It was impossible not to notice at this point that a rift between Leechpaw and Rosepaw had happend. They hadn't talked with each other for over a week now. Rosepaw might have tried some few failed attempts but Leechpaw had always dodged himself out from a interaction with them altogether. In truth he wasn't angry at them. He never had been. It was the shame that had hit him, and the fact how he felt every single time he saw Rosepaw with one of the other apprentice he seemed to start getting closer to, all while himself was left behind. It was happening all over again and even if he understood it was his fault he had no clue on how to fix it. He guess he never had been good at that. To fix things. Leechpaw had for a very long time tried to fix his own family...like the glue that keept them altogether and look how great that had turned out. All he did was destroying things just like how he had destroyed Bumblekit!. It was all his fault. Rosepaw would be better of without having him as a friend. It was just a matter of time before something happend to the rose-looking cinnamon like it had with Bumblekit..or his littermates. It was doomned to happen sooner or later....

Leechpaw had been out hunting on his own this time as he had left the patrol he had come out with behind to isolate himself from them all. That was then he heared some noises behind some of the tall grass. It sounded like Rosepaw and...some of his brothers?. Nothing good ever come out of that. Leechpaw took a step forward but it was then the cinnamon jumped out from the same tall grass, and even though the rosetted cat not had seen him Leechpaw saw the tears that run down his friends checks before they had run of into the moors. For a split second he was frozen but hearing the laughting voices from the otherside of the grass...It made his fur bristle up with anger. Leechpaw gritted his teeths as he marched right through the tall grass to reach to the otherwise and locked his eyes at the three brothers. " What did you shitheads said to Rosepaw this time!." he would interupt them, stoping only to dig his claws into the dirt, glaring at all three of them.

The three stopt laughting to glare back at the leech who not was a fan to any of them. The four had encountered spitful arguments before. This was not the first time Leechpaw had stood up against this pricks but he was starting to get sick and tired of it. How poorly they where treating thier own brother!. One of them would answer with a snort.
" We where just telling him the truth. He is far to weak to be a clan cat. He is too much of a soft paw. He would be better of as a kittypet. That way he would leave room for Duskfire to get a real apprentice who is worthy his time!." the brother smirked, and the other two chuckled in agreement. Leechpaw bite down on his tongue, anger starting to boil up inside of him. The nerves this cats had!. " If anyone is worthy to become a warrior here it's Rosepaw!." he spat out at them, pupils growing smaller with anger. " Rosepaw is always working his hardest!, always completting whatever tasks the warriors sets out for him to do!. He is always there to help anyone who needs it...even your tasks he do no matter how tired or exhaused he is because every single one of you are to damn lazy to move your asses!. If anyone fits for the kittypet life here it is shitpets like you three!." he snarled at them, lash lashing back and forth. Leechpaw had not failed to see the double work Rosepaw was doing. How hard he was trying to catch up to the rest of them!. Even when he was so tired his paws could give in on him Rosepaw never failed to take up more work even if it was to get pushed around by the likes of this sad excuses of littermates!. He wouldn't have it!.

" So don't ever speak to Rose like that ever again or else - "

" Or else what?." It was not hard to see the three brothers looked very much pissed of after what Leechpaw had said to them, in fact all of thier furs where standing up, but it was then thier more bully personality got kicked in again asthe same one contunied... " You are gonna kill us like you did with your own littermates?." Leechpaw eyes widen at this words, freezing in place. Pleased with the reaction the brother continued. " No wonder your mother abandoned you!. If i was her i would have done the same thing!. I wouldn't even have stand to look at you!." the brother grinned, looking damn proud with themself.

This words...something happend with Leechpaw. There was something inside of him that snapt in that very moment. All he could see was red. Before anyone of them had a chance to react Leechpaw had lunged himself at the other who had said this cruel words to him. He would knock them over and right into the ground before he went for thier right ear...he would bite into it with all power he had in his jaws, and Rosepaw's brother would shirek underneath him in pain and horror.
" Rowanpaw!!." One of them would call out before the two remaining brothers would take action to run over to Leechpaw to grap him and the battle to get him of Rowanpaw started. It took alot of effort and snarling and cussing from both of them before they manged to pull him off thier brother and once they did would let Leechpaw go to run over and check on thier brother who was bleeding from thier ear.

