hushed tales along the wind | briar




It took some time before she felt it was the right moment to approach her sister on the ordeal. She felt that she already had enough to deal with and needed her rest. This place, this territory had become their safe haven when they were young and now she too feels like this is being threatened by those kittypets. Roughly she sighs, shaking her head at her torrential thoughts that keep going back and forth. It has been a long day she supposes and a good amount of sleep will definitely be good if she can find a way to relax. Stopping just outside of her sister's den she waits for a little before peeking her head inside. Her bright molten gaze sees Amber there and he is busy attempting to groom his mate before he pauses and gives a light smile of his own in welcome. Bone only acknowledges it with a light dip of her head before looking to her sister. There is little sense of urgency.
Personally she doesn't think this warrants priority but she speaks up. "Do you have time for a walk, sister? I've got some things you may want to hear."

A small inkling of annoyance slips into her tone from remembrance of the events and she backs out from the den in the hopes that her sister complies. After all it has been a little while since they got to talk together and she also wants to make sure she is okay. Things are steadily getting worse with that other group and they need to keep their eyes open for anything.

Briar was so on edge recently. The entire group was and rightfully so. Every day, new problems arose. She heard of new conflicts between their group and the other. She was worried for the well-being of her colony - both physically and mentally. This was more than they had ever had to deal with in the four years since the group's founding, but the whispers of potential war had not gone unheard. Briar knew that it was becoming harder and harder to avoid with each passing day she chose to let those cats dwell on her territory. She had to do something, but the only solution was dangerous and she would not have cats dying for this feud. Even as Amber doted on her, her mind was plagued with this negativity. Only Bone's voice dragged her out of her haunted reverie. Briar perked up gently nudging her mate away from her as she stood to greet her sister.

"Of course I have time," she said. She licked Amber's cheek and departed from him, worried what Bone had to say. Had something happened? If so, was it only going to escalate the inevitable? She followed behind, ears pressing against her skull. "Is everything okay?" she asked, voice quivering nervously. It was rare she showed her emotions but this was one time when she could not help them.

As she leaves leads the way out of camp the woman is silent. Contemplating how she is going to tell her sister these things. She already knows that there is a possibility of war looming over the horizon and she doesn't know how well it will go. For a moment she looks up at the sky and she frowns a little. "Things were fine. Everything was going okay and we were able to have a life. So why now does trouble come?" It's not a question she wants an answer to and so she merely shakes her head before she looks at her sister who she presses gently against before she sighs softly and looks down at the soft packed earth beneath her paws. "Howling Wind, Berry, Dew, and I were on a hunting patrol. We decided to go and visit the portion of our territory that houses the oak trees. Everything was fine till we scented those kittypets. We had no thought to confront them and I even thought that if we hurried we could by pass them and continue on our way." There is a pause then as she watches the slithering tail of a lizard creep on by. Though she feels less and less hungry and the thought of hunting is not a welcomed one in her worries.

"They confronted us. They jumped down from those trees and started being hostile to us before we could even get any words out. Like they owned that forest. I made sure to stick close to Berry in case any fighting broke out. Howling Wind did well in keeping tensions from rising but they kept getting in her face. They kept snarling about us attacking that child and I told them they should have kept him in their camp...." The spikey furred woman stops walking then and looks at her sister with a frown now coloring her white and black jaws. "The pine cats overexaggerated it, saying that they wouldn't trapped their youths in camp and not teach them. Then Dew..she...she lashed out at me called me a lunatic, said it must be too much work for me not to pounce on a child. I've never thought of harming a child and I never insisted a child be wholly stuck in camp. I'm not sure what even happened during that whole encounter but I have my doubts now." Doubts about a colony member.
Briar silently followed Bone out of camp, looming behind her like she was her shadow. As she begins to speak, Briar remains quiet, listening thoughtfully with the occasional flick of an ear to assure she is listening. She laughs bitterly at the rhetorical question. Yes, why does trouble come now? Briar and Bone had made their home in this group moons ago, lived a happy life ever since losing their parents when they were young. For such a long time, she was able to forget the damage that sharpclaw beast had inflicted on her family because she had found a new one. She was happy. Now, ever since stepping into Hare Whiskers's paws, the weight of leading her colony in the midst of all of this conflict had zapped the happiness right out of her. She had no idea what was going to come out of this second group living in the forest, but her gut told her it wasn't anything good. Agony awaited them on the other side, the cruel claws of fate thrumming eagerly for their blood. Life told her, Briar, you have been happy for too long.

A long sigh leaves her when Bone stops speaking, drawing her shoulders into a sag. Her head was low, ears pressed against her skull.
"I knew they would not be quick to forgive us for what Willow did, but that is out of paw. I talked with Rain about it, I punished Willow. To resort to hostility when it's been dealt with... I don't like that," she hissed. The pine cats were raging for a fight, it seemed. Pushing the limits of the marsh cats, eager to find out what would happen when they poked the beast. Briar was doing her best to remain patient because she knew what war would mean for all of them, but there was only so much she could do to squash these hostilities while still imposing her authority over her territory. "And thank you for telling me about Dew." She didn't know what to make of that situation, especially given she wasn't there. But she didn't like the spats breaking out between her own groupmates. It seemed to happen more and more now that tensions were high.