Jul 12, 2022

Today Ivoryflight was hopeful that her training session with Shrewpaw would go over well. Her intention was to take the apprentice out hunting, hopefully building upon her skills. No specific plan was set in stone for the day, more so go with the flow and allow Shrewpaw to detirmine how they went about their day. Allowing herself a moment to groom her coat and stretch before exiting her nest, she would make her way over to where Shrewpaw laid, gently proding her with a paw. “Good morning! We’re going hunting today, so get yourself ready and grab something to eat, then we’ll head out.” Whispering the instructions to her apprentice, Ivoryflight would then set out herself to eat before starting their training.

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the early lights of morning spilled across the open clearing of the camp and with no proper dens, the illuminating rays had no issue falling right over a slumbering sepia's face which scrunched in response. shrewpaw threw a paw over her eyes to provide some sort of shield but it was all for naught as something prodded her side just a few moments later, sleep becoming a fleeting thing of the past as she stirred awake.

a groan fell from her muzzle, limb slipping from its spot to reveal somewhat squinted eyes that blinked a few times to adjust to her surroundings. there was a complaint ready on her tongue until it fell short when ivoryflight began to talk about today's activity which perked her sluggish brain up slightly. shrewpaw rose to her paws, pushing her back into a high arch to ensure a good stretch.

"mmn, ah'll grab somethin' small then we can go. mah brain still trynna catch up with mah body." shrewpaw yawns out, giving a shake of her chocolate coat and dragging herself towards the pile to pick off thrush before looking over her shoulder at ivoryflight. "did ya eat already?"

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Not yet.” She shakes her head, curious as to what her apprentice would bring her back from the pile. Watching her shift through the pile, she’d take the time to draft up her plan. They could start on the moors, with Shrewpaw showing her what she already knew. Once they determined that information, she could adapt the lesson from there, hopefully moving forward with how Shrewpaw wanted to learn. “I was thinking we could start off on the moors today. We can review what you already know, and based off that we can learn how you’d like to learn today?” She’d suggest the plan to Shrewpaw upon her arrival back to where she sat. Open to other ideas, Ivoryflight was determined to make today the best she could for her apprentice.
with a good-sized thrush hanging limp from her jaws, the apprentice trotted back over to ivoryflight as she spoke about the plans for today which was nodded along to. shrewpaw sat down besides the older warrior, crouching down slightly to the ground where she'd place the bird between mud-stained paws and began to pluck off those pesky feathers.

"sounds lak a good plan to me! ah mean, ah'm pretty good at huntin' down them pesky rabbits! honestly, ah could probably outrun one!!" boasts shrewpaw with a proud grin, maybe she was exaggerating a tad bit to look cool. having finished plucked most the feathers off the prey, the chocolate sepia began to dig in with a happy purr rumbling from her chest. "ye wanna a bite, iforyflight?" it was asked with mouth still full of food.
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Offering her apprentice a purr of thanks, she’d share the thrush with her apprentice, pleased that she’d been assigned to such a wonderful one. Chuckling, she’d raise a brow as she gazed at her apprentice, intrigued by her comment. Outrun a rabbit oh? I’d love to see that!Oh really? I’d love to see that! I guess you’ll just have to prove it to me!

Rising to her paws as they finished the meal, she’d beckon to Shrewpaw with her tail to lead her out of camp, carefully scenting the wind to see if she could determine where they would start their lesson. “Alright. So to see what we do know, how about you teach me what you know? Take me to where you think we should hunt and walk me through it.” That way she could assess her skills through an easier method as opposed to simply asking questions back and forth.
with their shared thrush being nothing but scraps, it would be pushed aside with a paw by shrewpaw before she'd look up to her mentor who looked fascinated at her claim to outurn a rabbit. oh she'd prove it alright, hell, she'd probably do it with her eyes closed to make it even more impressive! okay, maybe not but if she did manage to outrun a rabbit on the moors her mentor was sure to boast about it to all the other mentors about how fast shrewpaw was!

the sound of ivoryflight starting to get up pulled the apprentice from the clouds, quickly following in pursuit as the pair headed out into the territory where the winds would greet them by brushing across open hills. so, she was in charge of picking out a good hunting spot. that should be easy! shrewpaw immediately took the lead, whisking across the land with a confident stride. her muzzle was tilted upwards at a slight angle to take in all the scents around them, close by wafted in the smell the usual rabbit but also a whisper of a thrush or a mouse.

"over here, 's a good spot! there's a variety of scents which means we can get lucky and find more than just the usual fat rabbit!" she'd say over her shoulder to ivoryflight in hopes she did a good job finding a decent spot. of course while the area did provide a good selection of possible prey to catch, shrewpaw forgot about how important wind direction was.
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Following in line behind her apprentice, she would take note of her ability to quickly track down a spot for their hunt. Impressed, Ivoryflight would scent the air herself, confirming Shrewpaw's original statement. “What do we smell around here?” Speaking in hushed tones, the mentor would allow her apprentice time to answer, waiting to see how long it would take her to pick up on the direction of the wind blowing. Knowing the importance of allowing (or in her mind almost forcing) her to fail at times, Ivory would resist the urge to spill the beans herself.
an umber snout would raise once more, a cooling wind briskily brushing over the pair from behind as it carried with the many scents including their own that surely would alert any prey that shrewpaw would pick out. "there's a thrush that could be hiding in the taller grasses over there. . . a really faint smell of mouse that ah'm sure if followed could lead us to it. . . and then a rabbit that ah think could be over them hills." the apprentice replies in confidence, looking over at ivoryflight in hopes she'd be impressed with how much she could sniff out.

honestly, if shrewpaw was quick enough she'd catch that thrush lickity split! peeling away from her mentor's side, the young molly would creep towards the tallers grasses where she'd drop into a hunters crouch and push forwards slowly.

again, failing to take in the direction of the wind that whisked over the lands the bird had already been alerted to her prensence so when shrewpaw went for a pounce that may have rustled the grasss it had easily avoided her paws and escaped into the air with a alarmed chirp.

[ penned by cobi ]