Visibly shaking Leechpaw just stood there frozen in place with blood covering his mouth and a part of Rowanpaw's ear in his mouth.

// I dont want anyone to have overheared the conversation that happend before the fight since there will be a follow up thread after this one there the truth will come out, leechpaw is suppose to look like the bad guy here but of course everyones character is free to react whoever you like <33


It was a peaceful day within camp, something that was hard to come by. Sootstar truly had been a fool to think today out of all days would go smoothly and quietly... An abrupt series of snarls, yowls, hisses and curses wake her up from her mid-day nap with a jolt. For StarClan's sake, what now?! She growls to herself as she rises from her paws.

The voices she heard were adolescent aged, she recognized and could place names to them. The apprentices had been at it... She swiftly arrives at the scene, still visibly half asleep as she wore a groggy look on her face. Specks of scarlet could be seen on the ground, blood was pooling down an apprentice's face, and for Leechpaw? Blood dripped from his mouth, a piece of ear in his mouth.

"What the hell happened?!" She exclaims, looking at all of the apprentices. Her eyes demanded an explanation, and fast.

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The sound of yowls of pain snatches Hyacinthbreath right out of her restful nap, the Warrior lifting her head to prepare to scold a bunch of rowdy apprentices- only to be met with Leechpaw holding something that dripped with blood, and a few apprentices screeching at him. She stands up then, a protective instinct driving her to walk over- calm expression hiding her true emotions, her true worries. She turns to look at Sootstar, looking at the exhaustion in her eyes, then she turns to Leechpaw.

"Ja, what happened?" Hyacinth asks, curious but also wanting to know why Leechpaw was driven to harming another.
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after the two brothers had made sure that Rowanpaw was fine beside his ear injure the two took a defensive stage in front of thier brother to protect them from Leechpaw. They snarled and hissed at him, but Leechpaw was still under too much shook to even react to anything of it. It was then Sootstar found them, and the three brothers flinched back a bit at first over thier leaders present her anger even putting them back in thier places. It took a minute before one of them dared step forward to explain what had happend. " We-we where just out here hunting and then out of the blue Leechpaw come storming out from the tall grass and attacked Rowanpaw!." and with explain it was all about lying through thier teeths. The other two just nodded along, Rowanpaw playing an act to look even more shaken up by this then he in truth actually did. The one who didn't speak showed comfort by pressing thier side against them, and the last one who had spoken out...contunied after having got a confirmed nod from his brothers to follow through with this story. " He attacked us for no reason at all. He is...he is crazy!."

Leechpaw at this point had started to come out from wherever his mind had taken him before. He was no longer seeing red and although he was still shaking he slowly realised what he had done, and what was still in his mouth. Leechpaw just opend his mouth and let the ear piece fall from his mouth to hit the ground, his eyes still wide and unfocused as he stared at it, the taste of blood still on his tongue. Flinching, he suddenly looked up to meet Hyacinthbreath's gaze and for a second he looked at her with confused panic. The words over what the brothers had said to him come flashing back like a wave of emotions. " I..i..." he couldn't even speak. Even his own voice had abandoned him this time. He is crazy!. Maybe he was?.

Defeated his gaze would fall down on his paws again, and his vision started to get blurred. He didn't care. To defend himself, to say anything at all. What was the point?. He had have enough. He was done. So he stayed there in silence letting the brothers win while he was fighting back his own tears.


