HOW THINGS USED TO BE — howling wind

It’s been a long day for the small ebony colored she cat, a day filled with hunting and training and well, to be quite frank, staring across the border into Sky Clans territory and thinking about Blaise. She wonders what he’s doing, if he’s alright. Though she does her best not to. He is in a different clan, after all. They could be nothing more but friends but still, she can’t stop herself from wondering.

The sun has begun to set, it hangs low in the sky and dawn spreads its fingers across the landscape in the form of clouds that are all sorts of different hues of pink purple and soft orange. Green-Leaf is breaking away and soon it will be Leaf-Fall, the change is clear in the air as a gentle breeze stirs and for a moment, she’s almost chilly. She lays on a rock just outside of the camp, watching the wind play with the leaves on the trees, tugging them gently, she even finds herself reaching up with a claw to try and grab one at one point. Something silly that she hadn’t done since she was a kit but when she hooks her claw into it and brings it down to the earth she feels an innate feeling of satisfaction, though she has caught much more impressive things than a leaf before.

// @HOWLING WIND reminiscing time!!

The stout she-cat makes her way over silently, gentle smile on her maw as she watches her daughter play with fluttering leaves, an activity she hasn't witnessed since Little was just a kit. "Is that the dinner you promised to catch me?" She teases as she comes up by the ebony molly's shoulder and sits down. With a low purr, she blinks up at the darkening sky, the nearly-full moon having already begun its ascent. "How are you liking things here, Little Wolf? You're happy here in the forest, aren't you?" She suddenly asks, glancing back towards her. A part of her remains worried, truth be told. What if her family regretted their decision to move here? Would they ever leave?