know whether Sootstar is testing him or Honeytwist. Perhaps both.

Either way, he isn't going to back down. Raising his chin, Jenko stands tall. He wouldn't show cowardice in the face of the WindClan leader, especially when she already suspects that he's weak. Even if his heart threatens to leap out of his throat. He's never fought before, and he has never been given the opportunity to study others fighting. He is completely unprepared, and it terrifies him.

Jenko's claws unsheathe per Sootstar's order. He doesn't say anything. What would he even say? This is a spar, not a meet-and-greet. Instead, he watches Honeytwist intently, circling her with his head held low and tail tip twitching with nervous expectancy. The blue point quickly grows impatient, the adrenaline of his anticipation building. He lunges. He does not know how WindClan cats fight, so he mimics the playfights that he'd participated in with Lacey as a kit. His forelegs aim to wrap around Honeytwist's neck and topple her to the ground, his teeth trying to sink into her ear deeper than would ever be appropriate for a playfight.

Soot gives her orders to fight and she snorts, rolling her eyes and digging her claws in to the ground. "You do not know what the stars have said to me, do not pretend. I am not fighting with my claws unsheathed, nonetheless with someone who does not know how to." she growls out, accent strong with slight rage as she raises her chin. Soot may be the leader, but Honey was the healer, appointed by the stars as well. Soot was not able to get rid of her.

Jenko is on her and she huffs out as razor teeth dig in to her ear. Eyes roll once more as she attempts to wrap a strong forepaw around Jenko and tear him off of her, trying to slam him hard on to the ground. Her claws sheathe as she do so, she has hurt cats enough, this isn’t her job. She’s not defending Windclan, so there was no way she’d fight like she was. If successful, she’d aim a smack to his head, a warning not to mess with her further. She was not in a good mood after Soot opened her mouth.
The sharp tang of blood surprises him. Jenko recoils from the strong taste that assaults his tongue, his face screwed up into one of disgust. He's never tasted blood before. It's warm and sticky and utterly awful.

The shock allows Honeytwist to wrap a forearm around his neck and push him off of her. He hits the ground hard, a gasp at the sudden impact forcing it's way past his mouth. Jenko lays there, winded, desperately gathering the air he'd lost back into his lungs. With her claws sheathed, Honeytwist smacks the back of his head, and he lets out a breathy hiss. No, this isn't over.

The warning flies over his head.

His crossed eyes narrow. Jenko tries to twist his head around and nip at Honeytwist's paws, his pupils slitted. While he does so, he desperately tries to push himself up.

To Heavy Snow, a spar is a game something fun he used to do with friends and family members. He has fond memories of sparring with his brothers, his father teaching him how to fight, how to hold his own. ‘When you go your separate way’ he had said ‘you’ll need to know how to defend yourself’ and he was more than capable of doing it. When the call for one is initiatedC he thinks nothing of it, has no interest in watching even. But Sunshine goes and so does Echo and so reluctantly he pushes himself to his paws and joins them.

He wants to step in when Echo offers herself, to interject and state that he believes it to not be a good idea but one look at the dark colored leader and he knows he should hold his tongue. Sunshine and her family wanted to be here, he didn’t want to risk them getting driven out or worse it’s a dark thought but he wouldn’t put it past this Soot.

He draws closer to Sunshine now, pressing his white pelt into her calico fur. A comforting presence, he hopes as she has to watch her daughter fight in this brutal manner. Though his eyes never leave the two battling cats, and he sinks his claws into the ground, ready to step in if needed. Vaguely, he is aware of another battle going on nearby but he cannot focus. His thoughts are filled with worries for Echo.

Sunshine was already worried, but that was before her own daughter volunteered to spar with the vicious leader. She suddenly sat up straight, ears pressing forward and eyes locking onto the scene. Her jaws parted to object, but they'd close before any words spilled out. She knew not to interrupt. She hadn't been in the clan long, but she'd learned swiftly how unforgiving their new leader was towards disobedience.

A shadow loomed and soft fur pressed against her side. A quick glance up towards a comforting face confirmed who it was. Drawing in a sharp inhale, she would share a nervous look with Heavy Snow before pressing further into him to reluctantly watch the spar. Nearby, Jenko and Honeytwist were also ordered to fight. She couldn't bring herself to watch her new-found friends be forced to spar as well.