Far be it from Dandelionpaw to pick sides, but he certainly didn't believe that ranting nonsense for one second. Much as he knew Leechpaw was a hard cat to get along with, as much as he wished the other would be a little less prickly and a little more honest with his feelings, he knew better. He knew better because there was a reason he liked Leechpaw, there was a reason Rosepaw adored him even though they were having a bit of a fuss at the moment. There were several cats in the clan who would throw claws at the slightest provocation over petty disputes, their leader being one of them, but there were even more who needed a damn good reason for it. Leechpaw wouldn't have lashed out unless pressed, unless provoked, he would not be convinced otherwise unless told so himself by the dark tom.
It was the fact that even now, in face of this...the other was stuttering, unsure how to reply. He felt like if this had been unwarranted, this would be the sort of thing a cat would brag about. Mismatched eyes narrowed as he stalked forward and his first act was to thrust his face into Rowanpaw's before examining his ear with careful scrutiny, the wad of cobwebs he'd brought with him (having been warned there was an incident prior) was placed with a firm press of his paw on the other's bloodied head, "Put pressure on it, hold yer paw there..."
His nose wrinkled, tail lashed.
"And what'd ya say to deserve a beatdown?" The sepia point approached with a stilted step, head low and wheat stem gripped between his teeth like he was biting at a piece of escaping prey.
"Ain't believe fer a second Leechpaw jus' decided to thrash yer tails for no reason-gotta be more creative than that. What'd ya say? Be honest now, StarClan's listen~" Dandelionpaw snorted, shook his head before turning to stand alongside the dark apprentice and gently lean into him in a very brief and light gesture of support. Even if he did just attack them for no reason-they could figure it out and talk it over. Besides, apparently that was totally fine to do in WindClan...


Anyone without bees for brains would be able to tell there was more to this story than their traps were letting on. Sootstar had young children of her own- not teenagers yet but... she had a sense for these sorts of situations. Sootstar says nothing as Dandelionpaw moves to heal the injured apprentices, she remains focused on their facial features, their body language, their words.

"Even cats like Mallowlark do things with reason." Sootstar begins to the apprentices sharply, giving them a narrowed look. "Leechpaw, speak. Don't just stand there like a defenseless kit, use your words. What happened?"


Priceless, coming from you. She sneers as she comes across the scene, loathing eyes landing on Soot as she approaches not long after Dandelion, marigold flowers help taught in her jaws. She drops it next to Dandy, seating herself besides him and staring through narrowed eyes at the apprentices.

Honey finds herself lacking care, lacking empathy. Long days as the tyrants medicine cat, her tail thumps against the ground as eyes become disinterested. "It's gonna hurt." she does not give much warning as she chews and tries to splatter the pulp against the missing part of the ear, humming to herself as her mind went elsewhere. Dear Starclan, was this truly supposed to be what she was supposed to do? For a second, she finds herself considering to leave. "You'll be fine." voice was flat as she spoke, shrugging up her shoulders as she lingers to listen to what Leechpaw had to say for himself. She does not concern herself much in apprentice things anymore.

The screeches of the adolescents were enough to send Echolight running, chasing down the sound despite her damaged hearing.
She wasn’t able to make it until the fight was already done and over with, and they were receiving Sootstar’s sharp demands for answers.
Echolight suppresses a grimace towards the silvery leader, and instead tries to focus on the fumbling apprentices before them, while Leechpaw struggles for an answer.
That’s not the behavior of someone who would attack another for no reason.
The thought solidifies her stance, there was absolutely more to the story.
Even cats like Mallowlark-
Echolight’s attention is snapped towards Sootstar once more. Her teeth grit themselves against each other. Of course Mallowlark was a little… off, but to use him as an example in this situation? She flicks her tail in annoyance, hard enough to send a small cloud of dust into the air.
Honeytwist’s monotoned words are enough to make Echolight turn her gaze back towards the fumbling Leechpaw, silently looking the tom over for wounds. "Maybe he’s in shock." She grumbled lowly to Sootstar.

Hyacinth listened to the apprentices fumble over their excuses, her cold glare turning even colder- lips drawn into an unimpressed line. The comment about Mallowlark isn't commented on by Hyacinth, but she does slightly agree- Mallowlark was quite odd, but she found the odd male to be rather charming in his own way, if only slightly unsettling. Sootstar's stoic question, demanding answers from Leechpaw, makes Hyacinth tense. Would he be punished for this?

