Jun 21, 2022
Hello, friends! I'm crowflower, though I used to go by roman on some other warrior cats rp sites a couple years ago. I'm 22 and I just graduated with my degree in environmental science and now I live with my parents again. Yay! It's been a few years (4) since I've rp'd on one of these sites, but, in the meantime, I've been rp'ing with some friends on discord and I'm also a pretty avid dnd player. I love reading (currently trying to read a book a week this summer), especially fantasy and thrillers, but I also read a ton of contemporary romance, cringe YA from the 2010s, and Jane Austen novels. Some of my favorite things are Twilight, Pride & Prejudice, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, The Last of Us, and Apex Legends. I'm pretty shy so I usually lurk instead of interacting but I'm always happy to chat or plot with people. I'm excited to meet everyone <3​

i⠀ . hey, crowflower!! im antlers, welcome to tabby tales! im so excited to see you around! i also just came back from a huge rp site break, so if you ever need anything, my dms are always open! also i wish i played dnd rip my boyfriends a dm but i havent tried myself, it looks so fun

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thank you for the welcome!! if you love rp'ing, you'll probably love dnd :^) also i just saw that you like deftones!! i saw them in april, it was awesome !!
howdy crowflower!! i'm marq, one of the site mods. :) happy to have you around! (super envy the book a week thing, i need to uh. try that too. adhsfhs)

you'll find me in any of the clans as i'm pretty active. i hope to get the chance to plot with your characters! if not, lurk to your heart's content. glad you're here regardless!
hi bozo!!! welcome to tt :D a discord roleplayer i see.... hopefully you can get back into the groove with forum rp around here >:)!! excited to see any characters you bring, im a hoarder like marq so youll definitely see me around and hopefully i can harass you for plots at least once <3
hey crowflower!!! idk if you remember me from the days of ff but i'm happy to see you around! i'm looking forward to writing with you again, i always loved melantha p sure i have the right roman but if i dont just ignore me my memory's gone aksndbka

most of my characters are still wips, but i'm down for plotting whenever you're up for it!