Before she realizes it, Hyacinth is moving over to Leechpaw ever so silently, curling her small body around his own- an attempt to shield him from the eyes of the apprentices waiting for his answer. She doesn't do much other than that, giving him momentary comfort. She knows what it's like, being in Leechpaw's position. However..

"I know it's incredibly nerve-wracking to stand up to bullies, but you can be better than them. Tell Sootstar what happened, we can clear this right up, can't we, kleiner Krähe?"

The brothers story wasn't convincing enough to fool them, even less the leader herself. That frustrated them. Why would they believe Leechpaw rather then them?. Dandelionpaw and Honeytwist did thier part to take care of Rowanpaw's injures which the apprentice allowed even if there might have been a curse word or two leaving thier mouth when they touched the remining part of his ear. Beside that he followed thier instructions. " We are telling the truth!." Rowanpaw would answer to Dandelionpaw's demands, the three of them refusing to drop thier story looking offended even.

Sootstar demanded for a better explanation, for Leechpaw to open his mouth to actually say something. It was clear she was displeased, angry over the whole situation. What was she expecting him to say though?. Leechpaw would swollow, his mouth going dry as he just draw his gaze even further away from her direction. Just leave me alone. He wanted to say but he didn't because Sootstar was intimating even to him. Sometimes she reminded him far to much about his mother just with one slight difference. The way she looked at her own kits...

Suddenly he felt somebody else fur lean into his own. Leechpaw flinched in response, his whole body growing tensed with discomfort over the physical touch. It was never appreciated especially not now...Still he didn't move away from it but it was not because he enjoyed it. Hyacinthbreath come in next, and this time he took a step backwards, avoiding her attempts to embrace him with wide panic eyes, This time he looked up to stare into her own with his tearful eyes. Why?. Why were they doing this?. Claws digged into the dirt.

Why did they defend him?!.

They should be angry at him!, to scold and yell at him to tell him all this horrible things they deep inside most think of him to be!. No one of them had even hold him responsible for what had happend to Bumblekit!. It was all his fault, all of it was!. What he wanted was not thier pity or sympathy. He wanted them to punish him for what he had done. Leechpaw was the one who had caused the death of his own littermates, and he was the one who had scarred Bumblekit for life!. So why?!. How could they even stand to look at him!.

Leechpaw backed away from them all, his ears falling flat as his pupils grow smaller. Echolight had said something very true. He was in shook but even more then so he was a emotional wreck by all this guilt he had buried deep inside of him for a such long time and it was starting to drip over to swollow him and drag him far deep into the bottomless sea. There was only one thing he wanted and that was to get punished. He wanted to get what he deserved.
" Th-they deserved it...." he mumbled lowly at final last, biting down on his tongue. Just take a good look at me already!!. " I will... accept whatever punishment you will give me. " He briefly shared a look with Sootstar before glancing away again, avoiding to look at any of them. Just hate me already!. He wanted to yell at them. Because that was all he deserved.

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Sootstar doesn't buy that she's recieving the full story for a second, but Leechpaw had his chance to speak up, and when he did? He offered the WindClan adults nothing. Sootstar wasn't going to waste much more time on bickering apprentices, so she makes her call here and now.

"Very well then, Leechpaw, for harming a fellow apprentice for no reason you are to wear mousebile on your paws for the remainder of the day, you can wash it off before you go to bed. You'll miss out on this moon gathering as well." The substance smelled awful, it's a suitable enough punishment for an apprentice.

"As for all of you, stay away from each other. Can't get along? Then don't talk to each other, quit arguing like a bunch of newborn kits... You're to be warriors of WindClan one day, and this behavior amongst yourselves is certainly not what makes a warrior. All your respective mentors will hear of what occurred, now out of my sight." She lashes her tail with finality, dismissing the apprentices and the crowd.

Ridiculous... who had raised these children?!

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